Top 5 Men’s Colognes for School | Best Men’s Fragrances for Students | Back To School

These will definitely get you noticed by the girls at school!
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What I’m wearing:
Shoes: Zara

These are my top 5 best colognes for students. Fragrances will get you noticed at school! Regardless of the one you pick, I assure you will get compliments! Some of these men’s fragrances are just too good! These are perfect gifts for your dad, brother, boyfriend, or of course, for yourself. Now that you know my list of favorite colognes, make sure you comment with yours!

Men’s Colognes in the video:
Acqua di Gio:
L’homme YSL:
F by Ferragamo Black:
Versace Dylan Blue:
Invictus Aqua:
Perry Ellis 360 Red:
Dior Sauvage:

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Rojan S says:

Gucci pour homme 2 was my mvp @ school and even in college its very good

zaddyzacksrevenge says:

I wear ysl l’homme too and sometimes this prada luna rossa, both smell great.

jerry chaseman says:

I’m a college student deciding between adg and l’homme. I would be using this cologne for both school/day and night. Which do you recommend and which gets more compliments? thanks

Ashwanee Jangra says:

nice job

Genius Gamer105 says:

Which is the fragranced that has longevity

Mark Gonsalves says:


FugitiveFox 44 says:

I am 13 and am trying to find a good cologne for school(7th grade). Do you have any suggestions. I would greatly appreciate it.

Hazadom says:

Your my new go to bro,, your style is the best

Landon Steele says:

Gucci guilty is the brst

Lionel Hein says:

This fucking dude doesnt do sponsors as much . Fucking love this guy

C.H says:

Tried Invictus bcs of u, daamn it smells hella good

Saleem Jan says:

U look to cool and handsome

CaptureYouVideo says:

I’d like to see you do a video on how to look cool, even while changing a flat car tyre while out and about…

Алексей Котов says:

Absolutely the best cologne to go to school is GET OUT OF THAT INDOCTRINATION CAMP & LA MAKE DE L’MONEY. For education — internet, streets and libraries

Tutorial do Meliodas! says:

Eai Made, suave ? quanto tempo ‘-‘ lembrei de tu e procurei seu canal. Gostei dessas coisas novas ai, será que ainda volta com os quadros brasileiros ou vai permanecer nesse conteúdo ?

Alex Costa says:

What cologne do you currently wear to school?

Jack Degracia says:

Hi alex.. thanks for the advice.. can i ask if its safe to buy it on amazon?

Andrei Chintea says:

If you like Eros and Dylan Blue you need to try Versace Blue Jeans and Versace Dreamer

Lakendall Madlock says:

Hey alex can you roll the cuffs on slim jeans like skinny jeans also?

vsboy 25 says:

Only freash cologne for school anything else is not suited

IruBiinI says:

Can I wear Versace Eros in school or is it to heavy?

Miguel Dinis says:

Hello Alex my name is Miguel I wanted to know the top 5 best colognes that you would give to your sister, mother or girlfriend.
I would appreciate it a lot.Thanks and your youtube page is great top10

eminem mnm says:

Hey hi Alex!!!!! I keep watching all your videos but is it possible for me to get ur products in India cause Iam in India chennai.

Hemant S Rao says:

The list is great but not in terms of a guy going to school because the price is expensive mate.

DMulisha13 says:

Gotta agree 10000% with L’homme. It’s also my gf fav. Also have gotten compliments from guys and girls alike. It’s amazing.


YSL came out with a new one that I love and picked up called Yves Saint Laurent ‘L’Homme Intense’ Eau de Parfum… check it out when you get a chance

Samuel Irving says:

I wear David Beckham homme

alireza seyedi says:

love ur videos so much, keep it going

Connor_King says:

What do you think about wearing creed aventus at school for 18 year old?

LePatron300 says:

Love your videos, keep going !

meryankhan says:

hey Alex Costa i am big fan of yours from India , please like my comment

ClassyScents says:

Nice list! I agree with you on YSL L’Homme! One of my most favorite/Safe Fragrances I own.. peace brutha.

Ryuk Training says:

Are these colognes great for any season?

strife tribal says:

Hi alex! Nice Video you have here as usual I love it. I would like to ask you what are the factors to consider when buying new pants, shorts and stuff like that. How long it should be and stuff like that, It would be a big help for me and for a lot of men to shop effectively.

Marsel S. says:

Yes Versace Dylan Blue is the way to goo! You have to try out one million as well that’s my favorite.

Dioms Cands says:

thats it!!! now I know how to turn my crush’s head for me when I come by near her at school!!! thanks Alex !!

André Ferreira says:

Ysl l’homme or Dior sauvage. Give your opinions on which should I get

StangGT Fan says:

I wore ADG through my Masters program. If I were to go back to school for PHD, i would rock Green Irish Tweed..

TC FILMS. says:

Hey Alex!

I have a question

The thing that I deal with alot is when I see a person who is better than me, I feel like I am the only dumb kid around, with no style. And I look at that person when I am outside and be like WOW, I wish I could be him instead of the kid who gets bullied at school, do you have any tips?

Marvel 's says:

U telling great things. But actually I m an Indian teenager so I can’t afford these expensive items.

Erik Vasquez says:

Where u get ur shirt at ?

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