Jimmy Choo for Women Fragrance / Perfume Review

Presentation: 1:30 | Smell: 2:40 | Rating: 5:54

A fragrance review of Jimmy Choo for women. Thanks for watching!

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Perfumer: Olivier Polge
Bottle sizes available: 1.3oz, 2oz, and 3.4oz
Concentration: Eau de toilette and eau de parfum

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Tal says:

btw, was buying a perfume for my Mom recently, and tried estee lauder’s private collection.  very very nice. all three of them, even the tuberose, are unisex.  bought the amber ylang ylang for her, and my Mom couldn’t have been happier with this gift.  

AGentlemansJourney says:

Nice review. I do have a question though, did you wear this fragrance? 🙂


Very informative! Thank you for your work!

she is floating says:

for some reason, this smells like soap on me when it becomes a skin scent. this is my first time wearing it so i hope my nose for it changes because i do like the initial scent.

Erica X says:

Will you do more reviews on women frgrances? Please! 😉

Marc Losenara says:

+Redolessence Thanks for all the videos man keep doing what you’re doing, you’re helping boys become men!

Could you please do a video on how exactly you apply all these colognes? Do you only apply it one way every time or is there different variations (in one of your videos you said you wore it on the back of your hand, which isn’t common) depending on the activities you’re going to do that day? Also, on the same video you could explain how you decide which to wear for that day. Thanks in advance Redo!

ziggy8757 says:

what are some nice fruity fresh perfumes for women? on the girly side… i would like to buy one for my girlfriend, which would you recomend…thanks

Cleo Cam says:

I am a new sub.  Good review!  I’ve smelled this on paper once, I think you’ve summed it up nicely.  Definitely is youthful.  I think D&G Light Blue is a treasure.

Carly Kleve says:

I personally don’t like the comparison to Angel. I smelled Angel and completely hated it, put it down immediately. I smelled Jimmy Choo and loved it from the start. no comparison in my book.

peecker s says:

Love this fragrance! My wife picked this up from Macy’s that came in a mini box set 0.15oz and Wow… I actually thought the patchouli in this is stunning! A little too feminine for my taste on myself, but on her it smells wonderful! I’m finding that the fragrances that are appealing to the opposite sex are the ones that opposite sex can relate to even if they themselves can’t quite pull it off… for instance I love a slightly more masculine fragrance on her that I can relate to and vice-versa she loves a masculine fragrance on me as a male with a slight floral note that she can relate to… if that makes any sence. And that’s what I get from this! A more masculine version marketed for men of this fragrance would be nice… Call me crazy?

average everyday people says:

Yes it’s remind me of angel clean angel indeed

Priyanka Elffrost says:

Love your reviews, hope you’ll keep doing more women’s perfume reviews in the future too!

M Maddox says:

Thanks great review !!

Arbentino says:

Great video 🙂

Patrick Stevens says:

What G-Shock are you wearing? G-7900A?

flossy1298 says:

I loved your review!! Everything you said is so true!

Ginalyn Plaza says:

i really love this scent very subtle i got mine in eau de parfum it last all day ! 🙂 love it so much … smell still stays on my clothes perfect to use for a night out date

dracdoc says:

Nice man!  Love to see you expanding out with more female frags!

Dread Locke says:

I love watching your reviews. They’re simple and informative! Thanks so much for including women’s fragrances! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t expand your audience, right? Awesome review! Keep it up!

C. Miller says:

Hello! New subscriber here. I enjoyed your review. I do indeed own this perfume and I like it very much. I also have his perfume called Exotic (like, but not a favorite…too sweet for my taste…had hoped it would be sexier) and have sampled his perfume Flash (not my style). I agree with your description and your ratings except for the suggested age range. Not criticizing though, just a different opinion. At any rate, I enjoyed your review and hope you keep the women’s fragrance reviews coming. Thanks so much.

Emily Nicole says:

This is one of my all time favorite perfumes! I literally buy it 2 bottles (3.4oz) at a time because I love it so much. I believe your review was spot on by the way. My husband also enjoys the scent of this fragrance when I wear it. My other favorite fragrances r giorgio armani acqua di gioia & L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake.

Tameka Alexander says:

Great pick/review I love this perfume lots your description is awesome

BananaBoat629 says:

You wore women’s fragrance?

Isreal4realz says:

I hope this bottle belongs to your sister….no way or reason why a man should have or wear  a women’s perfume fragrance….

TheSammami says:

This review is amazing. 
I enjoyed watching this and your descriptions are spot on. 
keep it up!

Lanier Smith says:

Wonderful review and great that you are testing on the distaff side of the perfume aisle. Lots of interesting things over there…and a wider audience for your channel too! Great job.  This one sounds really interesting. 

Lemora says:

Steven, this was amazing!! thank you for reviewing female fragrances, I always watch your videos although I’m more into female perfumes, and this was so nice of you. By the way I tried L by Lolita Lempicka and Blue Sugar because of your reviews and now I have them both! (I have extremely sweet tooth hehe) Keep doing such an awesome job, much love from México <3

Kelli Spaulding says:

LOVE this perfume. For year’s I have passed it by. Boy I was missing out. It’s most definitely a favorite of mine. Funny he did La Vie Est Belle and Flowerbomb. 2 other favorites of mine.

Nyssa Ainley says:

Hello, Steven, I own the Eau De Toilette – it was a blind purchase and not one I absolutely regret but not one I felt justified in buying un tested.  I own the 40ml size and have decided to get it down considerably so in the coming week with photographic proof every other day!

I recently tested Armani Code and love it, and own La Vie Est Belle and Flowerbomb sooooo I must like Olivier Polge’s nose … I believe the term is.  Anyway, what other houses and fragrances has he had a hand in creating, since I love him so much already I may as well get what I can!

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