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Hey Beauties!
I’ve been wanting to create this video for so long and I’m really glad it’s finally posted! This is a comprehensive review of each of the most popular and widely available women’s fragrances from Chanel. I’ve included some tips and tricks to help you find the right one for you or choose the perfect gift. Last year, I went through a fragrance certification course which was really fascinating and taught me so much about the world of fragrance. I really hope you enjoy and be sure to let me know below in the comments what your favorite Chanel fragrance is or if there’s one you want to try 🙂

Erin xx

Les Eaux Fragrances:

Les Exclusives:

Fragrances Listed:
Chance eau fraiche:
Chance eau vive:
No. 19:
No. 19 poudre:
Gabrielle Chanel:
Chance eau tendre:
No. 5:
No. 5 l’eau:
Coco Mademoiselle:
Coco Noir:
Allure Sensuelle:


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Enad Saba says:

What is your favorite from all chanel collection???

Novi saputri says:

I love Chanel coco and allure sensuelle

The Spencer Company says:

Hi Erin! I hope that this email finds you doing well. Congratulations on all of your success and here’s to much more in 2019.
Well, we have taken notice here and wanted to offer you a fragrance selection, on behalf of our client JIVAGO. How can we obtain your address?

Lacrimosa JP says:

Mine is: Poudré 19
My Mom’s: Coco Noir
My Sister’s: Chance

We are Chanel lovers.

I adore No 22 from Les Exlusives ❤

Great video idea!

Joan Pereira says:

Hi Erin! What do you think of Boy and Jersey exclusives?

50plusluxurystyle says:

Erin what an amazing job describing all the Chanel fragrances ❤️❤️. My favorite is #5.

Robin Spencer says:

I’ve been wearing Coco Chanel eau de parfum for years!!!

LadeeGee Genelle Majied says:

I ADORE Coco!!! I bought the Eau de Toilette spray back in 1994, but wound up being tired of it. I was a lot younger than, and at the time it was part of 0the “powerhouse” scents that could clear a room, i.e., Poison, Obsession, Opium, Giorgio, and Coco (and I have worn all of those, but good Lord they were just too strong back then LOL).
Now that I am a “seasoned ” woman I enjoy Coco more now. I’ve tried Mme. Coco, but it was a little bit “young” for me, though it smells lovely.
But Coco will always remain my favorite Chanel scent ❤❤❤❤

Danyellow says:

Well done – thank you!

Maria Cruz says:

Coco Mademoiselle Intense!

Moxx Si says:

My first purchase was Chanel NO 5. 27 yrs ago. Crisalle after 3 yrs. Then Gardenia 18 yrs ago in Sydney, David Jones.

Until now my fave is Gardenia.

Ive got quite a collection of Chanel fragrances bought whenever I travel.

Jessica Knox says:

I almost didn’t watch this video but I’m glad I did. I actually learned a couple things!

Natalia Clarke says:

Great video. Thank you. Very informative

camila albuquerque says:

Chanel 5 eau premiere and Chanel 5 l’eau

Karen Bentley says:

Really helpful and interesting. Thank you.

emily schwellenbach says:

I have the Cco Chanel and OMg I just love ,love it, since I am highly allergic to most perfumes, this in the prefume formulation that is a dream for me

Mrs Grandberg says:

Thank you for this beautiful video. So informative. Love it. I’m obsessed with Chanel fragrances and have almost all of them ❤️

Brenda Wash says:

I’ve always been determined to be a Chanel woman but felt overwhelmed where to start. I know what fragrance family I love so this have been so helpful. Thank you.

Rinat e says:

Great video! What are your top 3 from the collection? Thank you for sharing!❤️

Patricia Pimenta says:

Thank you for such a good, full of relevant information video! The best one I ever saw for those who want a first and general look to the Chanel fragrances collection.

RAMDANI Ouafaâ says:

Thank you

אולגה דנילוב says:

Very wonderful review
Thank you very much.

Sylvia Cruz says:

you are beautiful and speak well. am dying to get a Chanel perfume but they are so expensive here. One day i will. Awesome video. Thank you

Ainsley Ameerali says:

Viva chanel .

shinakoyuki81 says:

This is such a detailed review and guide. Amazingly done Erin! Thank you!!

Phoenix 005 says:

You and your voice are so pretty!

Fay Aziz says:

Hi Erin. Love this review gives as you said good gift ideas. I’m addicted to Chanel chance. No matter how many perfume bottles I have, every morning I reach out to my chance. Thanks ❤️❤️

Bobbi Taylor says:

Allure since 1996! Love it as does all my loved ones!

Arianna Price says:

This was an absolute pleasure to watch. I loved hearing all of the stories behind the perfumes, yours and Coco’s. I love Chanel beauty and I had no idea a few of these perfumes even existed so thank you for being so informative! Xx

Ella Larkin says:

My favourite perfume has always been the original Chanel No.5. My ex used to buy it for me in duty-free.



Danillon Pujadas says:

I can identity. J have loved fragrance for as long as I can remember. I like your passion. Looking forward to more videos my dear

Ness HS says:

I love all Chanel fragrances but mostly use Coco muadmuasel,and Coco Noir

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