Estee Lauder PLEASURES Fragrance Review


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lol you’re fun I must subscribe

krista c says:


Mary Lategan says:

Hiya! love your videos! Please help me: There are two fragrances i loved when i was in my early 20’s, but has since been discontinued…. 1. Very Valentino (Valentino) and 2. Ghost Deep Night (Ghost)…. with your knowledge of perfume and notes etc, pls can you recommend any similar smelling perfumes? I look forward to hear from you! All the way from George, South Africa 🙂

Dylan says:

Estee Lauder Pleasures…really? We need to sit down and have a talk mate. A little chat, man to man.

Alesia_968 says:

I think that the longevity of all fragrances highly depends on skin type. The formula might help but it’s highly dependent on each individual’s unique skin.

average everyday people says:

You make me wanna buy it right now!
I remember smelling this fragrance from my my mother’s friend and it was fantastic like a bunch of white flower after rain

C L says:

I LOVE your wine glass, lol!! I want one!! 😀

Lara Jernegan says:

I have the Body Smoothing Spray of this fragrance from quite a few years back. It is like a dry oil, and it is beautiful!

Dee_xx says:

Hmm, I think you’re actually quite good at describing floral scents. I like Pleasures, and you were spot on!! It is clean because it is true to the plants that are inside. It is not muddied with an additional “gourmandy” element which would make it artificially sweet. May I ask you – do you know any florals like this that are a tad stronger? I don’t mean hit you on the head stronger – like Fracas, although I love that foe certain occasions, just something slightly deeper???? By the way, you are rather adorable and charming 🙂 Cheers!

Hati Seas says:

Could you please make a review of Red Door from Elizabeth Arden? That is my signature scent:) I have got the vintage version and it‘s so amazing..

Starlett Sexton says:

I just ordered a bottle of Pleasures edp thanks for your review… ❤️

Suzanne S. L. says:

Thanks for this awesome review. I had this beauty back when it first came out 1995, and now I think I need to add it back into my collection. It holds special memories for me and I need more spring fragrances anyway. Time to put away the heavy hitters for a few months.

BarbieSteffie says:

Love your reviews I appreciate it

goldenfire5 says:

That was a lovely review of a lovely fragrance! Pleasures is one of my favorites.

Fafima El Koua says:

I once turned around because I got a wif not knowing it was me it s good on windy spring days,

Fafima El Koua says:

I had 2 bottles in the past it is a nice one,

LauraP says:

You’re so good at explaining fragrances and you’re very funny which is a very good combination to have. I really enjoy your videos.

Kelly Moore says:

Hello Tom! Hope you’re well! Happy Almost Spring to you! Loved your review as usual and since you did an Estée Lauder perfume it got me thinking about Bronze Goddess! I do like the one they release every spring, however they released an Eau de parfum for the first time this year! It’s gorgeous! Could you please review it if you can get your hands on it?? 🙂

Fafima El Koua says:

its detactebel,

taka taka says:

this is a favorite for my mother, but to me it always smells like rotten flowers with sugar and a dash of vinegar

Westie Mommy says:

This fragrance reminds me of bartending at Bennigan’s in college. Lots of men would comment on how great I smelled and ask what I was wearing. I have a client that only wears this and she fills our office with this floral magnificence when she comes in and I can smell her sillage long after she leaves. I can’t wear it myself though as it reminds me of serving Monte Christo’s and getting burns on my arms whilst serving sizzling fajitas. But it is a great fragrance. Nothing else really compares as a floral really in my opinion.

Ram Alix Popek says:

Yes, very spring and uplifting spirit scent. Tired of opium and miu miu now so I will definitely buy this for this month. I miss the flowery scents like my empty bvlgari rose essentielle & escada especially for you. Have to try this quite late. Thanks for the review.


Could you, please, make a review of a cheapy that totally stole my heart, which is L’aimant by Coty?Please Please Please!It’s such a forgotten gem.So old yet, so modern and SO effortless.

Fardosssa says:

*After watching * …Lovely review as usual but I have mixed feelings about this fragrance ..I am a floral girl to the bones and wanted to venture into Estee Lauder , which neither is easily available in my country , nor cheap .. I got that for a great deal ,but was a bit disappointed and wrote some very harsh reviews on it ..May be I didn’t like the sillage or that *Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeen* note which landed it almost earthy when combined with patchouli …But strangely enough I wore it a lot ! ..People around me commented about smelling like laundry but I love that kind of smell .

mandyrose says:

Hiya Tom–what an absolute perfect review! Well done.One of my favs too. This works very well even in snowy weather.There is a certain warmth to it, of the alluring kind,that serves as a comforting hug.White musk and dewy rose is what i get,along with a breeze of white lily. Debenhams have giftsets you may like just now with shower and gel for Mothers day that work out inexpensive and 100mls perfume! Thank you for this perfect review.I will wear this tomorrow x

Amy Martin says:

I love estee lauder fragrances I have Beautiful as well which I really love. Pleasures is lovely as well.

YESSYKA 2910 says:

amo Pleasures

Pámela Fernández de la Reguera says:

Nice review! One of my favorites, along with Beautiful. You described it accurately, it’s a greeeeen floral, and I love it when it’s bright and sunny outside.

Fardosssa says:

Oh my , you have been reading my mind …I bought this about 3 months ago and it was a blind buy , I have never smelled or had anything from Estee Lauder since my Mom had her signature Estee in the late 80’s …Thanks a ton :)Will watch it and write another comment .

sabine schlicht says:

wonderful review I have it in my drawer, will wear it tomorrow after a long time

Miss Anthrope says:

The 1990s are my favorite fragrance decade too. EA Sunflowers is another of my favorite florals for spring and summer. I’m an early June baby so despite the fact that I’m more of a Goth at heart, I love these sunny associations and find they’re a nice juxtaposition to my personality. Pleasures and Sunflowers make me feel happy every time I smell them. I will say that Pleasures has a more serious tone while Sunflowers is more frivolous and carefree, and they are both great florals. Even though Sunflowers was released first, I think of it as the younger 90’s-almost-aquatic-floral sister to Pleasures lol. Your reviews are always spot on.

mandyrose says:

Sorry the giftsets i mention are perfume shower gel and lotion! x

Vallauris 22 says:

I get a lot of the iris and green notes in this. To me this smells so fresh and green. It makes me feel so fresh, like I just came out of the shower and lay down in my clean bed in my cold hotel room with the airconditioning on. It’s makes you feel so fresh.

Mary Baza says:

I love most Estée Lauder perfumes but for some reason I have harder time with this one. Might have to give this one a try again.

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