Top 10 High School & Teen Fragrances | 2012

Honorable Mention

03:15 – Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

Top 10

03:54 – 10. Coolwater by Davidoff
05:21 – 9. Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss
06:11 – 8. Cuba Gold by Cuba
07:32 – 7. Coconut Lime Verbena by Bath & Bodyworks
08:43 – 6. Legend by Michael Jordan
09:47 – 5. Nautica Voyage by Nautica
10:59 – 4. Unforgivable by Sean Jean
11:56 – 3. Animale Animale by Animale Parfums
13:12 – 2. Red 360 by Perry Ellis
14:19 – 1. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne


Olliebriddock1999 says:

I’m a high school student, I wear spice bomb by victor and Rolph, very nice and gets complements

dracdoc says:

All of them, that’s the point of this video 🙂

Zulu x Wolf says:

Do you think La Nuit De L’Homme will be good for a junior? I also got nautica voyage

Murat Kuyumcu says:

I’ve been searching hard for both Perry Ellis red and nautica voyage.
They don’t sell it in my area, and i wonder IF any of you guys know an online retailer.
I would highly appreciate any answer.
Thank you

ben young says:

Great video love coconut lime verbena I wear creed virgin island water and fierce I a great fragrance for high schoolers

WillDEE says:

9:39 holy fuck that scared me XD

NoFatChx4Eva says:

thanks cody, can’t believe you made a video perfect for me!

Justin Kitchin says:

Hey Cody, I’m 14, in the winter I grabbed Michael Jordan Legend for $12 3.4oz. Love it thanks for putting it in the list inspired me to get it!

david torres says:

What do you think of eternity from Calvin Klein


i wear to school bleu de Chanel And la nuit.

Colt says:

Sup doc! Thanks for the vid, it was very helpful. I wanna give u a heads up on this awesome cologne by geau. It’s their replica of acgua de gio and I compared the 2 n they smell exactly alike! It’s 7 bucks at Walmart . It’s a bit toned down from the original but it’s still amazing. I highly recommend it. I revieved jordan legend today and it was decent. Smells like givenchy pi to me.

Martin Ghattas says:

Where do you buy your fragrances. Or like the cheapest place to buy them

Dead Disney says:

Good stuff, Cody. You should make this into a series, man — help keep the youngsters off those infernal Axe washes 🙂

omar olivera venegas says:

How dare u .
Cool water is way better than one fuckin million :S
My signature scent btw

chetreid77 says:

Sean John’s Unforgiveable is my favorite cologne I’m wearing right now.  I wear it on date nights with the wife and other special occasions.  I stumbled on this YT channel a couple of days ago, and I’m addicted.  Thanks for helping me get my scent game up.

Damien Escamilla says:

Do u think nautica voyage will attract girls

laxm0nkey says:

i tried on 1 million and i was repulsed, it was very sweet and floral. if it was toned down a bit i would like it more, but i ended up trying to wash it off after 2 hours

dracdoc says:

Most fragrances have that ability.. just need to wear it right

Abando Soul says:

cuba gold is a terrible fragrance on my skin and so does perri ellis which has a wet outside scent when put on my skin. The sean jean cologne jut smells like flowers to me which i dont get any fruity smell whatsoever…again i think people have to understand that cologne doesnt smell the same on every persons skin and every person doesnt smell the same scents in cologne as others do….but again dont buy cuba gold and perri ellis..they both smell super cheap and terrible

zaid Shreim says:

hugo boss number 6 is the worst fragrance ever….. it makes me want to vomit  

Marc says:

i would get dg pour homme. i get 20-24 hours with it !

Hutatae says:

cool water or acqua de gio have me interested, if i can afford both, which do you belive would be better for a normal, year round fragrance for a 16 year old? -thanks

Billy Quna says:

Thanks bruh

Zak L. says:

I’m a sophomore in high school and I’ve been complimented many, many times by boys and girls alike, even teachers. Here’s a top 5 of what I’ve been complimented on a lot (I own more than 30 frags, so this is saying a lot):

5: D&G’s Light Blue – A very aromatic citrus/pepper/grapefruit scent that is very good for the money. Go three sprays with this juice. You don’t want to come off too strong with this one. I go two on the neck and one on the top of the head.

4: Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport – A very fresh, creamy lemon/orange (almost lemon pie, but Edition Blanche is a dead-on lemon pie) scent that works wonders in the summer. This is another one you don’t want to be too trigger-happy with. Again, go three sprays (MAX) with this one. I go two on the neck and I’m set, but one under the shirt would be fine.

3: Versace Pour Homme – A very aromatic “cheapie” that works wonders in the heat or at a workplace. It’s almost a combination of Acqua Di Gio and Allure Homme Sport at first spray, but it dries down to be a lot more calm with the amber and the tonka bean in the base. I go two-four sprays with this one. One on each side of the neck, maybe one on the head.

2:  Chanel’s Platinum Egoiste – A very sharp woody/floral/musk fragrance that lasts all the school day (on me, it may differ for you). It’s definitely a people pleaser, but the sharpness in the beginning maybe a turnoff for some, so try to sniff this one out before you buy it. This one I go two sprays with because it’s very sharp. If you’re in a colder area, you might be able to pull off three.

1: Chanel’s Bleu De Chanel – A very aromatic woody frag with grapefruit/vetiver/incense notes (which I definitely get on my skin) that lasts all day and projects like a problem. It is a very pleasant scent that is perfect for the average Joe just looking for a signature scent. I go two sprays with this one as well. One on the neck and one under the shirt or one on the neck and one on the head.

The most complimented of all time, at least for me, are Aventus, GIT, and Jubilation XXV, but the others work great for school/work. I live in Houston, Texas so most of the year I’m going to be reaching for summer frags because the weather doesn’t really change for us until early November/December.

Here are some of the other frags that work great for me when it’s winter time:

5: La Nuit De ‘Lhomme – A very nice cardamom/lavender that lasts most of the school day and projects perfectly. It’s there but it’s not in your face. It’s very friendly and it smells great. It works very well with the ladies (in my experience), especially when you’re up close to them. This one I go three-four sprays with.

4: Hugo Boss’ Boss Bottled (Number 6) – A very subtle vanilla/apple/cinnamon that works great for the fall/winter weather. It’s not too strong or too light which is why this fragrance works well (where I live) for me. Again, I go three-four sprays with this one.

3: Viktor&Rolf’s Spicebomb – A very nice cinnamon/pink pepper/tobacco that will differentiate you from the crowd. This one is a very pleasant fragrance that projects well and lasts the whole school day. I go two-three sprays depending on how cold it is outside.

2: Dior Homme Intense by Dior – A very sophisticated iris/amber fragrance by the house of Dior. I wear this one in a button up shirt because I don’t see someone in a T-shirt pulling this one off that well (but who am I to judge, I’m some random kid on the internet) This one is beautiful all the way through the fragrance, especially when it dries down. It dries down to be a gorgeous spicy/chocolate. I’d wear two-two and a half sprays with this one.

1: Paco Rabanne’s One Million- A very long lasting cinnamon/mint/leather/amber scent that lasts all day and projects like a monster. This one will definitely get you noticed, and the ladies love this one. I go two sprays with this one max because this is some strong, and I mean STRONG stuff. You might not be able to tell but the people around you sure can.

Another niche fragrance I love to wear in the winter is Interlude Man, even though I might be one of the few people who likes this one at my high school.

I hope everyone learned a thing or two from my comment and decided to try a couple of these out! Thanks for reading!

Jacob Larche says:

What should I wear of I’m 15 but I want to get compliments from the ladys

Naish Fazeel says:

What abt issey miyake l’eau d’issey?

flipianistify says:

I actually JUST bought L’Instant de Guerlain. the EDT cause it was cheaper. good buy or flop on my part?

dracdoc says:

I find them all above average.. cept Amen… Amen my favorite out of them all.

Harry Carter says:

Can you do a top 10 for middle schoolers?

DirtyKeyz Official says:

Kenneth cole reaction and clinique happy would also be good for young’ns

Marc says:

do you know sth. that comes close to d&g the one ?

Jungleviner says:

Which cologne out of these would you recommend to a younger teen such as a 13 – 14 year old?

Swampy Arts says:

Almost 15 and I’m wearing Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc, Smells amazing for spring, and only runs me about $50.

dracdoc says:

A normal list of?

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