Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fragrance / Perfume Review


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Here is my fragrance review / perfume review of Paco Rabanne Lady Million! Thank you for watching!

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Hayley Comments says:

I like the men’s version better

Thomas Phrederikos says:

Hi steve, great channel! I have a question: do you own any fragrance of the house Atkinson? What are your thoughts on them?

No Way says:

Love the tie!

Luis Ruíz DL says:

Im going to have to get this one! Thanks for your lovely review

Markafa Creative Solutions says:

There’s not one fragrance that I liked yet from the house of Paco Rabbane. But yet another great review. I think you are pretty accurate.

I have an interesting story, and a question for you:
There are some street dealers here selling counterfeit fragrance bottles filled with yucky juice. I sometimes sniff them just for fun. They are mostly sharp, nose burning, consisting of only top notes and withers away in 5 to 45 minutes and of course people but these based on the initial impression. Not really a big loss though since most of these cost around 3 to 6 US dollars…

But!.. There was this fragrance which is a counterfeit replica of Bond No 9 New York Amber. I have never smelled any of Bond No 9 lines since it’s pretty hard to get your hands on without a blind buy in this lovely (!) country of mine… So I have no idea how this thing smells like except for the reviews (I decided to get a sample from US via a friend and compare these two actually but that’s another story)

I sprayed this perfume on my skin. Dealer said he hates it cause it smells like beer and he’s right on that. It opens up with fruity-floral notes accompanied with a beer-like vibe (I could say Corona Lime… LOL!). Then while we were having a conversation I kept on smelling this one and in 10 minutes as it dries down this turned into an amazing rose-like, fruity floral with some strong sweet amber-ish scent.

It is really sweet and I usually do not like sweet scents that much but this one started growing on me. I then said goodbye and was going back home. But then I turned back and I bought the damn thing for $3 cause I really liked the smell and projection, silage and longevity is surprisingly good especially compared to fake bottles.

Have you ever encountered any counterfeit fragrances that you bought, then realized it’s a fake and smells nothing like the original or smells somewhat similar, then liked/loved the juice and kept it. I keep on spraying this thing to test it out and I’m really surprised with the results (I might even get a back-up bottle already if I can find one! LOL!)

I’m really curious your experience on this aspect of the fragrance journey. Could be even some sort of vlog type of topic.

Again, thank you for delivering such amazing content. Please keep up the great work! I really appreciate it.

With much love from Turkey;

michael skidmore says:

Why buy one million but, buy this! Excellent video Steven. I know about fragrances too

Dkt B says:

just a question, do u know if Target is reputable for their cologne? I see some familiar such as Chrome, the one, ect for cheap prices?

T Bo says:

Hi Steven, I love your videos and you and Jeremy inspired me to start my own channel!! Would you be kind enough to give me some advice and possibly shout me out in a video to sort of “jumpstart” my channel so it will grow, because as you know YouTube is hard to get big on.. that would be VERY appreciated.. THANKS!!

Jaime Grayson says:

hmmm I bought this in 2010. sephora and the bottom of my bottle was gold like the top… glass bottom… smell beautifull

Pete TheHawk says:

One Million n Invictus are fragrances I wish to never smell again. Ever lol. The most juvenile cheesy packaging you can find. The women’s version just smells meh to me. Nothing much interesting going on and honestly there are a number of other even less pricey options available that smell better.

Tony Marinelli says:

Steven, I would really love to see you do a video on fragrance shelf life or at least address it. My wife has been the cosmetics/fragrance department manager for Neiman Marcus for many years and has met with several of the top niche fragrance producers in the world and from what she has told me years ago, fragrances have a shelf life. Some are longer than others, however, when I see your collection as well as others, I scratch my head and say to myself, “Some of this product has to be spoiled or at least lost it’s strength and essence.” My nose is so picky that I have to smell 50 fragrances before I find one that I like, however, this question has long needed an answer. Thank you.

Big Daddy says:

Hey bro just a heads up VIP Private Show by Brittany Spears has just been released or fixin to be released. Either way people have it already. It already seems to be getting hype from some other reviewers. Idk if your into celebrity fragrances but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and see if it’s worthwhile. Thanks

rightglory BG says:

Jeremy Fragrance said today NOT to buy “One Million”! :)))

John Perez says:

HAPPY FATHER’S to all the fathers out there.

Robbin Reza says:

When I was starting out with my fragrance journey I mistook the ladies version for the mens 1 million at the department store and sprayed it on myself… was very self conscious of the sweet floral scent on me on my way back home on the bus…

Alfre P. says:

Great review as always!

jkroner659 says:

36 squirts makes my stomach hurts
Jen says I smell like the inside of a hearse
I have never before heard her barf in bursts
Man, I wish I had some certs…

Ignacio Salazar says:

Thanks Steven!!!

Beauty Meow says:

This is a great, sexy, and very versatile fragrance!

Kirk Datz says:

I’d like to buy my girl a fragrance with the notes of lilac and gooseberries. Thoughts?

Emmanuel Tah says:

Nice video as always Steven. Can you please review Aqua Atlantique pour homme.

Johannes Maringer says:

Would you mind making an update video of your fragrance collection?
I like how you review not only man’s fragrances. I also really like it when you dress yourself appropriate to the fragrance you’re reviewing, really appreciate that.
Good job Steven, keep it up!

Kris G says:

Hey Steven, I don’t mean to be annoying, but when is the 36k video coming out? I’ve been looking forward to seeing this for a while now.

Trent Danner says:

Hi again Steven! I love the men’s version,the sweetness doesn’t bother me at all as it seems to some people however I do not like the Prive’ flanker. I find that to be reminiscent of what a stinky leather shoe would smell like sitting outside in the rain for a while. It was just awful and the dry down wasn’t any better lol. I presume the tobacco note is what kills it for me. Thanks again!

eve beauty etc says:

I love lady million!!!

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