Top 10 Best Perfumes for Women (2016 Releases)

Here are my top 10 best perfumes for women! These are all fragrances / perfumes that were released in the year 2016! Thank you for watching!


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hueyyrouge says:

I think Aerin Tangier Vanille was my favorite 2016 fragrance! Great list! I love Olympea Intense!

Lin Smith says:

I like it yet husband didn’t.

boddeda sudha says:

Hi Bro I Luv the review PLZZ do a review on NINA RICCI L’EXTASE Perfume I Want To know your opinion on that Fragrance Too Plz Plz Review on that Fragrance and I luv your reviews I luv CH Herrera good girl Perfume my dad had gifted me it’s Smells amazing and sexy too and I luv original Olympea Perfume Thanks again for this review

Missietoopretty says:

Your reviews are amazing.

Kat Korkodian says:

I would love a niche version of this list as well! Btw I just bought Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl 🙂 love your vids!

Denizonal88 says:

Christian Dior Pure Poison,Lolita Lempicka and Carolina Herrera V.i.p rose are my favourites of all time.

BurgundyandBlue1111 says:

Of your list, the only one that I smelled and loved was Tender Romance. Although I am not a big perfume person (fraghead?), I did fall in love when that hit my nose.

I am that person who loves the idea of a signature scent (or at most a seasonal signature, work signature, night out/seduction signature). Ultimately just owning 3-6 that are staples. I can see Tender Romance becoming a one of my staple fragrances.

Raena Saber says:

I’m more of a Samsara girl and the old Mitsouko

Seher Khan says:

10. Michael Kors Wonderlust
9. Coach New York The Fragrance
8. Prada La Femme
7. Giorgio Armani Si
6. Classique Essence de Parfum Jean Paul Gaultier
5. Ralph Lauren Tender Romance
4. Carolina Herrera Good Girl
3. Paco Rabanne Olympea Intense
2. Christian Dior Poison Girl
1. Thierry Mugler Angel Muse

Melissa O says:

Please include the name of the perfume before your Amazon affiliated links thank you.

Ainos says:

My perfume! Classique essence de parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier!! LOVE it

Mazhar Khan says:

Sir wach one perfume vary vary longlast

Jessica Brewer says:

Hello Steven love your taste in women’s fragrances.I to love sweet fragrances.If you read this comment I was wondering were you got your Dior poison girl from.I ordered a bottle but pretty sure I receive a fake so I sent it back can you tell me where I can get a legit one in the US.Thanks so much and keep up the great reviews

Funky Dian says:

Hello from Indonesia love this video..I will buy Prada La Femme to try hihihi…

Mammen Nainan says:

Niche version plse….love this video

Luis Ruíz DL says:

Have you done a chanel 5 review?

Weronika Kos says:

My fav perfumes of the last months are Yves Saint Laurent- Black Opium, Paco Rabanne-Olympea and Trussardi-My name ❤❤❤❤❤ I simply love these scents!

Lilliam Seas says:

Thank you for this awesome review. My favorites are Olympea and Ultraviolet by Paco Rabanne.

Sully Mems says:

A whole lot of the scents are sweet. Cool list, but for the person looking for a non-sweet fragrance, not a lot of variety in this list.

Andy Kone says:

The way this men describe fragrance is so professionnal, class and élégant, Nice review Steven as always

georgio athanasiadis says:

I really like your approach and your passion towards your channel Steven

Nafrini Ali says:

love this video ❤

Trish F says:

Modern Muse Nuit, Estee Lauder. Loads of jasmine!

FunnyGaming says:

That would interesting to do a list of parfum for alternative women like me that are goth or more into dark thing …Most of my favorite parfum are discontinue only Black xs is still around I will like to try new darker scent …

Imane Bensenouci says:

thank you for this video…it is a perfect woman’s list.i just want to ask you a question if you dont mind, i really want to know your opinion on what is the most seductive woman’s perfume ever, a fragrance that will attract my husband and make him remember it for ever….thanks a lot

prosesroses says:

I’m new to fragrances, I’ve definitely been abusing Sephora’s 3 fragrance sample system ;). I mostly stick to their more pseudo-niche lines of Atelier Cologne, Aerin, Maison Martin Margiela, Serge Luten and L’Artisan. So far I’ve bought (and thus love) a bottle of Atelier Cologne’s Sud Magnolia (floral citrus) and Serge Luten’s Datura Noir (tuberose and almond!).
But now I might consider some designers…

Jessica Brewer says:

Hello can you tell me where you purchased your Poison Girl from in the US?I purchased one but pretty sure I received a fake one so I sent it back.Thanks so much for any info.Keep up the great reviews love your sweet taste in women’s fragrances!

Javier Santos says:

Great job mr. steve!!!!

Giselle Vizcaino says:

Hello and thank you for these wonderful reviews. I was wondering if you have tried Bullion by Byredo.  It has a beautifully done plum note. Have a wonderful day!

Sörbi den says:

my fav parfum for 2016 is good girl by carolina herrera. i love the fragrance..

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