what teenagers do on saturday night | Marla Catherine

what teenagers do on saturday night // VLOG

I asked on instagram if you wanted to see more vlogs on this channel, so here’s another one! I will be doing vlogmas this year on my vlog channel so subscribe to that if you want to see me everyday in December! (https://youtu.be/RcSqQV21QK8) + I want to start uploading on Thursdays from now on, but any videos in-between then will be just bonus videos! hopefully that will help everyone to know when to expect a video from me! 🙂 I LOVE YOU GUYS!

help me translate this video!! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=3D8RGzaR1wE&ref=share


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emilee baulch says:

that was the best video u have ever posted please do more like this <3

Yasmin Abdouni says:

Plzz do another video pf your playlist songs

Steffi s says:

Aren’t you like 14 how are you allowed to drive

Campbell Marie says:

I love your family… omg

Mar says:

Um, i guess ur mom is my twin sister

Crushi! Official Music and Video Channel says:

How to sing Gamakas? | VoxGuru

Liv._. Hope says:

Aggies ice cream is way better

Tehya Andrews says:

You and you’re family are hilarious and actually goals XD

Lilly Kean says:


WU SIH-CHEN SEC201 says:

Does anyone know what’s the song she’s playing on the piano around 8:49 ?

Lps Maia says:

Is a Sony camera good I just got a new camera and Idk If it’s good

Dunja Bogojevic says:

5:19 what’s the song!?

Alice Moreno says:

*Meanwhile teenagers near me are snorting eraser shreads and Lucas powder*

potterhead 74 says:

5:36 song?????

evie says:

nah get hammered on vodka n wkd

dADDIE says:


Maria Shamaly says:

Ur mom is the cutestttt❤️

Brielle Brown says:


Sophie Buckingham says:

your mom is the best ahaha

Trixie Buaya says:

I like her mom!

Alexa Anne says:

i love your family.
i wish i knew how to play the piano.. 🙁

Piña y Pruna says:

Where is ur poster fron

Lemon Teå says:

Your one of the only people that can pull of a schoolish polo shirt

Yeet Brooklyn says:

hEy tAke iT eaSY-

Maddie Taylor says:

Its actually crazy to watch someone on YouTube who lives in your community. Ps cubbys in the best same with gramcanyon we live for the byu Creamery

yohann sebastian says:

“I’ve been looking for these !!”

“no you haven’t.”


Kxtie RBLX says:

Pause at 5:40 please

Valery Martin says:

im still completely in love w/ her hair like awwwww

PJ Rizzo says:

whats the song playing are 5:40?

Noelle Calara says:

hunter is back in the vlog !! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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