Top 10 Best Women’s Perfumes / Fragrances! 2015

These are my top 10 / ten favorite / best perfumes / fragrances for women for the year 2015. I hope you like my fragrance picks / recommendations!

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chicagosbest82 says:

what do think of lola from Marc jocabs?

mrsmir says:

can’t stand most of these. worked with women in their 50’s & 60’s & they wore Angel, blue & flower bomb. wanted to love flowerbomb & sprayed a sample on my daughter in the morning before she went to school and when i picked her up later, she smelled like an old woman. ugh apologized to her for spraying her & had her jump in the shower asap

amorphous face says:

WE have similar taste in perfume. I don-t like many women-s perfumes although I go nuts for men-s colognes.All the ones that you mentioned that I knew, I like.

Natalie zen says:

very helpful! also may I ask where you’re from?

Yapi cho Odette says:

aqua fiorentina is so expensive

michele piteo says:

I took the list down to the mall to taste the testers. Parfum DOES exist …I smelt it twice. But,as i see it, the difference is perfume smells synthetic and parfum is the original botanicals. Hands up who can testify that a $60 bottle of wine is in a different league entirely than anything up to $30. Meanwhile folk suck on that vinegar like it’s normal. Ditto, Redolessence beams beatifically about the wonders of products that its sales reps duitifully spray on pure white little swipe cards,where it promptly disappears. I insisted product could actually touch skin in order to deem essence, where tentative squirts settled down into an insidious gleam of mettalica-synthetica. Ah the reassuring world of all is brand new and terribly clean and expensive, then. Once back in early 1970s ,an Italian teen wore parfum. It was a fine mineral oily smell overlaid with refined extracts of salty sea spray overlaid with a leathery musk and tinged with a rare sweetness. Wow. Can oljas be bottled? That parfum came close Oljas can be tasted in a kiss but happens rarely. Then the other time, was in 1980s when my boss brought me back eau de cologne from Paris that smelt only of citrus and flowers and therefore be damned with the synthetics.

splitscents or scentsplit offers 1 ml bottles of most of scents he mentioned for $2-5.

Maxim Lardinois says:

Elie saab is my absolute nr 1

Peaches 50 says:

You lost me at Pink.

Amy James says:

I’m new to your channel. I love your videos. You give amazing descriptions and I also like your taste.
Just came from your 2016 video. I’ve never been more convinced of the role of appearance for credibility though. In that one you’re wearing a suit and I was subconsciously convinced that you know what you’re talking about even before watching the video. This one you’re wearing a shirt and even if I already know you know what you’re talking about you don’t look like you would know about perfumes.

Khubaib Ali says:

Man…I want to gift my mum a light perfume !! And my budget is around $500 ..Any choices…i was thinking of Gucci Flora !! is it good ??

enenenene0989 says:

Does Chinatown smells like kenzo flowers or jungle?

Saimmon Ramalho says:

you have whatsapp

Kandis Wilson says:

Bottega Venta has a fragrance that so sexy it makes you tingle. It has a light brown leather string around the cap.

Jo K. says:

Great video! I’m here after i read your fragrantica interview! I absolutely love L de Lolita Lempicka but its discontinued!! now im looking for an alternative vanilla/ cinnamon..

Abhi J says:

Lancom Magnifique is my personal favorite

Nate B says:

Great Video! The Creed Acqua Fiorentina, is it the original or the encore?

albana bytyci says:

great vid there are 5 on mine faves to

Wanyin Moungam says:


Pufffka says:

in June I blind bought your favourite fragrance, I didn’t fall in love with it though…. but I like it very much for formal ocasions in summer, it’s the most expensive perfume in my collection, but still for my weddimg day I should search further…

justine mathers says:

angel is amazing,true to say u either love or hate it.but ive had random men ask me from their sunlounger on holiday ask me what im wearing.its very hypnotic

AnitaTheBanana says:

Pauline Johanna says:

Thanks for this video i enjoyed watching 🙂 im looking to buy new scent of. perfume probably angel

Fred Bill says:

Are you saying YOU wear women’s fregrances

TimelineUpdates says:

your taste sucks .. there are way better perfumes for women ..
Plus I hate it when you butcher french ,, it’s like you’re not even trying …

Jasmin krob says:

Finally someone who mentioned vs

Classiqueremyhair says:

I’ve never seen anyone who knows perfumes like this omg!!! sooooo good!! Jeremy is good too but Boy!!!! you are good.

Self Publishing Consultant says:

Thanks for sharing….may have to try some of those!

michele piteo says:

All white witches smell nice ha ha

Connie H says:

What a nice video!!!

CynLouWho says:

I LOVE Boyfriend!! And it’s not available anymore…

Katka says:

Opium YSL, Samsara, Shalimar, 5th Avenue… Those my favorite…

Darwinian Blunder says:

Men love Angel. I get so many compliments on it.

Catlea Lea says:

My signature scent is Carven

lux living says:

u waffle too much

Angie L says:

I HATE Angel. It’s too choco and dark.

alex osas says:

how about your opinion in versace crystal noir edp and tom ford noir pour femme? and from 2 of them, which one do you prefer better?

Mai Cecile says:

I am actually considering Acqua Fiorentina for my wedding as well!

John Perez says:

I love Juicy Couture Gold Couture and Tresor Nuit.

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