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Fragrances for WOMEN Best Colognes Favorites
Perfumes in this Video:
Marc Jacobs – Daisy
Valentino – Donna
Givenchy – L’Interdit
Dior – J’adore
Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Gioia
Yves Saint Laurent – MON PARIS

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e hu says:

Let him smell coffee beans jn between. So his smell gets neutral again. Love your accent by the way…

Jamon Horton says:

The doctor needs his own channel. Not biased.

hyper star says:

wow this doctor has same taste as me xD i taught m the only one who dislikes j’adore of dior

OldGoodGamer says:

I think the B.U Wild is the best for womans

cloud y says:

Very nice comments of the visitor and so good taste. Fresh and sweet is good.

diana García says:

Please make another video with the doctor he describes very well the fragrances

J M says:

The dior jadore smells so good

SandyC says:

Great guest!!! Good job doc

FacciaBella5 says:

He did great! I can never describe scents! Lol He’s like a bloodhound. Awesome!

Teri Dugger says:

Would’ve been nice nice to reveal the last fragrance. Although I believe it was Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent?

N M says:

every angle of jeremys is like a pose for a magazine

ellaaa says:

omg i always wear the marc jacobs daisy one it’s my favourite!

Hajdu Nelli says:

Givenchy interdit is 9! At least. 😛 🙂 love it !

Feby Dwi Hani says:

Really nice content

Alevanderzzz says:

Sorry but you didn’t seem to mention the name of the last perfume you let the doctor try !!!!!! I would want to know it please…..thanks a lot !!!!

Jeremy Fragrance says:

His Youtube:
His Instagram: @leonardo_di_lovo_

Sam Anders says:

mostly the pple who talk much about being romantic and first love first sex are the one who are not romantic at all and randomly have sex with random pple….

Carolina Vivó says:

What do you think about Poême – Lancôme ??

Cynthia West says:

Great tag team! Bring him back for future videos!! Great insight.

silverbutterfly1000 in English says:

I liked the Dr. Zoran positivity and smile! He has very romantic choice. (I do that kind of test with mysband in my videos, however, my husband doesn’t want to show up, and seats behind the camera).

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