Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing my Top Fragrances for Fall.
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Hugo Deep Red (Use code samschuerman for 25% off )

Dior Addict (Use code samschuerman for 25% off )

Michael Kors EDP (Use code samschuerman for 25% off )

Givenchy Amarige (Use code samschuerman for 25% off )

Michael Kors Wonderlust (Use code samschuerman for 25% off )


Juicy Couture Couture (Use code samschuerman for 25% off )

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold (Use code samschuerman for 25% off )

Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance

Bvlgari Goldea Roman Night


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Dora Chavez says:

This video was very helpful!

Crystal Oakley says:

derek lam 10 crosby ‘2am kiss’ is DELICIOUS!! I think you’d like that one.

Salete Cembrani says:

I love it.
For me Hugo Boss!

Dream Cat says:

i like taylor swift’s perfume Wonderstruck

Janet Vitela says:

Givenchy reminds me of my grandmother in a good way I love it! And The MK was what I used to wear in my Early 20’s to and oh yes so many clubbing memories with that one lol it’s very intense!

Lynsi325 says:

Dior addict is my holiday scent. It is a bit strong for every day but when you have a special event, it’s divine. I get so many compliments. I actually haven’t worn it yet this year and now I want to put it on!

Jorge Garcia says:

I like your video I really do can I get your support and any ladies.

Vala Dina says:

Jane Michiel says:

Ysatis….love it

Jami Rose says:

omg we have the same taste in perfume. 🙂 do you like bob mackie?

annie bee says:

Fracas is my winter scent. Come December I always break it out.

susie veliz says:

My favorite scent was from Avon from the Fergie collaboration. It was called outspoken and I broke my bottle recently which had a little bit left. I was devastated because I haven’t found anything like it since.

Janet Vitela says:

I sprayed the Dior poison like 5-6 times once and I almost died. It is so wonderful but very strong only spray once or twice for sure great tip!

kataruki says:

I’d really love to see more of your UK favs. I think it would be SO cool to get some that no one here knows about so I don’t run into any “fragrance twins” when I’m out and about!

Michelle Ross says:

i used to have the dior addict!! the scent is very very intense! one spray and it stays on your skin forever! it’s very overwhelming!

nk1 says:

My favourite cosy scent is pure DKNY and another favourite for both Autumn and Winter is Burberry London. I think both are great for ppl who prefer fresher perfumes.

Katie Schunk says:

Thank you for reminding me about Wonderlust! If I don’t have a perfume sitting out on my counter I totally forget that I have it. So that’s what I’m going to be smelling like today 🙂

Marcie. Macchioto says:

Thank you Sam for doing this video!! I LOVE PERFUME and learning about more to gain my perfume palette makes me so happy!! This was such a good watch!! Thank you!!

Anna Wojewoda says:

All I can look at is your red ear hole.

Bing Tan says:

Are they legit?

Crystal Oakley says:

OH!! I forgot My Burberry Black and Black Opium. OK, I’ll stop.

pam espinosa says:

I miss that classic VS spray bottle. I remember my mom carrying it in her purse and thinking I couldn’t wait to get those

Elizabeth Gomez says:

Love your make up look <3

Meakea Erikson says:

I LOVE LOVE Halloween it’s a great scent and perfect for fall! I also love The beat by Burberry. Lady million which I feel like is just a posh scent and super sophisticated. Last but not least euphoria which is the best but it ends up smelling like baby powder on me. tip to anyone always sample a smell on yourself for awhile before you purchase. The scent may have smelt good on someone else but depending on your PH balance it may have a completely different scent!

Purple Reign says:

Luv your lipstick

Fiona Honeywill says:

I will have to look into some of these thanks xox

Jinger Lamanna says:

The Michael Kors one…so good and brings back memories. Love it. FlowerBomb is my all time fave.

Shilpa Shetty says:

Michael Kors Wonderlust is my favorite perfume,..

Jennifer Fletcher says:

I love Amarige! My go to fall and winter fragrances are Lady million by paco rabanne, Amor Amor, Bais Vole by Cartier, poem by Lancôme (always make me so happy I swear its a mood changer), black opiom, also juicy couture couture, I could keep going but I would be typing forever.

useacondompeople says:

Try, La Nuit. By Lancome. edp. I think u will like it. I happen to luv it.

Julie Munroe says:

I love Miami glow, Armarni She, Alien by Mugler EDP, Jimmy Choo Exotic, DKNY be delicious xx

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