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Gigi Dayz says:

I wear RL Woman as my every day scent! It is my signature!! Perfect marriage of pear and tuberose, definitely! 🙂

LovelyTrueRed says:

❤❤❤ Donna by Valentino. One of my faves.

Ricca Shaps says:

Hi Demi! Just letting you know that there’s nothing wrong with full makeup on Youtube. It’s cool coz you know how to do your makeup so well and it suits your OTTD. Hope you could post your makeup as well in your videos besides the perfumes.

Kathi Durst says:

You should never smell your own perfume

cut warnaini says:

Hi demi… may I know if Pure Poison is a strong perfume (as it is a Poison flanker)? And how many spray you usually need in a regular basis? Thanks in advance

Telletell says:

I’d love to see a top shower/soapy scents for the gals who love clean scents

Fatima says:

Is flora botabica a good blind the original balenciaga white cap the violet scent.

Angela Salageanu says:

Move the bottle so is hard to read the name of perfumes , because the pronunciation is very bad

Elena Calder says:

Why do the have to be expensive fragrances

Kalkidan Tadesse says:

Can you please write the names aside?

Valerie Gardner says:

I want New West back!!!!!

Bitten Bech says:

I love Coco Noir too – it is just fantastic. The right kind of smell for every occasion!!

Zainah Alshahrani says:

I guess no matter what anyone says about the best fregrance in the world, when it comes to perfumes the personal preferences is a big deal.

Katharina Nikol says:

Chanel is just amazing, (N°5 never suits me, but i understand what you mean;), i love my fragrances and switch a lot, but i always step back to my “Chance” EdP (more at the wintertime) and if my mother wouldnt be so much into Allure (but the EdT, its more ruff and mature i feel, than the EdP, for me the EdP is also more my jam..;), i would reach for Allure still all the time (the “Allure homme”, for man is also amazing, live it on my boyfriend:), we all always step back to our Chanel’s, since many years…xDD glG from austria, katharina :**

Meri Dee says:

I like your makeup. Thanks for the video

Luisa Green says:

Like the spicy at nite .but I love lemon citrus for the day , I just don’t know who would make it.

KH KH says:

I have Narcisso in blush pink…its the best

Fatima says:

Bought sjp lovely as a dupe for narsisco but it wasnt as good for me gave it away. Coco noir never smelled it:(()maybe I should.

Danyellow says:

My Father used to tell me stories about the history of Channel – I’ve tried and tried – but still can’t get on board as well – I know there’s one I’d love – but would really love to learn to appreciate N5 – for my Dad – some day maybe

Ajay Randhawaa says:

Very crisp vdo with a great list

Danielle Carrington says:

Have you tried Narciso Rodriguez Fluer Musc? If so what do you think about it?

Heather Gustafson says:

If you now are mature enough for Chanel I would highly suggest you start trying the House of Guerlain. Some of my forever fragrances are from Guerlain.

Moon Perfumes says:

Thanks for the great vedio! Does Prada La Femme smells very sweet? The notes has beeswax and I don’t like very sweet scent. Could you please describe it more , I’ll blind buy it. THANKS A LOT ❤

Gumballz says:

I know what you’re saying about Chanel. I couldn’t stand them when I was younger but I really love them now. Ok, maybe not all of them but Chance Eau Tender, and Allure the original and Sensuelle.

Dawn groundhog67 says:

You look stunning!!

misstery25 says:

I bet these fragrances could also be categorized as “Less Likely to Give You a Headache,” as well, which I’ve been searching for. Me, before discovering your videos = Yeah, sure, spritz a bit from a sample to mask that I haven’t washed my hair yet. Me, after watching many of your videos = Fragrance Is Life.

Pati M says:

This is great. Although I am a nurse and don’t wear fragrance to work. But i LOVE fragrances of all sorts. I do have Juliet has a gun – this is not a perfume. I do layer this on more floral scents to “lighten” them up. I will look into CD poison. Thanks for considering the whole spectrum of work environments; so thoughtful!

Nicole Sonobe says:

I love Chanel ‘s Gabrielle!

Ngwe Hope says:

Demi you are so beautiful, stop beating up on yourself. Make up or no makeup you rock!

Bertha Taylor says:


Danyellow says:

Unique perfumes unlike others – under 100$

RhondaTaxCPA says:

The video was painful to watch! You talked and waived your hands, didn’t hold the product up, and I couldn’t see or make sense of this! Put up a script listing the product and let us get a look at it.

Fatima T Mercury says:

I just love listening to you. You are so passionate about perfumes. Amazing !

Jane Tseng says:

Okayyy dokies, i am here to talk about Narciso Rodrigues’ For her. I blind bought it last week only because of Demi, and guess what, my husband said it stank, so did i. I felt so dizzy after having my first spray. i just couldn’t stand it and wished so badly that the smell would go off!!!! guess what, i wore it again the next day and today it’s on day 5! i have learned to love the smell, which is so weird and i can’t believe it myself. I have been wearing it EVERYDAY! lolz

Kristin Ann Solien says:

@demi what do you think of Susan D Owens “Child?” And Mon Guerlain? I’d love to see a top ten celeb frag & top ten body sprays (eg VS/B&BW types), also a top ten fave “houses” where you go by house rather than individual (eg Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, Prada etc in order of fave houses). I loved your affordable frags I got like, 5 off that list/1 flanker & I have 4 off this list & 1 flanker. You look radiant!

Hajdu Nelli says:

Chanel Chance EdT is also good for everyday

Elle 1996 says:

These perfumes are all so strong ? I would think that ‘everyday’ would mean light and soft. If I wore ie the Valentino one or poison in the office my workmates would have difficulty breathing?
Those are totally night out fragrances to me.

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