Top 10 Back To School Fragrances for Teenagers and College Students

Best Fragrances for Young Men and High School Dates
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Mr Stepper says:

Eros has gotten me compliments from men and women in college. Really love this one

Jeremy Fragrance says:

what is your signature Fragrance at School:

Piotr Mackiewicz says:

Hi, I’m trying to get you to check the new AXE fragrance line, there’s tobacco and uod wood

Franco 03 says:

what about prada l’homme?

JCFG says:

Do you care about compliments or fragrances

ChestyMD says:

that youtube pay check will be nice this month 🙂 well earned Jeremy keep it up.

نزار حمدان says:

Hawas the beast mood ❤️

P H says:

The king! Love your advice at the end. Much love from Holland!!

Juank1298 says:

Any opinion about CK Eternity?

Archie Phillips says:

I would love to see more individual fragrance reviews

Jakob Nermoen says:

Hi Jeremy, I’m just wondering if you would recomend buying fragrances from amazon?

charles wake says:

I love your suit jacket, it looks very proper!

Michael P says:

My university scent was Kenneth Cole black still have it in my collection.. sooo underrated

Salman Parfum says:

I always support you

queenpink12345 says:


自来也Jiraiya says:

Are the perfumes of Alexandria considered industrial or nature? Is allergenic caused? Is it considered excellent or moderate? How much do you give from 1 to 10?

Salman Parfum says:

Jeremy Fragrance is great, it is good to review perfumes that are very good, don’t forget to stop by my channel. I also review my perfume from Indonesia

Brian Escobar says:

Greetings from Miami, Florida!

Krister Del Barco Flores says:

Thx man this helped a lot 😀

JCFG says:

Why dont you ever include Chanel dior or Hermés fragrances in your lists? I dont get it

Boii_jj J says:

Can you do a Federico mahora review ??

undisputed fraghead says:

I used to wear Lacoste white my high school days. Still wear it sometimes bring me back memories. I am happy that you gave it some respect not a lot of people talk about it.

Bobby Sal says:

would the bulgari aqua marine work as a versatile scent? i live in a tropical country and i plan on buying a very good fragrance. not a lot of people I know wear fragrances and i want to stand out amongst the other cool dudes.

Mark Ayres says:

Is Jaguar Pace a great alternative to Bleu De Chanel, Dior Sauvage, Versace Dylan Blue and Acqua Di Gio?

Younes BERARE says:

you mensioned all the continents but africa !!!!!

Viren Mehra says:

Spicebomb by victor and Rolf is my signature fragerance.

Reynold Andika says:

Hi Jer, nice video upload bro! If you look at my comment, I would like to ask your opinion on Chanel Platinum Egoiste. It would be great if you could review all chanel fragrances. Good Job bro

trollking99 says:

Jeremy is a pro! He does one-take videos and is never at a loss for words.

ropay says:

hi from indonesia!

flyingbuddy says:

Rasasi Hawas vs Allure Homme Sport Extreme?

Waqar Saeed says:

Hey Jeremy can you make a video on 10 best luxury fragrances?

DaTimeMuffin says:

You can just tell Jeremy is genuine guy.

Tengku Shasharina says:

Great video…! 🙂

Kevin Block says:

like how he didnt edit the drop of the bottle at 14:25 it was LIVE coming at you JEREMY FRAGRANCE!

Jessica Nunez says:

When i was in high school my fave was Baby phat goddess in pink, and all the jlo glow perfumes.

Luiggi Maffare Ayovi says:

Damn bro flawless you should make a video of best fragances 2018

26 Savage says:

Das Video auf welches ich am meisten gewartet habe.

Max Park says:

Bleu de chanel parfum is my go to for school. Its professional and playful at the sametime

Kelvin Chan says:

What’s your opinion on the prada luna rossa carbon?

Erwin Goetz says:

Ich hätte eigentlich noch prada l’homme erwartet…
Wieso ist es nicht in diese Liste ein gekommen?

vsboy 25 says:

School should be about looking and smelling sexy af.

K1d says:

just found this channel this guy is a boss ++++

Vilar Games says:

no sauvage, no acqua di gio. Arent they good for teens?

Danny Capristo says:

“didn’t break the bottle this time” haha that’s happened to me. Luckily, the fragrance was very inexpensive. Nice video, Jeremy.

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