Best New Perfumes 2018 for Women

New Fragrances for Women Best Releases
0:25 Calvin Klein Woman
1:15 Dior Joy
2:15 Viktor & Rolf Bonbon
3:03 Juicy Couture Oui
4:50 Dolce & Gabbana The Only One
5:39 Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau De Toilette
6:48 Tiffany For Woman Intense

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Top 5 Perfumes for Women:

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Leah Tress says:

Hey Jeremy was wondering if you can review the jo Malone fragrances? I’ve never seen you mention it on your channel…

Debbie Browns says:

Handsome boys on this planet earth

lone goth says:

Do review on Chinese and japenese perfumes

Tamara B. says:

So glad you reviewed Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon! I love it and my husband thinks it’s extremely sexy.

leavesofgrass says:

What about Cacharel Yes I Am? 🙂

Casually Fragrant says:

Great video! I love Bonbon and Black Opium as well!

Glory Obadare says:

What is the name of the Kelvin clien perf please bcos so many in the store with different names

Lilith says:

i’m soo sick of your Juicy couture,that i will buy it. Damn,i will :))))))))

Hish Aam says:

Our boy Jeremy has the guns!

Jill Carlson says:

Do you think juicy gold is too young of a scent for someone in their late 30’s?

Kiniaz says:

Bonbon by V&R was released in 2014…

David Teles says:

Any opinion on the Bulgari Pink Sapphire bought to offer my girlfriend but now looking to the reviews I am thinking it was a bag buy! Should I go to the store? It is by Alberto Morillas so Jeremy Waht do you think?

Marcela Largo says:

Not very pro the comments from your friend Jeremy, I mean he does not describe as well as you do, I missed your own description, opinion, review over them! Overall it is a good video! THUMBS UP for you!

Luciano Moccia says:

What do you think about Dior Miss Dior Parfum?

Astrid Thomassen says:

4:29 what is the name of the perfume?

BrendaR4 says:

So today Ulta had Bonbon. I agree with you YSL Blck Opium is better. For me the category is “sweet, flirty, weekend fragrance,” and in that category I add also YSL Mon Paris which I prefer to both of these (and I think my husband does also). All 3 are great, have complexity and interesting notes, but Bonbon and Black Opium have a spiciness which to me is just plain black table pepper, and it overpowers the other notes. All 3 have a synthetic plasticky component, but in Bonbon it’s almost like old wet paper and gives off the impression of being cheap.

Valeria g.f says:

❤ thanksss

just4fun2152 says:

Jeremyyyy i need ur help 🙁 i need a daytime fragrance for fall however im sick of all the usual popular fragrances i‘ve seen in ur videos ( dont get me wrong its just i always look for fragrances that are super unique and that people rarely know or wear .. i like my fragrances to stand out and perform super well ) any suggestions ?! :/

WardWar III says:

Hello Jeremy ! I REALLY WANNA KNOW your opinion about Melanie Martinez’s Perfume ” Cry Baby ” , PLZZZZ DO IT !!

Oρμlεɳ૮ε Pɦσεɳเא says:

Unspoken by Sara Jessica Parker smells INCREDIBLE

Di lara says:

Tiffany Intense is the best!!

L V says:

My wife loves BURBERRY The Beat Eau De Parfum for Women. I can’t stand it but don’t want to be rude about it. Can you recommend a good replacement please?
PS great videos. I like watching very much.

Changez Khans Gen says:

Hey bro send me some giveaways we can’t find genuine product in our country ☹

Tara Vallenari says:

You are so perfect and I really like him too lol he seems a little shy but along side you it’s the perfect duo

F A says:

I suggest u to review
Elie Saab Le Parfum in white
Givenchy l’interdit

They are definitely my best two 2018 perfumes. I’d like to know what you think about them.

Κατερινα Κ. says:

Please we need a review on Mon guerlain eau de toilette !!

AnotherFraghead says:

Tiffany Intense is phenomenal. Thank you for including it!

yaycracker says:

Close your suit jacket, would look a lot better as long you stand!

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