Perfumes for Women 2018

Best Fragrances for Women Perfumes :
0:10 Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:


Saichon Seaneewong Na Ayuthaya says:

I actually don’t write the comment or anything. But his thai accent is pretty good! Whoa!!!

Hope Floyd says:

“Turquist”…… love his accent ❤️

Anita Beauty says:

Chanel coco is the best best best my my my loud long lasting …


I always love watching your channel. But most of your fragrances for women are designer brands which isn’t my choice as I’m more into niche fragrances. But still great video! Thanks.

Brie Vermillion says:

Good Girl Gone BAD by Herrerra Carolina

Africankween 111 says:

Jeremy has sexy eyes very piercing

manews says:

<3 <3

L Jones says:

Im new to your channel and love it. I went to purchase a fragrance and noticed it was through Amazon. I’m very nervous because last year I purchased a fragrance (not through you) and it definitely was a fake. I’m not saying this is the case with your links for sure, so plz don’t be mad at me! I am just broke and extra nervous about Amazon purchases.

Mylène St-L. says:

I am so sad you guys didn’t try the Aura on skin. It’s soooo better than on paper!

Talhah Mahomedy says:

Really liking your videos. Came here for the La Nuit review. Haven’t left yet!

Beauty Lover says:

I got Tiffany for summer can’t wait to wear it

Kyanna Lenz says:

Also… what is your opinion about the classic “Sung” by Alfred Sung?

Florence Moreno says:

we love patrick jeremy!

Flore Edith says:

I love ferragamo in parfum subtile!!!! Don’t care much for that lot

Nastja Pfeifer says:

Hallo 🙂
Ich gehe mal davon aus dass du auf Grund der Redewendungen die du benutzt, Deutschsprachler bist.
Mich würde ein Video interessieren in denen Du verschiedene Perfumes vorstellst die man im Alltag zu verschiedenen Zeiten benutzt um besondere Eigenschaften hervorzuheben zB. Wärend der Arbeit wenn man (als Frau) nicht jetzt unbedingt süß und fruchtig riechen möchte also nicht so typisch weiblich und betörend sondern eher charakterstark, durchsetzend aber trotzdem mit einer leichten feminin Note (also VL. ein schwererer orientalischer Duft mit einem leichtem blumigen abgang)
Also so dass man bei seinem Auftreten besondere Eigenschaften etwas mehr hervorhebt.
Oder auch passende Dosierung würde mich interessieren, da man bei verschiedenen Düften auch andere Dosierungen beachtet um nicht zu viel oder zu wenig aufzutragen

janpan suphattra says:

Hi i am thai girl.Thank you for you love my Thailand. ขอบคุณที่รักประเทศไทยของฉัน

Realgar says:

Try LOEWE women

enobong akpan says:

Been waiting for this so long,the classical music on the back ground puts so much love in the air

Mustafa Alhijjawi says:

Seruvs bro
Next Time Keep some Coffee beans next to you, to sniff it in between testing the perfumes so they can tell the smells better
Cause I think his nose got filled from the first one
Am saying this because I know you like to do your thing perfect
Cheers from Salzburg

manews says:

how could he smell all of this fragrances at one time?:DD does his nose feel the differenece? YES, at it seems:d

virgismar says:

Miu Miu over Scandal ALWAYS!!! SCANDAL smells terrible on the skin. And My Burberry is my favourite!

Nanand Dhanasundara says:

Patric,he is (half-caste)Thai?

Wildelise Ortiz says:

I don’t like Chanel fragrances they smell too old for me ☠️

Mandeep Kaur says:

Please review Gucci bloom

MsQjk says:

What’s your take on Jo Malone fragrances??

misskoolkaitykat says:

Can you please review a scent that just came out: Salvatore Ferragamo “AMO” Ferragamo Eau De Parfum? Thank you! 🙂

P. Nivesrungsun says:

Wow someone who can speak Thai featuring in your vid, this is cool!!

Mel Watson says:

Scandal is favourite!

Beata SS says:

Czy jesteś z pochodzenia Polakiem?

madaleine morris says:

Cool perfume

kawtar grier says:

Hello jeremy what do you think of Elie Saab girl of now , I find it very elegant , do you recommend me to buy it ?

Monica Nurse says:

Yeah, that’s my favorite fragrance got it last year as a gift I chose it, Jean Paul Gaultier, that his best Fragrance I think

Pattarada Rittang says:

Lol…remind of Thailand..

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