12 extremely sexy fragrances for women !

You could call these boxer-droppers because they are too seductive and hard to resist as a man. Enjoy the review, ladies and gentlemen ☺️


Razor Sharp says:

You speak well english for a belgium boy,

Rania issa says:

What do you think of Chloe way de perfume?? And do men really like angel?? I just can’t stand it.. I got one as a birthday present and it smelled stinky on me

Lanier Smith says:

HI Steve! Great choices …a wide range that is both chic and elegant. Cheers and Fabulous!

dspada67 says:

Fantastic mate. Just got my wife Angel , it’s amazing. I can also recommend Narciso Rodriguez for her , black bottle pink writing.

mysmellgoods says:

Thrilled to see this and totally agree because I own a few of those and they do get complimented most by men. There is one that gets lots of attention and it’s Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder which now comes in an EDP. Have your lady give it a go, it’s very sexy.

T Rose says:

I love the original Fracas and the Aromatics Elixir was an unexpected twist I had forgotten I even have this in my collection and it’s not for the faint of hearts! I see a few here I want to try as well good round up very interesting

Stargirl says:

Aahhh there was no focusing on describing the smell/response from you and others (women/men) to its smell re : – Angel Thierry Mugler!

wilson neerati says:

Write fragrance name

xDesRosex says:

also… can you show us her collection? 😀

Gipstetz says:

Great list. Thank you very much for posting.

Deneb ien says:

Why is this all leaning towards gourmet fragrance?

Mary L says:

I love Quelques Fleurs and Lalique … both smell so beautiful!!!

fjenk123 says:

Hi, can U post the list? Thanks.

eZiO71389 says:

I’d say Back to Black is more masculine but it’s definitely a unisex. I love that juice

HelloPhilly says:

Great suggestions. 🙂

Giggra says:

can you please list the perfumes. I had to rewind a few times and there were a couple I couldn’t understand. Thanks.

Nady U says:

Acqua Allegoria Flora Nymphea is the most feminine seductive floral fragrance from the “allegoria” collection of Guerlain…perfect for spring and late summer/September..

Siddharth Jain says:

very nice collection

Louella Dawn Chiu says:

I took the time… Lol 😀

1. Dior – Hypnotic Poison
2. Keiko Mecheri – Ambre Mirabilis
3. Guerlain – Paris Moscow
4. Thierry Mugler – Angel
5. Thierry Mugler – Alien EDP
6. Kilian – Back to Black
7. Guerlain – Mon Precieux Nectar
8. Guerlain – La Petite Robe Noire EDP
9. Robert Piguet – Fracas
10. Aedes de Venustas – Aedes de Venustas EDP
11. Clinique – Aromatics Elixir
12. Montale – Red Aoud

Gipstetz says:

Great list. Thank you very much for posting.

Abigel Green says:

I couldn’t understand, what you recommended that is similar to alien?

Phoenix PurpleCandy says:

I have Fracas pure parfum. It is my favorite, classic scent!

dspada67 says:

Hey Blair , I also love on my wife Mademoiselle Piguet De Robert Piguet. Del Pozo Halloween Kiss Sexy. Wicked Wahine Hibiscus by Royal Hawaiian ,
Womanity by Therry Mugler and of coarse Angel . Of the older generation Boucheron the original parfum for ladies is fantastic. For younger ,mths original jimmy chew for ladies. Hope that helps.

Karissa Anne says:

I love your fragrance choice! Angel is one of my favorites. Back to Black by Kilian was not one of my favorites, I was more drawn towards Forbidden Games and Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi.

Lala Q says:

I extremely agree with you! Love Hypnotic Poison! 🙂 But please then write the names of fragrances below. Thanks..

SWTPEA says:

Thoughts on chanel coco mademoiselle?

Westie Mommy says:

Great video with original choices. Word to the wise…test all of these before buying. I wear Alien as my signature scent and also own Hypnotic Poison but Aromatics Elixir smells like bug spray to me and makes me physically ill. I used to work at the Clinique counter years ago and we would all gag when a customer had sprayed the tester bottle. Few people wear this well. Just sayin. 🙂

Cecilie M says:

Steve, what do you think of Lou Lou? I love that fragrance!

Ayesha Khan says:

thank u so much at least someone spoke about ladies perfumes.

sarkadestiny says:

I have Dior Hypnotic poison and I love it

xDesRosex says:

your girlfriend has expensive taste

Fragrance with Steve says:

Hey girls thanks for mentioning I will make sure to put in a list next time so it’s easier for you all.

MarJo Que says:

can you please write down those 12 sweetie? thanks..

Vettel Hans says:

hello steve tes videos sint super sympa je n’en rate jamais une seule je me demande pourquoi tu ne fait pas de videos en français ?

Sheba_Lifts says:

I will check out the Hypnotic Dior:)

MsQweens says:

Half of them i have never seen at my closest Sephora store 🙁

maria correia says:

It’s interesting how differently people relate to fragrances. I’m a woman and knowing some of the ones you mention, I don’t appreciate them. My sexy ones: Hugo Boss Deep Red, Armani Code for Women, Burberry Body, Trussardi Donna, Michael Kors Sexy Amber. Know any of them?

أنفاس التركي says:

I love them all

Salete Cembrani says:

Great choices!
I dont like Angel but the most of the people love it.

BeautyLilya says:

No chanel???

Annie S says:

nice list! thanks for sharing!

M D says:

YES Dior – Hypnotic Poison MY FAVEEEEEE

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