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6. Tom Ford “F*cking Fabulous” –

6. Tom Ford “Black Orchid” –

5. Mugler “Alien” –

4. Carolina Herrera “Good Girl” –

3. Kilian “Back to Black” –

2. Lancome “Oud Bouquet” –

1. Lancome “La Nuit Tresor” –

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Casually Fragrant says:

Awesome video! I 100% agree with Good Girl by CH and Black Orchid by TF – If I still went clubbing (haha, I have not been for a couple years now) I would wear one of those. I also like Black Opium by YSL, but I feel it doesn’t project as much as the others. Fantastic list and video as always. I’d love to see a full updated Perfume Collection video!

shalar01 says:

Do you think CH Good girl is good for daytime too or not?

Sharina Mac Gillavry says:

I love parfum allien

Tolu Ayeni says:

Where do you get Kilian perfumes in perth pls? Lancome “La Nuit Tresor is an all time favourite too.. I feel Lancome “La Nuit Tresor is so similar to Fancy by Jessica Simpson(Cost just $25 at Chemistwarehouse)

Dhruvin Mehta says:

Alien is my fav. On my woman it’s sexy and fun! And I secretly spray one puff on my shirt with DG The one.

Jack Puffer says:

To the girls who watch this, I will second all that she said on Alien. My ex gf used to wear this everyday. It’s a crazy perfume that really has a lot of sex appeal. It fills the room n leaves a trail. People will know that u are wearing this n people will know where that scent is coming from n u will cause heads to turn in a good way.

That said she once wore it when I had the had flu n it absolutely drove me nuts because it literally made me cough endlessly hahaha

Go get it n have fun! Cheers

junebug120 says:

can you make a video about where you spray your makeup 🙂

Sharina Mac Gillavry says:

I love you video parfum
I love parfum

Rashae walker says:

how many sprays you use for these perfumes

Tolu Ayeni says:

Yh u are so right nobody wears Allien in Perth but i do so don’t run into me lol . I am also so sick of smelling Si everywhere. Good girl is one hot perfume. I am a perfume freak too..

D C says:

I absolutely love your videos! I’m new to luxury perfumes so your videos are super informative. I bought Good Girl and love it and smelled Black Orchid and couldn’t get into it, but found Velvet Orchid to be amazing. Thanks again for your informative videos and you are gorgeous by the way!

Michael Warburton says:

I love the smell of good girl, would ware it myself if I could get away with it haha

mubina shaikh says:

Do a video unboxing your favourite perfume….

Saya says:

Hi! I don’t know wich one to choose for winter everyday scent?
Valentino donna, or Valentino Valentina Assoluto or maybe D&G only the one??

ideenfee says:

I have heard the sentence “whenever I wear this, I get complimented” so often. The truth is, I don’t ever get complimented on my perfume. My theory is, you get those reaction because you are fucking beautiful.

Tayler Brumble says:

You should try alien essence absolue! It’s a gourmand ish version of the original Alien.

Melissa says:

LOVE Tresor La Nuit! & CH Good Girl
I just bought Tresor La Nuit A La Folie and I am falling in love with that one… Oud Bouquet is next!

Flame Maiden says:

I bought Oud Bouquet because of you and OMG I fell head over heels in love hard!!! La Nuit Tresor is also one that I adore and wear when I need a sexy boost!

Gaby Pérez says:

also my boyfriends favorite is Alien, he got crazy everytime i were it xD.

Ethan Fish says:

So how do women save and remember a specific look? Like do you all have a picture book lieing around with notes for every color you used to create that look as a reference? That shit looks complicated and hard as hell to recreate

nichole g says:

Wow 1st time wearing alien thierry mugler got compliment and someone asking what it is and where i got it. Just going to dinner lol

Aysha Said says:

I purchased both La Nuit Tresor and Oud Bouquet 🙂 (:

Naposletku Naposletku says:

I own so much expensive fragrances but I always get compliments on Jessica Simpson Fancy like all the time my male colleagues constantly ask me “what is that sweet fragrance ” some of them asked me to write them down so they can buy it for their girlfriends.

yasmin kunis says:

This makes me realllyyyy happyyyy Alien is my all time favouriteeeeeeeee its my signature been using for 5years

mmss says:

I love Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous, it’s the most unique fragrance I have in my collection.

Jyoti Nair says:

Great video, was doing Christmas shopping and smelled quite a few different Kilian fragrances OMG, wow was tempted to buy one, it is on my wishlist.

nana ama owusu afriyie says:

Greetings from Ghana. I want to know, Tom Ford black Orchid & Velvet Orchid , which smells best and last longer, In your opinion

Cheryl Baker says:

Thank you for recommending la Nuit Trésor I brought it today and you are right it smells amazing

Nicki LovesDogs says:

I wear any perfume that is amazing and that makes me feel high. Doesn’t matter whether it’s for women, unisex or men. Why do some women feel like they have to wear things Just to be viewed as super feminine? I recommend to women to get out of their comfort zone and wear Alien. Be a bit alien sometimes and enjoy it. Haha. I so agree with you on your perfume choices and also on what you said about the other popular ones. I think a lot of people most likely also love Alien but they will instead put something else on just to be “on the safe side” of social acceptance. Not good. Stand up for Aliens.

Toronto22 says:


ajen limbu says:

Hey, I ordered la nuit tresor by watching your videos, you are amazing❤️ but I wanted to know if this is good for 16 year girl?

Dilpreet Sekhon says:

Wonderful video. I usually do pick a few from your recommendations when I buy perfumes and you have never let me down so far. Bought the oud bouquet one, it should be arriving soon by mail, I will let you know how it went. Thanks again. Much love from California.

Adrian Hanekom says:

Damn you hot you’re look so sexy without make up

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