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SNAPCHAT – demirawling



.Giorgio Armani “Si”

.Giorgio Armani “Code Satin”

.Paco Robanne “Olympea”

.Dolce & Gabanna “The One”

.Dior “Hypnotic Poison”



La Vonnia Me says:

Summer Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Intense

Emilleigh says:

I noticed your Hypnotic Poison is the eau de parfum, which might be why your sisters smells more gourmand. If she has the eau de toilette (which is the one people think of when they think of HP) it is much more gourmand than the eau de parfum. The notes are actually different between the two, it isn’t just a difference in concentration.

dikshya chapagain says:

i love your perfume videos
Can you maybe do the tips and tricks of how to wear a perfume to make it last even longer or how do you do it please
Love your channel 🙂

angie vergaz says:

try bronze goddess estee lauder  its such a good perfume for summer no kidding try it you wont regret it 🙂

Trina Filardo says:

Hi Demi. Love your fragrance reviews. I have to agree with your sister regarding Hypnotic Poison. That is one of my favorite fragrances. You do have to be careful on the trigger, though. I also noticed you mention pralines a lot, as well as vanilla. I’m a gourmand lover too. I’m new to your channel so I’m not sure if you are already familiar with You probably are, but if not you can go their website and not only find all your fragrances, but what seasons they perform best in. With that said, I haven’t seen you cover any Creed… Love In White is a great spring/summer fragrance that will get you plenty of compliments, especially in the spring night air. It’s a little harsh right out the bottle, but is amazing when it dries down.

Marla Kay says:

You’re makeup looks beautiful here…

Yana J says:

For summer try Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline, Versace Yellow Diamond, Elie Saab edt, Roberto Cavalli Paradiso. Jil Sander has a lot of Vanilla-y fragrances, try Sun for summer.

eloise634 says:

Tom Ford mandarino amalfi, chanel chance eau fraiche or the pink ones. Dior addict eau fraiche & prada la femme

Lilly Lee says:

U r so beautiful Demi! Love all your perfume videos

monneliza says:

My favorite summer fragrance is Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau de Toilette. Elegance + lightness of a NON easy woman. 🙂

Emily A says:

List your fave winter scents bellow my comment. I love Dior addict Ysl Black Opium and Estée Lauder sensuous and Ysl Elle perfume. I love gourmands and sweet scents. A guilty pleasure is definitely Britney Spears fantasy Uhhh yum

James Morrison says:

Check out “ATLANTUS for her” on Ebay

Sandra L says:

Can you start reviewing celebrity fragrances, please and thank you

Alexandria Lewis-Khan says:

Dolce & Gabbana-Light Blue
Dolce & Gabbana-Floral Drops
Philosophy-Summer Grace

Alexandria Lewis-Khan says:

I now have 38 bottles in my collection. I know it is not a large collection, but, I am trying to get to 50 bottles by my 50th birthday December 29th. I really want KENZO Flower by KENZO L’ELIXIR.

Display Collector says:

Michael Kors Island Hawaii…

Stefanie S says:

Hi Demi, love your videos on fragrances. I know I’m a little late, but my absolute favourite summer fragrance (which doesn’t seem to get the credit it deserves) is Elle l’aime by Lolita Lempicka. It’s fresh, coconutty, has vanilla, ylang-ylang and citrus. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

J R says:

Vince Camuto Belle smells like summer in a bottle to me

Anne Liu says:

You’re so right about the silage and distinctive scent of Giorgio Armani Si. I’m just like you when it comes to asking people what they’re wearing!

Danielle Tavano says:

Ralph Lauren Tender Romance is my spring scent, and Gucci Bamboo is my summer scent. You should try samples of those if you can 🙂 YSL Black Opium is my cold weather scent, for reference. That fragrance just develops so beautifully on my skin over the course of 6-8 hours, it’s heavenly. I have finally found my signature scent <3 Idk why some people on YouTube say it's "trashy" - that's dumb. I think it smells complex, sweet yet sexy, and sophisticated without that snobby "I'm rich, b*tch" vibe that some of the more posh perfumes have. I'm a vanilla lover too! And the strong coffee note in there just punches it up a notch for me, hehe.

Rockï Evanescent says:

SÍ smells good on me in the summer as well

mysonruns says:

I would love you to do a video on how to shop for ones signature scent? Youre so knowledgable about fragrance.

NadazZzDewGlow says:

get hypnotic poison the EDT version rather than the EDP version.. MUCH better. also great summer fragrance: Replica beach walk <3 so coconutty

Alexandria Lewis-Khan says:

Hey. HAPPY NEW YEAR…. I’ve added 4 bottles to my collection. 1. Lancome-LA VIE EST BELLE. 2. Salvatore Ferrigamo-SIGNORINA (the black bottle). 3. Versace-BRIGHT CRYSTAL 6.7oz. 4. Perry Ellis-360 CORAL. <------A BIRTHDAY GIFT. I now officially own 42 bottles of delicious fragrances (not including roller balls and travel sprays). My New Year's Resolution.........drum roll..........BUY MY PERFUME!!!!!…..…YESSSSSSS......My goal is a 100 bottle collection. I'm almost halfway there. WISH ME LUCK.

Yvette Stoianowa says:

For me one of the best summer fragrances,that smell tropical is Bella by Vince Camuto 🙂

vampireaddict7 says:

I love every Escada limited edition scents for summer.

Nash _ says:

Have you tried Zara Oriental? It’s an a toilette but it’s amaaazing

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