Narciso Rodriguez for Her (EDP) Fragrance / Perfume Review

Presentation: 1:36 | Smell: 2:45 | Rating: 6:24

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A fragrance review / perfume review of Narciso Rodriguez for Her. Thanks for watching!

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Bottle sizes available: 50ml and 100ml
Concentration: Eau de toilette and eau de parfum

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Narciso Rodriguez for Him
Narciso Rodriguez for Her (Eau de toilette)

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Naturally Nikkole says:

YAy I just placed an order for this. I can’t wait to wear this!

seansimmons73 says:

Allways thought this was an odd fragrance because its such a polar opposite of For him. Thanks for the review Sir

tiaraOFthornz says:

Smells similar to  SJP’s Lovely but has more elegance and lasting power.

likeris subruknem says:

I love this fragrance

TheCelestialhealer says:

Lovely review. Thank you very much.I use it too much and my husband loves it.

Zakirah Hakim says:

hi i am from south africa
just received a sample and sprayed some on before your review.
thank you your review was super.
my son who is is a typical teenager said mmm smells lovely.
he has exceptional sensitive officilary sense.

Marianne Kitagawa says:

Great review. You really have a way with words

Flor Betancourt says:


shehu gwadabe says:

yeah, you r quite right this is a nice scent but i don’t appreciate its lasting power.

torc3434 says:

Lovely review. I have the 3 oz eau de parfum and it is just exquisite. Sweet and sultry yet packs a punch. Definitely a unique fragrance.

Marianne Kitagawa says:

I agree with you it is in orchestra, not a single instrument, rich and vibrant

sherwood991 says:

Excellent review, sir. While I do prefer the EDT, this one is quite nice.

Kat Espayos says:

Hi, I love your channel, really help me a lot, theses are my fav….. I have NR edp, Tommy GIrl, Banana Rep Wild Bloom, and Gucci Envy me,, can you suggest something to me that really last and have a fresh, fruity. floral musky scent… Thanks!

shegica says:

You are such a good reviewer.

J U I C E says:

Nice review! I’ve never cared for either the EdT or EdP. Wayyy too heavy and musky, and I’m a fan of musk. This is a fragrance for me that when worn, makes me feel like a kid playing dress up.

LaMesha Hale says:

Something odd is happening! I cannot smell with my nose up to my wrist, but I smell it in the air. Kinda weird lol! Has anyone else ever had this to happen to them?

Ferdinando Parigi says:

Old powder floreal. Sweet. Classy. Evoca una donna dolce e intelligente, molto tenera ma consapevole.

Annica says:

I’m on my second 100 ml bottle of this one. It’s LOVE!!

Janicez M says:

OOooo you are good! I know where to come when I want a great review. Great job!!

Mercy Chanter says:

I received a 0.13 fl. oz. edt. sample from a friend and I love it. It has a pretty musky scent which isn’t overpowering or overly flowery. Very feminine and soft, very sexy yet sophisticated.

Tjfreak says:

If you have a million colognes this will be similar to others, in it self it’s pretty nice, not overwhelming or aggressive, clean..not musky hint of fruity,it does stand out to others in the store in a good way…it’s a keeper.

MegaFrasi says:

not 100% surebut  one these two EDT/EDP smells like Capriccio from Sospiro to me. idkw

Am West says:

I purchased the edt. Is it good? Did anyone used it?

Munechika Mikazuki says:

Buying this in mini version. Can’t hardly wait to try. Thanks for the review 🙂

Keveen Mihdidin says:

I bought this perfume for my mum. This is amazingggg 😀 so soft

Michele Smith says:

I just discovered Narciso Rodriguez for Her….and I am in love with it! I ordered the EDT to try after smelling a small paper sample I got in a catalog. After watching your review, I will order the Parfum next. I am a scent junkie and own about 40 different fragrances that I alternate daily according to my mood, the weather, the occasion, etc. Since receiving this scent, I’ve worn it every day and even spritz myself before bed. I can’t get enough!! I see this as a future staple in my collection. It’s been a long time since I fell so in love with a fragrance! Thank tou for the review. Like I said, I will try the Parfum soon! I’m sure I will love the musk and patchouli notes. (I was a big fan of Paloma Picaso before they changed the formula. It was my go-to fragrance in cooler weather). Thanks again!!Xoxo-M (age 42)

Ana Zouhir says:

dommage ils ont loupé la présentation

emilio says:

The EDT is wayyyyy better.

Milica Dj. says:

my favourite! ☺

mscavsfan says:

I’m gonna have to give this one another chance… I like and own the EDT, but found the EDP to smell quite soapy. If you’re on a buying freeze for a little while, keep throwing in some women’s reviews-Love them!!!

supertoshaful says:

I purchased the edt by mistake. I wanted the pink bottle but the salesperson sold me the edt in the pink box. Her mistake not mine. I love the edt more.

Adelle Ramcharan says:

This is one of my favorites. Great vid! 🙂

Ibrahim Shamsul says:

Review of Female DG light blue !!!!

KcStar 15 says:

i share my name with a FUCKING PERFUME!!!!!

Jyoti Borkhataria says:

I absolutely love this perfume❤️.

marla kohutek says:

I have this perfume and I’m conflicted over it. At first it almost stings my nose and overwhelms the air. However, it just captures my senses and I find that I just have to ‘huff’ it continually. It does go through several degradations or dry down. It is dirty, I want it to go more soapy, I don’t inhale any orange flower at all. I’m conflicted, I want to wear this fragrance but it just…i need to layer it. Do you have a suggestion on what could be worn with it to not be as brutal? Thank you, Marla

ComforterGal says:

I love this perfume and it is on my to buy list. Great review. Thank you!

Jordan MacDonald says:

I really love this fragrance! My only issue with it is that Sarah Jessica Parker has a fragrance called Lovely that smells incredibly similar to Narciso Rodriguez for Her EDP. There are some differences in the scent, SJP Lovely has a lot more notes in it, but the price is what sold me. A good alternative but at the same time I don’t think anything could beat the original NR For Her EDP. I just wish it was more popular; the women at my Nordstroms hate it because it’s “musky” and they prefer fruity florals. I really wish people would go out of their comfort zones and try new things, specifically in regards to fragrances.  I feel like men could full off the EDT more than the EDP only because it’s fresher and doesn’t have that apparent rose note. I wear Lovely and it think it works on me thanks to the lavender and salt note. Thanks for the review, Steven.

Funky Dian says:

Becoz of u I have just bought hehe and I love the smell Im so happy

aquacrystal14 says:

just subbed! would love to see more womens fragrances on your channel 🙂

MakeUpJunkie35 says:

Nice review I’m looking forward to seeing more women’s fragrances from your Chanel.

Strongb Supperbomb says:

i can’t find this gunuine .how you find this code ?

short perfume review says:

What i can say……EDT is better than EDP cos it is more loud. i have EDT version. Smell really nice n i think NR for Her is the best musky scent in their range. it last to 6 hours on my skin and it last longer on shirt.-I spray it this morning and i can smell it till tomorrow.

mehzz says:

The bottle of Narciso Rodriguez For Her is my personal favorite just because it is so classy, simple and it looks just so clean. And I also like the opaque pastel pink color of the fragrance

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