Giorgio Armani Sí Perfume Review!

Reviewing Giorgio Armani’s Si eau de parfum today! Hope you guys enjoy!

::::Open me for more stuff! :::: Notino Home Page Si by Giorgio Armani at Notino! Giorgio Armani Sun di Gioia Review
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This perfume was sent to me by Notino in exchange for a review but all thoughts and opinions are my own!


sriati gandaprawira says:

I love Si very much.. It’s great.. amazing..

Priya Pawar says:

I jsut love the way u describe perfumes.u explain the scent so beautifully. Please do review for channel no5.

Laura Marriott says:

It’s so heavy on my nose. Really really heavy. But it is nice. 🙂 I’m thinking it’s time to stop saying you don’t like rose. LOL. I think it’s time to accept that you like rose as an accent because your collection begs to say otherwise. 😉

Anna says:

Si is one of my favourite perfumes of all times but sadly it doesn’t even last 4 hours on me.

Sultan Taif says:

Keep going , you have a great taste. I bought Si to my mother and she loves it.

B ma says:

Please make a video on your favourite men’s fragrances.

MegaMoflis says:

Polish (native), English, French, Bulgarian and Spanish and I can read and translate Russian, Czech. I love the perfume 😉

Emily Thorne says:

Spanish is my native language ( with a spaniard accent since I am from Spain) and English fluently! And I also speak Basque(also native tounge) which you probably know nothing about, google it if curious it is an isolative language so it doesn’t come from any other language family! It is very unique 🙂

Amy Martin says:

I find this scent to be very profound. I find it to be deep woody and sensual. It smells like good wine. It is beautiful.

Emilleigh says:

I love your reviews ❤️ I just got Si this week, and I totally agree with you, it’s perfect for Fall. Definitely sophisticated, smooth.

Karen Renshaw says:

Lovely review!!  I’ve just treated myself to the toilette of this this morning.  I just plain & simple liked it the best out of the couple of others I sniffed so I got “Si”!  I’d planned to get another perfume but just preferred “Si”.  Keep up the good work – big hi from the UK

Diana C says:

Love rose fragrances!!!

Majd Mery says:

Hey, I’ve tried SI intense (the black bottle) but it has too much patchouli and it just doesn’t work with my skin
My mother tongue is berber, I also speak Algerian dialect, Classical Arabic, French and English
I’m currently learning Turkish

Numerical says:

Omg! This is one of my all time favs. But too bad it lasts only 2-3 hours on me… (i sprayed on my wrists, inside my elbows and my cloths)

Bahae Ghazaoui says:

i want to buy this for my wife i give it try but nothing special armani code satin so gooooood thank you julie for thise video i appreciate what you do ,you are one of my best reviewer for women fragrances

Luisa Ubeto says:

I love your videos soooo much love from Venezuela ❤️ love ya

Zagha Cury says:

thank’s Si by Giorgio armani parfum of summer or winter !??

Brittany Rose says:

my favorite, other than the Giorgio Armani Jasmine

GeriBerry says:

This is my favorite scent. Idk to me it smells like liquor.. like a sexy soft smell. Idk I love it.

Missietoopretty says:

Very nice review am interested in getting it when i travel in October.

CAguileraSlays says:

The thing that attracts me to your reviews (other than they’re actually really good) is that we have the same identical taste in perfumes! I am obsessed with gourmand/creamy/rich-sweet/mature/oriental/spicy ! Haha that was a lot.. And I already have Si which is definitely one of my favs. Keep it up, Julie, you’re doing amazing. Also, cannot wait for your perfume collection video <3! Oh and I speak Arabic / English / and currently i'm obsessed with Japanese haha ..

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