Top 10 Best Perfumes for Fall Female Fragrances 2018

Best Fragrances for Women Compliment Sexy Perfumes for Females
#10 1:15 Tom Ford Velvet Orchid
#9 2:12
#8 3:15
#7 4:09
#6 5:25
#5 6:09
#4 7:30
#3 8:23
#2 9:21
#1 10:51

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Alicia76ful says:

My Burberry Black edp, by Burberry ❤️❤️❤️

Vindya Gunawardena says:

Thank you! Keep the female fragrance videos coming..:)

Nicole Burdett says:

L de Lolita Lempicka is my favorite cool weather fragrance! It makes me think of sitting by the fire, big cozy sweaters with leggings and killer heeled boots. It’s sweet and sexy and I love love love it!

Maria Koleva says:

Include Tom Ford Soleil Blanc in a video 🙂

goodboybuddy1 says:

Love to see Jeremy spin! Haha. You are so funny, I love to watch you do your thing. PS, There’s nothing nicer in the fall than #5.

Eliasenia says:


jeka Vlogs says:

Jeremy big hug from kiel !!! Question: what do you think about Versace Crystall noir??? honestly your thoughts. Thanks and love your spin style!!!

DEKALI Fouad says:

Hallo my friend , Thank you this video , Merci Beuacoup , I hope to see new top10 list concerning TOMFORD fragrance , pleaseeeeeeeee my friend ,,,,,,, and I hope to see Fabulous in the list , I spend 280 euro on this F***g fabulous , but it deserve it , because is Unique parfum from all sides , thank you for your advice .

Felo Khan says:

Please mention the prices of perfumes also.

Wendy Andrews says:

You introduced me to Juicy Couture because I always saw them as teen fragrances. My husband will always thank you for introducing me to Viva La Juicy and Gold Couture. I have already ordered Noir based on your recommendation and can’t wait. I get complements all the time based on your recommendations.

I have never seen you recommend a Juliette Has a Gun fragrance. Do you like any of them? What about Demeter?

fredah mungai says:

New subbie all the way frm Doha. Luv ua channel…

Nathiélli Lisboa says:

You totally should keep on doing more videos for us, I love your indications

Desislava Koleva says:

When I smell violets I think of my grandma! Violets are def a no go for me! Changing orchid with violet is almost a crime…Also while it is true that all these recommendations are something, it is important how these smell on you! Personal body chemistry can be the death of a otherwise good smelling perfume. So in the end what matters is what smells good on you…..unless you spray on clothes which doesn’t give a chance for the fragrance to develop well…

Jeremy Fragrance says:

What is your Favorite Cold Weather Perfume dear Ladies.

Loredana248 says:

What about YSL Cinema?

Abby says:

Yes, keep doing videos for women!

Cyndi Joseph says:

Subscribed! I love your channel (and accent).

DearMakeUpDiary says:

Mine are Velvet Orchid, Mon Guerlain & lately Carolina Herrera Good Girl has become a new favourite for this season. But most that you mentioned I really love. Good job! 🙂 I really love your channel. Chapeau!

Marci LK says:

I’ll subscribe because I want more videos for women.

Kay Bell says:

I’m actually wearing the #1 contender… it has been my favorite since I can no longer find the YSL Parisienne

JaySwish Gaming says:

My friend. Give us a Top 10 winter fragrances . Enough with this. Nl

Mike Sousa says:

There is no stopping Jeremy, there is no competition..

Radha Sharma says:

Just bought Mon guerlein.on Sunday……bcoz you recommended…..I sooo trust yr reviews…….keep doing good work……..just waiting for ..Jo Melone..lime basil and Mandarin review

Violets Andpeonies says:

I have the decadence and I also have the la vie was belle eclat ❤️❤️❤️

Amal Ahiywat says:

Female fragrance army

Lazarus Douvos says:

almond flowers early spring

Jasmine Selvamalar says:

Hi Jeremy, nice video, really well done except for slight error, Elie Saab has two variation of Girl of Now, first of course is Girl of Now which I personally like very much and second latest addition to this perfume line is Girl of Now Shine which has gold leaf rings instead of light green like original. However at first you mentioned Girl of Now Shine when you held the original, later of course you corrected yourself, I don’t really like Girl of Now Shine, it’s less sweet & not at all milky like the original. Please test that one & let us know what you think.

Chin Mizushima says:

Im gonna get that la vie est belle leclat

Cara Babyboomer says:

I really like Chocolate Greedy which reminds me of hot chocolate for a cold winter day. Prada Candy and Decadence also. Great review. Thanks

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