Amouage “Sunshine Woman” Fragrance Review

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peter corcoran says:

Tut tut Notino stating rrp is £455 when it’s £295 . Still it’s a great price

Danyellow says:

Dawana reminds me of something from India? Perhaps in ceremonies or their perfumes? I understand it smells different on each person – so cool and interesting – really need to try this for he apricot, the color of this bottle (my favorite color), and seeing what Dawana smells like on my skin

ForeverFragrantKid says:

I still need to try this one! Wonderful breakdown of the scent. You’ve got me intrigued. I love the way you review. ♡

Hope all is well, and glad to see a new vid from you! 😉

Ben Farrar says:

Osmanthus fragrans is my most favourite scented flower. I haven’t tried this but I love MONA Di Orio’s Oudh Osmanthus.

ish c says:

Danyellow says:

Such a shame this is so very expensive – upwards of 300$ – I’m crushed – seems like this would be exactly what is love

C Lindemann says:

Just got a decant of this recently, and I absolutely adore it! It’s a very strong, heady fragrance on my skin, but still feels bright and, well… sunshine-y. I don’t know if I’ll ever pick up a full bottle, though. It’s strong enough on me that this decant is going to last a long time.

BrighterThanYours says:

😀 my favorite

Sabina P says:

It’s Davana that smells apricot, not osmanthus.

MrLexical says:

You’ll like the men’s one if you like lavender!!

brk DWD says:

Thanks for your review. By the way, yellow colour looks so good on you!

Holly Bronwyn says:

Sounds quite heavenly. I have a sample … will try her on Sunday. 😀

Ming Cat says:

Love listening to your reviews. You’re so good at describing scents.

Samantha Ferrari says:

I wasn’t impressed by this one initially but you’ve made me want to dig out my sample and give it another sniff.

Soosie Poosie says:

Just got this last week and I love it. Will sit nicely next to Memoir and Honor. Nice vid. Will now watch your Lyric vid now.

Mrs Press says:

On my skin this is almost all osmanthus and tobacco. I like the smell, but not sure I want to smell like it…hope that makes sense. My next sample day I will test it again from an automizer to see how it really wears. I feel the same about the dry down of Memoir woman…it’s the most uninteresting part. I almost bought Memoir but couldn’t get past the dry down…so humdrum to me…it’s awesome in the opening and heart though!

ellementira says:

This one is such a chameleon to me too! I enjoyed your review, and I have to try it again, it’s such a unique fragrance. I just bought a decant of Blossom Love, and I love it. If you haven’t tried it and like cherry blossoms it’s an interesting one to check out!

lacquer isma says:

This sample was on backorder from a huge sample order I placed. It came yesterday and the minute I opened the top…love at first sniff. Oh boy! There’s something so uplifting and addictively delicious about this opening. It’s a soft, round fragrance if you know what I mean. Like a scoop of vanilla and lemon sherbet swirl ice cream with a tart berry on top. Really pretty.

Giselle Vizcaino says:

Hello from Hollywood, Caifornia! I really love the way you review fragrances. You are always spot on with your descriptions and the breakdown of the notes. Thank you for providing this service because I am a perfume addict myself and I appreciate your opinion. Have a beautiful day.

Taffy J says:

I love this one, too, so bright at the opening, and agree that it isn’t very Amouage-y.
Love your birdies!

sabine schlicht says:

no advertisement can make me buy parfum like you do

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