Best Perfumes for Women

My favourite perfumes for women, half designer / half niche
Click the time for the Niche list 8:42


Colette says:

Wonderful reviews! I appreciate your opinions on the niche fragrances as well. I really want to try the Coco Blanc, but can’t find it anywhere!

Chi9ja says:

I have & love Guerlain Idylle but the original. I’m gald you had a very different variety of perfumes, most perfume channels keep calling the same perfumes, you never get to discover anything new really. and you describe them so well, its just sad I’m not into rose or light fragrances, I love love love patchouli & heavy fragrances, lol. very lovely video, i enjoyed every minute of it.

Fuschia Jones says:

I love the way you describe fragrances…very mature like….like a bottle of fine wine

cynlexgmail says:

I just found your videos today! I’ve become interested in making my own fragrance. I visited the Fragonard Museum in Paris and became enamored with the idea of making perfume. I love the way you describe the various fragrances. I will check out the Dolce and Gabanna The Rose, the One. Will watch more to learn about the depth of creating a fragrance. I’ve learned that my favorite notes are also rose and peony. Thanks so much.

eman says:

Where can I find kazimi in London?

Lisa Simpson says:

Great video, fab perfumes! I especially like the bit where you say “wear whatever you feel sexy in”. So true! Cheers

Perfume Queen says:

Thank you for your good information on perfumes and the way to go about buying or making them.I have been trying to make for perfumes for myself and they tend to smell similar even with the different essential oil/fragrances.I have been listening to your experties in these issue and learned a lot.Would it be possible for me to sent to you a sample of what I have done for you to check if I am getting anywhere?

smarlie chen says:

Thank you so much for talking about female niche fragrance! Lots of videos here for women mostly only cover the designer perfume, I was kind of surprised that those who comment on the niche a lot often only recommended designer perfume to their female audiences.

Unbreakable 87 says:

I think u true & simple man

Isaac Rogers says:

Have you tried Jadore Voile de Parfum? Nothing like the original, very floral but maybe to powdery for your nose.

IYONA14 GranTurismo GT6,GT SPORT Legendary Racers says:

Thank you,thank you,thank you….for holding the photo long enough to screenshot!

Fragrance Boss says:

if u are a man u can wear a woman’s fragrance. u can place the whole bottle atop ur head and wear it like a hat and technically u r wearing the fragrance lol sub4sub?

Kate Apted says:

You remind me of a very young Malcolm McDowell. A compliment, as Malcolm is an incredible talent.

Varun Gowda says:

Hi, I wish to know whats behind Prada Leau Ambree Black bottled one. I am kind of drawn towards it in a very mysterious way. I love the spice in it. Plus I guess its discontinued already.

Demi Rawling says:

Awesome video Peter! loved your choices 🙂

Paracletus says:

Peter, this isn’t related to this video but I don’t have your e-mail and I hope you see this. Since I’ve developed an interest in fragrances and perfumery, seeing the great variety of plant and animal scents that are used in various compositions, I recall a fruit I loved when I lived in Colombia, known in English as the sapodilla, in Spanish as níspero, botanical name Manilkara zapota. Its strong, suggestive aroma, somewhere between sweet, musky and dry—”sandy,” “beachy,” sorta—has always intrigued me and I wonder if it has been used in the perfume industry and if not, would you research it? Just an idea. If it becomes a hit fragrance, can I get a commission? Or at least a sample… Great channel, by the way.

V Phy says:

Thanks for sharing! I love michelia alba…I’m new to essential oils and trying to mix a few to come up with a feminine smell that’s subtle and definitely not overwhelming. ..michelia was my Mother’s favorite. I also adore private collection by Este Lauder.

machinga says:

I love the final message in this video..such a great way to put it..thanks Peter 🙂

BurgundyandBlue1111 says:

To echo the sentiment of many in this comments section, I love your advice at the end most of all. Thank you! <3 xo

sienna says:

Great video! I really enjoyed watching it:) I’ve never heard of those niche fragrance before but will try to find them now as you description was so on point! It would be cool to hear your review on Le Labo Another 13 and Dior Addict eau de fraiche – those two are the pure femininity in its truest form as for my taste 🙂

Saung Briesen says:

Do you sell your fragrances, and do you have a website or email where we can contact you?

Sneha Ravindran says:

Thank you…very helpful

PS Milspouse says:

This isn’t an original comment but I loved the ending of this video! I just found your channel and subbed immediately after I finished watching this.

Sónia Macedo Cocco says:

Just subscribed ! Really loving your channel 🙂 Loved the end of the video a LOT ! xx

Sharon Iglesias says:

Fantastic video. Our taste in perfume is very similar.

Lyeserka says:

I like your video and you. Pictures of perfumes are good idea and nice that you signed what it is. Keep it up. You are really different than most man 😉

Sharon Tree says:

i want to make videos that might help people with my taste . I’m not looking for sponsorship , I just think I’ve got something to offer for those that aren’t attracted to many of the currently popular notes .

any tips ? i’m a 62 year old female but don’t do chanel 5

Filip Rynkiewicz says:

Have to say man, you seem to have a taste for electro swing… which is awesome =D whats your favourite electro swing artist?

Colette says:

Continuing the rose theme, what is your opinion on Stella by Stella McCartney and Bvlgari Rose Essentielle?

Cynthia Fransisca says:

Wow, i think we had some similar taste in fragrance, i had some fragrance that you mentioned, maybe you should try giorgio armani sì too

blueblossomblues says:

As a Bulgarian woman (most of the perfumery rose damascene oil comes from Bulgaria) I am trying to rediscover it for myself but it’s a struggle. During socialist years that was almost all women got as perfumes go and most women are a little too over it.. we love it but we seem to steer as far away as possible 🙂

Brigitte Liu says:

I move this man’s taste in fragrance and sexiness

Wassila Haitam says:

u got a new fan of ur channel. the way u finished the video is my fav part even if the content of the whole vid is just amazing. my hat off . good job

sara Mohammad says:

I’m so happy to find your channel. I like the knowledge you have and your taste in perfumes. Thank you.

juju aqua says:

You are such a gentleman

The Broadwalk says:

Thanks for this list! I always love finding out what the opposite sex find attractive on a woman. I have my eye on Ivory Route, but the price makes them tear up. LOL!

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