Ralph Lauren “Woman” Fragrance Review

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John Reasinger says:

I was so happy to see you reviewed this, finally, and now find out you think what I thought was the best designer women’s release of 2017 was SUB-PAR? It’s elegantly poised and still full of effortless chic. It’s simplicity is it’s strength and I absolutely adore it. Got it for mum this last Xmas past and she thinks it’s queenly and regal so…yeah, we Yanks dig this. PS I still have a wee bit of Indian Mystery Oil *giggles* from your very first, I believe, trip to India…? Mmm mmm mmm still da Bomb

4everBroadwayfan says:

I’ve been watching your channel since December and was wondering all week if you were ever going to review Woman. So I was in for a pleasant surprise this morning:) I adore this fragrance above nearly every other one I’ve worn (plus it’s been selling out in nearly every retailer locally) but I will definitely give Michael Kors and Gucci Bloom a try. It’s interesting that you mentioned starting out on your fragrance journey since that’s essentially why I started watching this channel. Right now, the one fragrance I’m dying to get my nose over is Guerlain’s Mitsouko. Really loved your review of that chypre. Thanks so much. Will definitely keep checking back in for more reviews.

Hanky panky says:

I really don’t like tuberose. My grandma’s house used to have it when I was a kid, it has a very very strong smell and make me feel dizzy from its creaminess and greenness. But I love white floral like gardenia, magnolia or lily of the valley.

Anna Eagland says:

Thank you for the review. I agree, this fragrance is a nice casual one. On me, I get a lot of peaches or ripe nectarines, which is quite lovely this time of year. It’s a warm, feminine scent- yes, not a masterpiece but essential, like a plain white t-shirt. I get compliments, so it must project well, even in freezing cold weather. I think this fragrance is a safe buy, because it’s so inoffensive and pretty. I used to love “Hot” by Ralph Lauren. So frustrating that like many other interesting fragrances, it’s no longer available.

Marisa Hernandez says:

“Ralph missed the tuberose train…it’s not his fault” lol.

Mrs Press says:

I didn’t get hazelnut either, I had no idea It was even suppose to be in there. I think this one is a white floral that is easier to wear than many others (from a person that isn’t a fan of white florals). It has that Ralph Lauren feel to it, which I’m not super keen on.

Caroline Stokes says:

I love Tuberose and Ralph Lauren Woman is one I can wear and enjoy, but easier for those around me to understand. I do like the Michael Kors too but it’s a statement fragrance so more difficult for me to wear. I can pick up the hazelnut but that’s only after I read it was in the notes.

Marci LK says:

I really love Woman. I loved it from the moment I smelled it but had to wait because it wasn’t actually released yet. I don’t think of it as a tuberose perfume, but as the composition as a whole. If I wanted straight tuberose, I’d wear something else. This is white floral, sweet, woody, all blended together to it’s own character. I’m a middle aged woman and somewhat conservative, and I get the impression I’m the demographic that they are targeting with this one.

. says:

Will you ever review anything by Fendi?

Bets R. M. says:

I am using this perfume today!!. I bought it because of the rave that everybody had with this. I think it smells classic but with something modern but more vintage than modern. Veryyyy floral, nothing that special and is really expensive at least here in Mexico. You`re right it doesn’t develops that much. I only use it for work because to go out it lacks of the projection I need in a perfume. Actually I`ve been thinking on selling it. Not that disappointing but just meh.

Kate Apted says:

This took me a lot of wearings to understand it. I found it so bland to begin with. After a few months, I actually adore it now. It has a lot of quiet nuances. As someone said before, the whole impression is what matters. As a tuberose, it ain’t.

Sara Y. says:

Sounds like one of those fragrances that’s easily giftable, which isn’t an insult but it’s not exactly a compliment, either.

MsMichelle7710 says:

I love this one. I think it’s a white floral that isn’t going to overpower an entire room but will still smell lovely. It’s a good go-to for most situations. No, it’s not terribly original but still pretty and it does last. I don’t smell the hazelnut either but I find that there is a creaminess to the smell and I think it might be the hazelnut.

Carole Smith says:

I really like this fragrance, for a daytime inoffensive blend it’s lovely. I have tried 3 tuberose fragrances but I find them one dimensional and I love to smell them but don’t want to smell of them have just been wearing my sample of Carnal flower after receiving it today, lovely but not me. My all time favourite fragrance is Safari by Ralph Lauren, now thank heavens back from the Fragrance graveyard. Very balanced review.

Chris S says:

Hiii Thomas & Happy belated New Year!!! Thank you for reviewing this. It’s soo funny cause I was super excited to smell this right when it was released and during that moment I was loving it. Fast forward to now, it’s a nice fragrance but it’s nothing special nor groundbreaking. It’s pretty much a common type of perfume in the market. It’s something for someone that is starting off. Hope your doing well. Let me know what you think of the vintage Carolina Herrera? :):)

Out of sight Out of mind says:

Red door and Design are great too.

Susan Menn says:

YES, GLAMOROUS! That was a really pretty perfume. Used to have that one. You know what smells kind of similar? Hello Beautiful from Bath and Body Works. Wish they would make that into a perfume rather than just a body spray.

Chazzam says:

i dont really like tuberose… i smelled prada femme intense and thats supposed to have a lot of tuberose and holy shit it smells terrible on me -.- cant figure out why white florals just turn so bitter on me

φωτεινή κεχαγια says:

I have for many years Blue by Ralph lauren and its the best white flower scent i ever smell. I think you should try it. I have many perfumes but this one is the best. After By DG which was my signature scent for fall and winter i used to wear this on spring and summer.

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