Jeremy Fragrance: Top 5 Women Perfumes

In this series of videos we are bringing to you perfume tips&tricks by famous fragrance reviewer – Jeremy Fragrance
Enjoy! ⭐

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Dante Comandante XY ZW says:

elegent lol

Steven Withers says:

Love manifesto and cinema by YSL for my wife she loves em too

James Randolph says:

So is La Vie Est Belle better than Viva La Juicy Gold Courture ?

Pierreluc Tremblay says:

To me the best féminine fragrances are Gorgio Armani Aqua Di GIOA and CHANEL CHANCE eau claire or eau tendre. Two Masterpiece. I hate overly sweet fragrances. I think women should smell like women and not like 16 yo teenagers. And some classics are back like NO5 CHANEL or POISON.

Sergio Davalos says:

Me too!!! Jeremy is the king of the reviewers. I have bought a lot of fragances because of his reviews!!

Gorana Greguric says:

Truly enjoyed this video! Lancome ♡♡

Samira Marzouki says:

I love them all !!

john 'sweetness' aguilar says:

i would buy more from notino if their “free shipping” limit were lowered.

Joe Rivera says:

What happened to Viva la juicy gold couture

Nikolett Balogh says:

Thank you. I only trust his taste, I only watch this channel because of him 🙂 The best fragrance reviewer

Anthony Gray says:

Only subscribed to this channel cuz of Jeremy. You’re a rockstar man

Yohanes Trianto says:

5. D&G No.3
4. Marc Jacobs – Decadence
3. La vie est belle
2. Lancome la nuit treasure
1. YSL Manifesto

Lívia Sánta says:

Dear Jeremy, can you do a video about “Best Valentine Day presents for women”? I noticed, that there are a lot of parfume bottles, that are heart shaped and looking like a possible good gift for your loved one…but do they smell good? Can you do a top 5 video about it?My ideas were: Chopard Happy Spirit Elixir d´Amour, Eva
Longoria EVAmour, Vera Wang Lovestruck, Rasasi Attar Al Mohabba Female, Justin
Bieber Someday Eau De Parfum
limited edition, KenzoAmour, Xoxo Mi Amore, Swiss Arabian Crystal Rose, Bebe Perfumes Sheer, Ellen Tracy Love Notes, Franck Olivier Passion Extreme, Lovance Magic Touch, Xoxo Luv, Adrienne Vittadini Amore, Lolita Lempicka
Sweet, Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss, Lanvin Marry Me! Love Balloons.I mean I know guys do not HAVE to buy a heart shaped EDP or any gift for that matter, but it would be a
fun gift, and also a fun video to watch. (Note: it’s January now,so I think I am in time with my request…;)

Luiza Ivanov says:

One More Video Lile this !!!

Jerome Lucas says:

Awesome list, but where is mon guerlain? I bet that would be no1

silvia benaudo says:

RATE VIDEO 11. Sometimes you take care also to a Woman!:-))) you are improving!

Vaggelis Mixalis says:

My list is:
Victoria secret-Scandalous
Ariana Grande-Ari
Britney Spears-Private Show
Juicy Couture-Viva la juicy
Paris Hilton-Can Can

Lívia Sánta says:

Dear Jeremy, notino offers women oriental parfumes (rasasi, al haramain, swiss arabian, etc) and cpos, that are not so well known yet here….some are too oriental (too much smoke, too much rose….etc) for me, but a lot are very enjoyable and affordable. can you do some ‘best of’ for the oriental parfume houses that notino offers? Thankx

Hanna Tiruneh says:

I bought Marc Jacobs DECADENCE perfume after I watched your video. Sorry men, I had to return it!!!

Tom Schroeder says:

Thank you for the recommendations. Will check them out for my wife.

salil gulati says:

Here to support Jermy ! Need an vlog on are vintage fragrances like Ralph Lauren Safari or cool waters etc still relevant & wearable? How many people wear them , are they getting compliments from current generation ? Drakkar noir !

shubhangi baldawa says:

I wonder why you dont mention Chanel perfumes ever??

Mariusz Grudziński says:

I’m totally agree with picks number 5, 4, 3, 2 😀 I don’t know YSL :/ but number 2 for me can be to sweet 😉 Number 4 can impress me a lot <3 La Vie Est Belle is amazing and sexy on a girl - when I smell it im falling in love ^^

tpietropaolo01 says:

I do always love that Marc Jacob bottle I’ll have to resmell it, don’t remember it wowing me.

Lívia Sánta says:

While I was writing the last comment I just had another video idea..Lately I have spotted, that a lot of fragrance bottles have charms (medals or tassils, pompoms or litle metal hearts ot keys or similar small pieces added on), that girls take off from the bottle and use as neclace or bracelet charms or clip to their bag, or anything similar…Quite a lot of bottles have this add-ons. Maybe that would also be a fun video to look at..:) and to learn which ones are actually nice smelling. Thank you Jeremy, Livia

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