Amouage “Journey Woman” Fragrance Review

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Science Mckenzie says:

Hey! I saw your review on chocolate greedy. Mind making a video about Al Rehab Choco Musk and compare it to Montale Chocolate greedy? Thanks. And I subbed. More power! 😉

Dread Locke says:

I love this one!! My heart pounded when I saw the notification that you reviewed this!! Trying out a lot of the women’s line a few month’s ago, this was the one I actually went back to to spray on my skin! Very dry and warm, I actually pictured this as a very dry, hot, windless summer, sitting outside, sipping jasmine tea with a little bit of honey, someone cooking smth just opened a jar of saffron, and some osmanthus blossoms in the background! Loved getting whiffs all throughout the day! And I agree, it was hard to categorize.. Because I see this as kind of East Asian in orientals rather than the usual south asia/middle east orientals, I was quite fanciful and could imagine the Kitsune, too! The fox spirit, shapeshifting..because of the way it shifts and pushes and pulls, swirling around you haha. I get too carried away sometimes! XD And loooooove that bottle! <3 It isn't loved by as many compared to the others but it makes me love it more! 🙂

Helen Ho says:

The park where I live has osmanthus shrubs and it smells amazing in summer. I think the smell is definitely floral.

Mrs Press says:

Love a good Amouage review!!!

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