Dolce & Gabbana THE ONE Perfume Review for Women (D&G The One Fragrance Review by Vava Couture)

They say Dolce and Gabbana The One is a perfume for the exceptional woman. One who draws, no… COMMANDS your attention as soon as she enters the room. Who am I to disagree?

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Hey guys, what’s up? This is Ness from the VavaCouture beauty channel… (subscribe here: and here today, I’m going to be doing a review of the Dolce and Gabbana The One Rollerball for women.

This perfume opens up with what smells like a very peachy lime. It settles down into a powdery musk, with vanilla throughout.

The sillage is nearly non-existent, and the projection is only average at best, but the longevity of this fragrance is fairly high.

The fragrance has a powerfully strong scent, but it’s what I like to call a “For Yourself” fragrance, because of the low sillage/projection — And this makes it safe to wear anywhere, including work or school.

I do like this perfume, but be careful — spraying too much of this fragrance has a tendency to induce headaches in some people.
Everything in moderation!

*If you need tips or pointers on how to maximize the longevity of your perfume, check out this video I did a little while ago:

That’s about it for this one guys, Dolce & Gabbana has made another very noteworthy scent and I think you should all check it out as soon as possible (if you haven’t already.) But be warned, sample it first — this is not one of those fragrances where you can do a blind purchase.

Thanks for watching/reading, guys!

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Jennifer Rosee says:

Love this review x

José María Del Pino Merino says:

Dolce & Gabanna The One for women is a very nice fragrance. I’ve bought a couple of bottles of this fragrance to make gifts because, as you’ve said, it’s a safe choice and it’s easy to like. Nice video! Thumbs up for you!

Vanessa Henderson says:

Those Meatpacking District Ladies Nights out were unforgettable!!! As you know “Rose The One” by D&G is my absolute favorite perfume (its the only one I wear), I’m just so sad I can’t find it anywhere. Ness, I figured I would turn to your subscribers for help, anyone know where I can find it?

P.S. Ness’s Bestfriend 😉

Nini Dulce says:

Sounds like a really good smell…

xz8 xz8 says:

Your lipstick looks like you were drinking melted chocolate and blood. Do you have a mirror?

Ciara harmon says:

I prefer the One Desire over this one

arthur phillips says:

Check out The One Essence. I think you would like that better than this!

Shayan Shihab Rahman says:

please do a review on Prada Amber pour homme

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