Christian Dior “ADDICT” (2014 Formulation) Fragrance Review

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Katsitsiaientos *Sadie* says:

Absolutely adore this fragrance! I get the incense but not very strong. On my skin I get slammed with the jasmine and vanilla tho more jasmine for Atleast 3 hours. The heart of this is what captivates me, a spiced warm vanilla not too gourmand and not to beany. Love it love it. Great review sweety

useacondompeople says:

I just got this. And this perfume is waaaaay overhyped. It’s ok.but I don’t love it enuff to pay the ridiculously high price.its just not worth it to me. Doesn’t smell that great to me for the price. Someone at my job said it smelled old ladyish too. Not good.! La Nuit by Tresor is sooooo much better than this.and cheaper. !

ehlesdee says:

I have the 2002 version and I honestly don’t think it’s any weaker now. Dior just removed the green opening. The new one might tend to be stronger anyway because the 10+ year old bottles on eBay may have been improperly stored 🙂 The 2014 bottle is perfectly amazing!

I think that the interesting bready smell comes from the type of vanilla they used. Maybe it’s real absolute and not vanillin? The jasmine note is also incredibly authentic, just like a bush of the flowers in the summer. Jasmine grows well in this climate so I have a lot of experience with it 🙂

Sid Julien says:

is this unisex at all??? the notes suggest it

Konga 5000 says:

I am a guy and I wear this . Why? Because there are almost no Vanilla dominant male fragrances on the market.

Mysterium Lugosi says:

Hey man! I love your videos and always have. I’ve commented on your videos before.
Great video with this one. Addict (vintage formulation) is tied as my favorite fragrance of all time with Dior Homme Intense.
I’m actually a new fragrance reviewer. I am a contestant in Robes08’s 2017 Fragrance Idol. I recently reviewed Vintage Addict. If you get any downtime it would mean the world to me if you could check that video out one of these days.

Dan Alien says:

Got a bottle of the 2002 for dead cheap I think the seller didn’t know what they had!!! Omg the sillage is monster and the scent divine I’m so happy its beyond but smells so similar to the 2014 just minus the sillage power.

Angela Douglas says:

My signature is Angel ou Demon by Givenchy and i’m thinking i will like this Dior

untitledremedy says:

your room really reminds me of the M.Micallef-Ylang perfume bottle.maybe you could do a review about that too :).

knittingdoula says:

When I smelled this yesterday, I was absolutely entranced by the juice. It reminded me a LOT of Dior Hypnotic Poison, with the slightly playdough-y vibe. However, where HP EDT on my skin left me very “meh”, I fell in love with Addict. Will purchase a bottle soon for sure. It’s a winter fragrance to me, especially since I live in Texas (where the summers here are scorching). Great review!

Cristina Madara says:

Lovely I work for Dior and this was one of my first fragrances- would you know where I can possibly find the original formula? That was a favorite 🙂 Have you tried the La Prive Collection from Dior?

razscott says:

Yeah, love this, very unisex imho, i only just recently tried it,
i got a sample of the pre-reform i think, i might try and hunt down an older bottle and give it to my partner and use it sometimes.
Super review Tom, cheers!!

darthraider * says:

is it me but this smells just like Ysl Manifesto?

Monica Faustino says:

Could you do reviews on Lancôme’s La Nuit Tresor and La Nuit Tresor a la Folie ? Also which of the two would you say is longer lasting and has better sillage ?

Jamie Truesdale says:

Love this one

Emilu Smith says:

What do you think of estee lauder’s youth dew?

Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

I had a bottle of this when it was originally released but I can’t for the life of me remember how it smelled on me. I fell in love with YSL Nu which was released around the same time. Wonder what I did with the bottle…

Dylan says:

Beautyspin? I’ll keep my mouth shut cause I don’t want to upset YOU yet again.

useacondompeople says: a review of Lancome’s La Nuit. ! It’s gorgeous… Also another great yummy one is ysl Black Opium Nuit Blanche. Better than the original Black Opium in my opinion. ! Even more gourmand.

MrMatt C says:

Wow sounds awesome

useacondompeople says:

Another reviewer said this was subtle. A subtle perfume. Lite. Really!?????!

useacondompeople says:

I tried wearing this in the summer and it made me feel sick to my stomach, with a headache.!! Way too much damn vanilla. We don’t need that much darn Vanilla in a perfume. There are other things u can put in a perfume besides flippin Vanilla. ! Ridiculous. I will try n wear it in the cold months hopefully then it won’t make me feel like throwing up. ! Hopefully. If not, then I shall give it away to a co-worker. Free…….

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