WORST Women’s Perfume Releases of 2018

Here’s a video on the first worst perfume of 2018:

Here are my first impressions of the 2nd worst perfume of 2018:

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Caitie Regan says:

Let’s just say Dior Joy made me want to vomit every time someone sprayed it at my job, a department store beauty counter.

porcelain says:

Oh also daisy love was unoriginal imo

Lara Anderson says:

Dior Joy sounds absolutely horrible! Part of me wants to test it just for the heck of it but then worry that it won’t scrub off. The other one would be a definite no go because I’m not a big fan of the One fragrances. Thanks for your honesty and helpfulness in warning us of the real “stinkers.”

Carole Jeppesen says:

I hate Juicy Couture Majestic Woods!! It’s terrible!! I love JC Gold!

Carmen Dominguez says:

A Lot of people said The only one is a really good perfume.

Haters Need Not Reply says:

I was highly disappointed with Joy also. It was non distinct. I didn’t hate it, but it was ordinary and like you said, like not even a perfume but a body mist. And I don’t have to like a fragrance to appreciate a unique, distinct scent. But Joy was not very “joyful”. And i thought the bottle was very plain, like the fragrance. The few fragrances I own have very unique beautiful bottles that match the name of the fragrance with the exception of a unisex fragrance. And I feel the Joy bottle matches the juice. Generic.

Bonnie L says:

I love your honesty. I haven’t tried the D&G fragrance, but I agree one hundred percent with your take on the Dior. Cheap smelling house cleaner absolutely! Dior lately is assuming the consumer is really stupid. Have you noticed Dior rushed out with some new J’adore flankers lately, just as Chanel did after their failure with Gabrielle. Thanks for you always amazing reviews. <3

Marianne R says:

You should try the perfumes from Sylvaine de la.Courte…. i ordered the vanilla sample set of 5 for 5 dollars and they allll smell beautiful and i widh i could afford to buy them all !!! She also have a musk collection i think! They would be in your next year favorites haha!

JoJo T says:

I thought you would pick Sailing Day by Maison Margiela. This is my pick for the worst perfume, unfortunately.

Fayrouz Hammoud says:

We have an Arabic saying about fruits being assorted ,thus taste varies and I respect your opinion ,I agree with the Dior ,great review

pam edwards says:

I knew it was going to be Joy because I’m very disappointed too and that’s exactly the first thing that came to mind

Free Spirit says:

I didn’t like these two fragrances either but I think the biggest disappointments were the four ‘affordable’ fragrances by Kilian.

Marco F says:

That is sad, I loved the new DG the only one.

Vala Dina says:

The One and The One Desire just doesn’t go with my skin, it kind of goes sour and that’s the only fragrance that has ever done that and I am so disappointed, I don’t know what’s in it that’s making it turn sour on me

Vaggelis Mixalis says:

Dior Joy is exactly,exactly the same scent by Enclat from Oriflame.So…..Dior for me is a big flop this year,the scent is terrible and smells like an old lady with no taste

Fragrancy says:

Agree on the D&G ! I Also think that the new Dsquared scents suck, same goes for L’Interdid and the new Serge Lutens!

Caroline Stokes says:

I think Armani Si Passione and Givenchy Blossom Crush deserve an honourable mention in this list!

Bets R. M. says:

I agree totally with these 2 perfumes specially with Joy and it costs soo much.

Natalia Kasiura says:

What is ladies’ musk? Lol

Robyne Williams-heller says:

I just sampled Dior Joy. I’ll wear a perfume on my skin for an entirety. All day. For a couple days before making a review. I didn’t like it either. It really does smell cheap. It has a room fragrance smell to it. I didn’t need to wear it for two days to figure that out.
Great Review.

kateri17 says:

Dior Joy really needs to go in the Perfume Hall of Shame. It’s just bad.

MaiMai says:

I totally agree with you on dior joy. I have to wash it off right away because it smells awful on my skin. Nothing special with the scent. Not worth purchasing it.

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