Top 10 Perfumes & Fragrances! ♡ ft Scentbird!

Hi! Todays video is covering my favourite perfumes and fragrances 🙂 I hope you like it!
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Perfumes Mentioned:
Lancome La Vie Est Belle
Tom Ford Black Orchid
Carolina Herrera CH
Katy Perry Meow
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
Giorgio Armani Si
Valentino Valentina Pink
Prada Candy
Philosophy Falling In Love
YSL Black Opium

My mention of Scentbird in this video was sponsored! All opinions are honest and I chose all fragrances myself obviously lol – I think its a great service and idea and was happy to share it with you guys! xx PS I’m not making money off the coupon code x

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Camera: Canon 70d
Editing: iMovie


Sasha Debone says:

The One DG!

LA Badass says:

I have la vie est belle

Hana Cajthamlová says:

We have so similar liking for scents… I have to buy all the ones I don´t have already

Juan Lee says:

Ladies and Gentlemen im looking for a Signature Worthy fragrance for women…please share your thoughts about these fragrances:

YSL Black Opium
Lancome La Nuit Tresor
Lancome La Vie Est Belle
Armani Si Eau De Parfum
Prada Candy

HannieKoKo says:

My all time favorite perfume is the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium!!! I’ve bever been a perfume girl until I smelled that one and I AM OBSESSED!!! Everyone comments on it and it drives the guys wild!! Haha also, the other day I was with some of my guy friends and I kept saying “Who smells so good!?” It was me! Black Opium for the win!! I’ll have to try some of these other scents as we like similar things! Vanilla is my thing!

Josefa Carsin says:

My all-time favourite perfume…haaa I have so many favourite perfumes :’)

youtubepoop fan says:

La vie…perfection

Andrea Deans says:

cant believe u dont like opium

amanda rice says:

I love your sparkly walls are they lights? It’s very pretty

Sibel Suna says:

I love perfume do you?

I Speak Woof says:

Hey Shan, how’d u get scent bird if its US shipping only? 🙁


ARI or killer QEEN are both of my favorite perfumes

Kayla Parr says:

Amarni Diamonds along with Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream.

Brandon V. Espinoza says:

I need to learn more about the best women’s perfumes.

Maria Petrou says:

you are so cutee!!!!prada candy which one?

Browni Panda says:

Please do updated perfume collection

juleen gordon says:

if I subscribe to scentbird would i have to pay every month?

Josefa Carsin says:

Haaa my grandma told me French perfume were the best xD
I have one from Roger & Galet for summer time, Forbidden Kiss by Cacharel when I party outside, Jeux d’Amour by Kenzo but it is empty now . and Olympea by Paco Rabane, it smells so good, for spring time!

Josefa Carsin says:

Black Opium! My mum had it ^_^

Lynettepl Ford says:

were can you buy perfum bottles especially all black it make me wonder.

Danielle Yrulegui says:

Please make a perfume collection video! 😀

Thalia Z says:

is scentbird available in NZ?

youtubepoop fan says:

love la vie est belle and black opium

Sibel Suna says:

I all ways put perfumes

Rio Cappuccino says:

Carolina CH is a delightful fragrance no question.

Ysabel Anne says:

My favorite ones are Prada Candy Kiss and CK One

Ron Steve says:

I love AQUA DI GIO by armani sooooooo good!!!!!! I love it!!

fabiha saddat says:

My favourite is the chanel coco mademoiselle, it is so elegant and classy. It smells like only business womens would wear it, like it smells formal and elegant and classy. But I am only 14 😉

Aj Melani says:

hey shaaanxo awesome video. you so adorable love love your videos and I’ve sub to you,. I would definitely appreciate it if you sub back. Thanks 🙂

Jessica Cloud says:

I loved Euphoria. but I got tired of it.

Diana Duarte says:

The code for scent bird isn’t working 🙁

Lynettepl Ford says:

i swear i am brown skinned african american most perfums i wear smells spicy like a man it would remind smell like a man it frustrating.

Clair Duffy says:

Isis is far and away my fav perfume.

Grace Arnold says:

you get to keep every fragrance you get right?

asthetic vibes says:

Tom ford perfume smells to my nose like soap disgusting grandma soap idk how somepeople are in love with it

Sabuny says:

I thought you were from Australia?
We can’t get Scent Bird in Australia I emailed them asking

Besto Tom says:

I want to buy a Gucci perfume for my girlfriend. Which should i prefer Gucci Guilty or Gucci Premiere?

Sophia Javakhishvili says:

I used to have the Katy Perry Purr perfume and every time I think of it, it reminds me of summer, how I would smell it on me all the time, the white blaser I wore that smelled just like it! like you said, it makes you feel very nostalgic! very specific memories come to mind, which doesn’t happen with other perfumes

Josefa Carsin says:

I love your accent when you say French names!

Ellen Fuller says:

Does anyone like Vera Wang Princess anymore?! lol

Carmen Reyes says:

I just purchased black Opium today but I’ve been in Love with “I am juicy couture”

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