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Fragrances for Women Perfume Suggestions Winter Cold Weather
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Kay's Ways says:

Lol I’m literally rocking BonBon right now at work ☺️

Gul Bergen says:

i got number 1 and I love it

cuore selvaggio says:

Ideas 4LooKz says:

Which one is better from the cutures – the noir or the gold one, i don’t see much difference

Juleen Forbes says:

Love Marc Jacobs, long lasting

lulupop100 says:

Choose a different number one that you actually ‘love’??

Alessandra Alfieri says:

But really do you like women look like a swett candy? Why a woman have to smell of cacao, caramello, honey, cinnamol, liquirice? Woman is not a piece of cake! Where are fragrances like shalimar, samsara, poison, chasmir? Fragrance for a Woman not for a little biscuit to eat.

Sarah Moreno Falcón says:

Eres tonto

Lemya lamouch says:

I have Marc Jacob Decadence and it’s super strong and overpowering just like you describe it. A nice inspiring perfume list by the way.

angel angel says:

Is there any one know a perfume smell beauty lankoom the pink one

melody neuer says:

Das Alien mugler felht , das ist für den Winter wirklich so tolllllll

Laura Gwillim says:

I bought girl of now based on Jeremy’s review and it was a big no! I have purchased some of his picks without smelling and have loved them. Not this one.

Lena Yakim says:

Please, do a video on Christmas frag cinnamon-apple for ladies and men. I saw a video on last christmas gifts, but…

Suz Phillips says:

Nope: except for the Cashmere and the Muse.

Robyne Williams-heller says:

A woman without perfume, is like a flower without a scent.

molly44 says:

Great picks. I have Juicy Gold and Angel Muse. Two of my favorites for cold weather!

Julia Ocampo says:

You never let us down Jeremy! Always great reviews!

Fulca says:

Which is these companies is paying you for the review?

Jeremy Fragrance says:

Everybody loves good smelling Ladies.

hocine djerraya says:

So great video all the respect for you bro

lania s says:

I find Armani code cashmere way too strong.. it reminds me a bit of ysl black opium. i get a headdache
Armani code satin on the other hand i love!

Adiba Amini says:

Hi guys! What you think about dior for ever and ever??

damarismakon says:

Ange ou Demon is the best winter perfume

Kisha Kisha says:

The same perfumes every time. Hope you’ll think outside the box next time:)

Alya Yusuf says:

Decadence makes me want to puke just like Angel de Thierry Mugler

Five Nine says:

Luv luv luv

Thank you for your wonderful suggestions.

Maya Nakamura says:

I’d love to know your opinion on the dolce & gabbana pour femme! btw I love your videos, so far I’ve bought 4 perfumes from your recommendation◡̈♥︎

Chiara De Maria says:

Which fragrance would you choose for a teenage girl: VLJ Gold couture or VLJ noir??

JJ Hashtag says:

No Feve Delicieuse?

Μαργαρίτα Κανδυλη says:

Decadance Marc Jacobs for winter!! Very warm sweet and seductive fragrance

Kantharanan Suwannalert says:

I bought Marc Jacobs Decadence because of you. It’s really nice, a while I’m in elevator with the strangers (their looking good) they said ‘wow smell so nice’ and stare at me…make my heart boom ❤❤❤

C Westervelt says:

Enjoy your channel. Not a floral fragrance fan. Curious what is your top long lasting clean fragrance suggestions for women. Enjoy your day!!

Younglove994 says:

Please recommend me a vanilla perfume!!!!!!

Robyne Williams-heller says:

New term:
“Floral-ruity”… Love it.
Too many gourmands, loved Armani Code Satin though. Gorgeous perfume.

Olivia Præst says:

Maybe next time you should try on top 10 best spicy fragrances for women

Marta Montanari says:

What about aura??

Irena says:

Cashmere and Satin are already discontinued and it’s hard to find them. 🙁

nosashuly says:

You only have one first love ladies.

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