5 Perfumes for Women Rated by Men

Best Perfume Favorites for Women Sexy Fragrances
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Real Men Real Style – Antonio

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Top 5 Fragrances for Men:

Top 5 Perfumes for Women:

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Rockï Evanescent says:

Love you Jermey

Mountain Cool says:

What do you guys think about Ralph Lauren Tender Romance ?

Sandeep Joshi says:

Sir, which fragnance will you prefer Dolce and gabbana light blue vs Versace versense?

Erynies Blacknbloody says:

Hi Jeremy. I would love to hear what u think of these 2 fragrances: L’Air du Temps (Nina Ricci) and Twilly d’ Hermes.

David D says:

He could be a good coach/friend for you jeremy that tells you the truth and keeps you on your path and on the ground. Or find a good mental coach one near you. To help stay the wise, mature, equanimous man that you are, even when people start hating you or start adoring you without being honest. We all need this.

Racer X says:

Great videos, Jeremy! I hope you continue to make more awesome videos.

Kelly Henderson says:

Aqualina pink sugar is so bunk. Lol hate that one. It’s good for little girls.

/ says:

Heres an idea to share with subs. Give fragrances a chance before deciding if you like it or not. 2 weeks. I have read various times your subs say they didnt like your rec at first, but then they did. Happened to me with Marc Jacobs Decadence.

JJ TheJetPlane says:

Love you Jeremy!

Mariusz Wróbel says:

I like how You managed when Antonio didnt saw you giving him hand on welcome. Real gentlemans you are!
Sorry for my English

trollking99 says:

Jeremy is an honest and sensitive guy. I don’t know what happened lately, but he’s the reason many of us got into fragrances. He’s exciting, he’s unconventional, and that’s why he’s at the top of the fragrance game. He’s worked really hard to reach the top, and there are always those that try to bring him down. I hope Jeremy knows that his thousands of followers will always have his back.

Nath Velazco says:

It would be interesting if you put all the perfumes on women and ask men to smell their perfume with their eyes closed, so eyes wouldn’t be a problem to have negative or positive reactions

Tommy Saito says:

Glad you deleted that vid this morning. Be strong bro. You have more people that love and support you more than hate. Continue to chase your dreams. Take care and aloha

Maxwell Agbakpem says:

Antonio is one of my favorites!

Hannah MSIQF says:

Yes please more with this man he is very mature

Joe says:

D&G will always be a good scent.

Logos says:

What’s the best fragrance for pressing girl down in the restroom of a fine restaurant?

nochu says:

he’s rly well spoken! love seeing collabs like this

patricia bennett says:

Jeremy you are a great person. Everyone needs you , please return if possible. Everyone from fragrance army will want you back . You are informative and a super guy with so much charisma. Antonia is good in this video. Nice review and helpful. So now you have decided to leave you tube. I wish you so much success. You have a lot going for you.Both of you are superb!!Going to miss you from a faithful member of fragrance army!!! We all would want you back as we care!!! Much love from me wishing you the very best that life can offer. Missing you already!!! Thank you for video and blessings and greetings and hugs from the north east of England.xoxo

Tom Jowers says:


Oday Basil says:

Jeremy, at the next time I prefer you to write the perfume name with the video, so it will be easy for us to know it, thanx 4 u

Iliana Serna says:

Great video Geremy ,,beautiful place…..

Cindy O says:

I love Classique! Antonio seems like he’s from the 1920s in a good way.

look craizy smart says:

You are so beutiful and your apinion is for respect

AbelBee says:

Hey Jeremy, great video as always! What’s the name of the watch you are wearing? Looks classic along with that suit! Thinking of buying it for gift.

Taty Roux says:

You should review some Bvulgari perfumes! Im a huge fan of Omnia perfumes!

V T says:

das Parfüm, worauf irgendwie jeder Mann fliegt ist das hypnotic poison von dior … magst du es auch?
la vie est belle riecht bei mir schrecklich und gewöhnlich… .

kannst du mal ein Video über bezahlbare nischendüfte machen? z.b. von reminiscence… die gourmanddüfte sind so toll oder loukhoum von keiko mecheri. .. halt nicht diese normalen kaufhausdüfte, die jede hat.

das wäre so toll!

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