Amouage “DIA Woman” Fragrance Review

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Nae G says:

On the one hand, this sounds like something I would totally hate on my skin. On the other hand, it’s apparently masterfully blended and very unique. I feel like I’m gonna end up trying it anyway.

Adam Kovacs says:

Let there be light!

catherineblaynay says:

Just some ‘by the way’, further endorsement: I heard today that the queen of the Netherlands wears this fragrance.

Lilian Aniagor says:

You are good. Wow

silentladyd says:

I have cyclamens, but the flowers don’t smell at all. I googled it, and found out that there are more species, one is called “Cyclamen persicum grandiflorum odoratum”, and that one has a similar smell to Lemon balm. Great job describing perfumes!

Unbreakable 87 says:

This or dia man best ?

Jay Nine says:

Love this video! Detail and very descriptive+ you always make me laugh !

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Every time I look at an Amouage note pyramid , XD, I understand.
I haven’t sampled the women’s yet, but I will .
Dia Man has a wonderful vetiver note that runs throughout it.
Lightly floral, slight citrus , and like your description of Dia Women, masterfully blended . *SOTD* _TT’s Ursa_
Thank you for an excellent review

Yasemin Corkill says:

I can’t say that the flower of a cyclamen has a smell. Perhaps it’s the smell of the crushed leaves that are presented in this new fragrance.

Elle Ayah says:

Thank you ,Tom, for the very first review on Dia! What you said about the weighty yet light, sparkly , effervescent, is so spot on! Enjoyed your review, yet again! Thank you.

MoppieDun says:

The best perfume ever!

sorryremix says:

Hellirious how you corrected your self ! I love & respect this house very much . After trying & sampling most amouage man , i have decided to switch to the WOMAN line to get the complete feel of this fabulous house , thanks to you 🙂 This will be next to try for sure . Just got interlude woman today & like for now & I am sure I will love it after few wears . Which amouage you wear the most from either line ? Thank you for this review . Take care !

Leona Dior says:

Love your reviews! Truly fun to be watched:) could you please do a review on Killian straight to heaven ? Thanks a million and keep up your good work !

Sly3n says:

I adore Dia Woman! Chanel No 5 has nothing on Dia Woman. You should join It’s a monthly subsription service and they offer several Amouage fragrances. The Amouage offerings is exactly why I joined (plus Etat Libre D’Orange offerings). You get a 15ml for just $15. Granted, you can only order each fragrance only one time but $15 for 15ml of Dia Woman (or any Amouage fragrance) is more then worth it. Once I have tried all the niche fragrances/high end, I will be cancelling my subscription LOL

Kate Apted says:

Am I right that Jean-Claude Ellena is the perfumer of Dia? One of his early scents is First edt for Van Cleef & Arpels. If you try First, you’ll see the family DNA.

Deborah Van Walsum says:

We love when you are cheeky!

Terri Campbell says:

Fantasist review. I will order this because of your review. Thank you.

Zane Torgane says:

cyclamens have faint scent, which is hard to describe, but it reminds me of smth rubbery (like white soles of sneakers), but in a humid floral way. what kind of flowers? smth like dandelions, if you know that smell. very nice review. i think DIA is very frenchy fragrance for classy lady, i see why it is bestseller, but it is not my favorite (yet) 😉

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