Guys React to Women’s Perfumes


MrCijuciju says:

maaaaaarvelous video!!!:)))so funny;))))

average everyday people says:

who want to be attracted by these guys

Irene Rojas says:

wow all the men are attractive.

Kristi Marie says:

They’re adorable, but picky about perfumes.

Angela says:

why would you caption the foreign language ….

Loi Custodio says:

whos the perfume collector here? btw im a perfume collector.. and i collect designers and celebrity perfumes world wide.. soon i will make a perfume review.. can anyone tell me whos the perfume collector here.? i almost have 200+ perfumes but i dnt know how to start to make a review….. btw im from the philippines!!!

kia ra says:

this was hilarious specially the “coffee is my fav” dude

Genesys says:

I loved the video. It cracked me up. I laughed all through watching it.

ruby castillo says:

Okay first thing, Why are all of them spraying the perfume on the wrong side of the strip? lol!!!! I mean the sprayed perfume is not catching onto a tiny strip..why didn’t they tell them to flip it over lol!

JAckiE BERG says:

i have been wearing clinique happy for years……..

ladyarizel says:

Love this video. You guys should make videos like this haha ayos 😀

Jenisha Govender says:


MissAdamLambert888 says:

So cute !!!! loved this <3

iPinay X says:

Olympēa by paco rabanne is heaven ❤️❤️❤️

Cassie Tad says:

what language are they speaking other than English

MelanieDoe says:

LMAO “Smells like a virgin”, best comment of the whole video.

Chuying Long says:

coffee is my favorite

JAckiE BERG says:

amoy lobby ng 5 star hotel.. hahahah

AshleyLauren_Music says:

Haha that was some description about the soirée thing

Amor Arenas says:

Wow! Nice review!

Scent Snob says:

Just wish they used straight guys, would’ve been more interesting.


my 96 year old grandmother wears all this stuff, enjoy

Mscoloraturakae says:

It cracks me up that he says the Bond No 9 smells like high school when their perfumes are about $300. And they say Creed smells “common”! Creed has amazing fragrances. I feel like I need to rethink my entire collection now. I have several Bond and Creed fragrances…

pjacksone says:

it’s funny, in the end, they all ended up liking the most expensive perfume of all.

Letlamb says:

If the elevator music wasn’t so loud we wouldn’t need subtitles.

Shanaya Sahar says:

They only have Asain guys so it doesn’t count. Every content has a different view on fashion and scents also have a fashion.

Diana C says:

‘lobby ng 5 star hotel …’ dead

OnlyBlix says:

Omg that guy with the camo jacket..When he swats the air with the strip. I’m dying.

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