Top 10+ Clean Soapy Perfumes Fragrances for Women 2018

Hello my Lareeses’ Pieces! Today I’ll be sharing my top 10 clean soapy perfumes! I hope you enjoy my picks of clean soapy fragrances and I look forward to seeing you in my next video!!

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Fragrances Mentioned:

Crystal Gardenia- KKW FRAGRANCE

Gucci Flora Eau Fraiche

The Key Justin Bieber

Cool Water Sea Rose

Shi Alfred Sung

Ocean Walk- TJ MAXX

Beyonce Mrs. Carter’s Show- EBAY

Versace Versense

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline

Gucci Bamboo

Tiffany T & Co


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❤️Top 10 Designer Fragrances

Viva La Juicy
Vince Camuto Ciao
Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline
Bvlgari Omnia Coral
Tiffany by Tiffany
Viva La Juicy Soiree
I Love Juicy Couture
Gucci Flora
Prada Candy
CH Good Girl

❤️Top 10 Celebrity Fragrances

Purr (Katy Perry)
Heat (Beyonce)
Rogue (Rihanna)
Heat Wild Orchid (Beyonce)
Gold Rush (Paris Hilton)
Reb’l Fleur (Rihanna)
Pink Friday (Nicki Minaj)
Because of You (Jordin Sparks)
Crystal Gardenia (KKW Fragrance)
Onika (Nicki Minaj)


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marie1w says:

Cool water sea rose is VERY underrated. Another underrated clean one is Annick Goutal Petite Cherie I got a sample and fell in love its like fresh peach leaf so beautiful.

prrng says:

Cartier de lune also good soapy smell

555 Chen says:

Love this topic and list so much!Thank you.:)

Forever Scher says:

I didn’t like Light Blue when I smelled it when it first came out, but I smelled a sample in a magazine & it smelled good! So now I need to try it in person…dnt have a lot of soapy perfumes but keep hearing a lot of great things abt Alfred Sung’s Shi!! I have Philosophy Pure Grace (Soap & Water) Tfs, great video as always!!

Jess Jewelz says:

Great Video!! I love Sung and Gucci Bamboo also! I’ve never been into D&G Light Blue Either, I think it was too musky and citrusy

Rockï Evanescent says:

I received Gucci Bamboo from ScentBird, it smells good however doesn’t last; is it maybe because I tested it on my hand. Rhonda do you have Armani Sí, if so can you please do a review for us. Thanks. Can you also do a video of perfumes women can wear all year all seasons. I’m doing the most by asking can you also do a video on your husbands cologne collection. Rhonda can you do a video of all of the perfumes or products you finished, pan project. Love your blouse.

Nadia Torres says:

Love your Channel! Can you please do a top 10 powder perfume scent!

mkblady says:

I wanna try the Justin Beiber one, great reviews!

Simplii Toy says:

Nice video

Brandi Erin says:

I have the original Tiffany, in the old bottle design. You have me intrigued about their newer scent. The old one was very heavy floral.

Rania Sawires says:

Hi rhonda could u plz make a review about dkny perfumes and Katy Perry killer queen and aquolina pink sugar and Vera Wang princess and Elizabeth arden always red

danni girl says:

No no to kim k fragrance!

BlackBerry Musk says:

I can’t stand D&G and don’t get the hype either. It smells like citrusy ammonia. D&G does make a really good soapy scent called Sicily. My top picks are Guillietta by Tocca or Fresh Laundry by Clean. My Bath & Body Works faves are Live Fresh (Seaside Breeze) as well as Freesia.

L Arnold says:

I just blind purchased The Key I can’t wait it comes next Sat.

The.curly.head. Girl says:

U should try glow by jlo its the most prettiest soapy scent ive been wearing it for years

Valerie Alexander says:

Your description for Versace versense was dead on those were my thoughts when I first tried it…. love ur videos btw!

L Gee says:

If you want to be really loud wear Angel!!!! I smelled a lady at the back of the restaurant

Sharyn Mitch says:

Jlo Glow has a clean soapy scent  to me
Great list.
I’ll keep an eye out  for some of those 🙂

imjustmetiffany says:

Can you recommend a perfume that has a mint smell. I loved White Jasmine and Mint by Jo Malone. That scent has been retired and I havent found anything similar. Thank you.

Danielle Morrison says:

D&G’s Light Blue smells exactly like lemon pledge to me and I’ve always been confused as to why people liked smelling like polished furniture. Idk

Lisa Torres says:

Great video ❤️

MsShayelove says:

I can’t do Light Blue either, I really don’t get the hype on that scent. Not a fan. I Keep passing that Cool Water, now I have to pick it up. Passed a HUGE bottle of Shi on clearance to.. It def smells fresh, Great vid

Supreet Kaur says:

D&G 3

Iris Duhamel Augustin says:

Chloe Eau de Parfum is a soapy fragrance to me. I have Tiffany in my wait list… 😉 I am more of a sweet/gourmand girl so I am not surprised that I don’t own any of your top 10. I did give Gucci Bamboo a sniff – I liked it but not enough to buy – so I ended up buying Girl of Now Elie Saab

Raising Muslimahs says:

Best types of perfumes that you can use around people that are sensitive of smell.

Melanie Garnett says:

Great picks.. my favorite clean soapy scent is Burberry Brit Sheer I absolutely love that scent it’s definitely worth giving it a try

Margaret Zuberi says:

Hey girl hey! Your make up is cute. I just binged watched your perfume videos. I have purchased over 10 perfumes from your videos in the last 2 months. I also love your personality. Keep the videos coming.

maddie2781 says:

Today, I have on jlo Rio glow. I love it!! I’m not a fan of most jlo glow fragrances, but this one has a musky, green, clean scent with a hint of fruitiness

Crown Jewel says:

I loved this video but can’t believe you didn’t include CLEAN Warm Cotton perfume! It’s theeeee purest clean fragrance scent on the market IMO

Lori Laws says:

Great choices and I love the Tiffany! 🙂

Domonique Thomas says:

I’m surprised you didnt name cashmir mist. Do you have that one? On me it smells soooooo clean. I tried it for the first time earlier this year.

Rashae walker says:

How many times would you spray tiffany perfume for a 10 hour shift? I have a hard time having them last

Veronika Baham says:

I love versace versence my husband and I both wear it and I don’t want to admit it but it smells better on him lol

Sylvia Jackson says:

I just got my Gucci Flora this week, I got to wear it, but I agree it is soapy. I like JLo Glow and Philosophy Amazing Grace. And I can’t be without my Alfred Sung, my daughter smelled it on me and I had to give it to her. But you know i got a backup bottle. But her signature scent is Clinique Happy. If you ever get a chance you should smell the original Tova it is so light and beautiful with a haunting silliage, very beautiful and non offensive. Good vid.

T J says:

I want to try that cool water one. Never knew they had that and yes that Gucci is so good.

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