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Adrian Grzymała says:

Hello Jeremy.
Is it possible for You to make a review of Jovoy Psychedelique fragrance ? I know that it is niche perfume but it would be awesome to hear sth about it from You. Thank You either way 😉 Peace !!! 🙂

Clint says:

hi Jeremy.can you tell what batch is your eros ? 2014 , 2015 . etc ?

ahmet ayaz says:

i hate this one

Chris Taxiarchos says:

I love it and I think people say they hate it because it’s versace. It is very nicely blended but is incredibly sweet. The vanilla is incredibly loud but the lemon saves it for me… I would call this an edible lemon meringue pie. That’s what it smells like to me!The packaging is incredible-very luxurious.The bottle is wonderfully tacky and I have gotten compliments from women..a woman in an elevator asked me if I was wearing Eros and that I smelled wonderful. If you like lemon and vanilla and gourmands then GO FOR IT!At the end of the day it’s a fucking Versace fragrance! Loud obnoxious and very sweet.

babylon reviews says:

Very nice fragrance but because of its lasting power becomes annoying

mpymike45 says:

Hey man, you should make a video “Versace Eros vs English Laundry Oxford Bleu” on a count that they have a lot of similar notes and smell very similar. I personally like Oxford bleu more. Especially since English laundry is underrated yet makes great fragrances, and Versace Eros is kind of a bandwagon fragrance now. Too many people buy it.

Body Snatcher001 says:

This stuff smells horrible to me, what am I missing

Ivan Fran Officia says:

I like it so much

Blake Murray says:

I have the 1.7 Oz that has only been sprayed 2x. Email me at

Reason For Selling: Already have 2 bottles. The 1.7 was a gift.

Girls love this scent on me. Compliments almost daily @ school.

Will sell for good price if you want to try it!

US buyers only:)

Torsten Reise says:

Im Büro noch Bottled Intense EDP und dann später Eros .. Unglaublich wie sich die beiden ergänzen…

jose frank sosa diaz says:

Hey my friend nice video!! Wondering where can I buy a shirt like that ?? Loving it!!

Daniel Kola says:

Can you please do a review of Aramis Life?

Elly Moon says:

I am a girl and I love this fragrance for myself

M. Burak ÖZGÜL says:

Hey Jeremy. Can you tell me that which batch is your bottle ? Because, I’ve heard that it has been reformulated in 2015 and some says in 2017 again. Therefore some people are complaining about the performance.

Djevdet Beydjet says:

Jeremy I bought Versace eros 1 week ago and i think its been reformulated. Nothing is left from the beastly performance that we know from the past. Would you please get s new bottle 2018 batch and test it for us please. Maybe i am just unlucky but performance and projection sucks on mine. After 3 hours its gone.

Aussie Fragrance says:

Best fragrance for the hot Australian summer? Smash my head against my boomerang for you bro

Melon says:

Please Jeremy . Where do i get the 200 ml bottle of versace eros . I think all in the internet are fake

0Blackmamba01 says:

Is it still worth buying now? I keep seeing online that it has been changed and does not last as long as it did in years prior.

Frank Dagostino says:

The dry down is great on Eros , opening is a harsh lemon bomb , but dry down is vanilla powder . Really really great dry down with this one .

PatrykGaming says:

How many sprays should I use I have 2017 one.

Michael RS says:

I bought it recently and I quite like it. I’m 25 though

The0to1smell says:

It’s a man smell.

pure shadow says:

7:07 reminds me of ash from pokemon

erik veas says:

I will buy it today just for the blond girl that love it…maybe i can meet her on the Valhalla hahahahaha…regards from the end of the world…CHILE!


Does it really reformulated?

scott r says:

Just curious man, but what backpack is that you have in the opening of the video?@

ffx178 says:

I am 30 can i wear it??

serendra90210 says:

does it not have incense in it ‘coz it smells like it. lol.

SRAVAN S says:

Good for 18?
Its 60$ for 100ml here but need to try it !
Ive heard its better than ferrari !

YT Alternative Non Stop WorldVision Club For Fans says:

he looks like toni kroos

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