Top 10 Most Complimented PERFUMES for Woman

Best Perfumes for Ladys Woman 2019 Most complimented
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Mary Monteiro says:

Hi Jeremy I love watching you you always help me out with picking out a great perfume thanks to you I always know which one has the greatest notes and is the best out there, thanks again love you

Mistress Mars says:

Rihanna reb l’fleur

E.I. says:

Has anyone tried cerutti 1881? I personally like the smell but would love a review on it.

Lisa Ray says:

I have worn SO many of these and my most complimented fragrance ever is Clhoe the original.

Rita Elgamra says:

I love the way you describe each fragrance, you make me want to buy them all ! I would love to see a video about both Sweet and Seductive !

Ichigo MG says:

Angel Muse by Mugler. Wow, I sprayed (2 sprays) this morning 7:30am before leaving for work, and it’s now 9pm and I can still smell it on my body! I love this scent so much but I can only wear it on cold winter days, too heavy for summer. I’m still on a hunt for my summer/spring scent.

Robyne Williams-heller says:

He is SO POLITE. Such a nice way of saying that you will smell *Outdated & Ordinary. BUT, you’ll STILL smell nice LoL.

*(Tresór Midnight Rose, Aqua Di Gio, One million, J’dore, etc)

Artemisia Lango says:

What do you think about Penhaligon’s perfumes? A review would be much appreciated

Bryan Kerr says:

Old school! Love it. Lose the suit for a video. I get your style you’re a pro. Just do one old school video. You’re bringing your style back. You can lose the bad publicity with one old school video where you lose the suit and go back to your roots. Black sweater, white T, we still follow your recommendations.

Ricca Shaps says:

Yes! I have Mon Guerlain. I just wished it didn’t have a subtle patchouli note. Could you do a review on Tobacco Vanille?

Mistress Mars says:

Hi Jeremy, I really liked the idea someone else posted…about reviewing the designer fragrances…seems there are quite a few coming out now!!

dan dan says:

No offence but you always talk about the exact 10-12 same perfumes that are by the way sickeningly sweet and so mainstrean.

Sherry Lindstrom says:

Jeremy is BACK!!! Keep it up boy toy!!

Emira says:

Subscribed ☺

alice says:

Jeremy can you show us your suits? Your navy looks VERY sharp and I love it

Jessica Beca says:

I’m getting #4. Thanks

Yuni Figueroa says:

Hi Jeremy, can u recommend me a long lasting fragance very similar to the ck2 please! I hope u can help me. Thanks and greetings!

Agata Górecka says:

What the hell is this video? 10 most complemented fragrances and he lists a perfume that he complemented just once and just to be polite????

1983simi says:

Great video, great list (got 4 of those fragrances)! This is truly what you’re best at!

And good choice to pick up the normal program 😉 I may not agree with the way you do your business or marketing/public relations strategy, and never buy any of your fragrances for that matter, but it’s your business after all. As long as you churn out helpful videos like that, you’ll be fine.

All the best to you, take care of yourself.

lunarosa321 says:

Carolina Herrera Good Girl is in one word DELICIOUS, smells like almonds and vanilla on me with a hint of floral and spicy. I love this scent.

Renatta says:

To Coco Mademoiselle I would add TF Black Orchid, although its not for everyone.

HereMikeWas says:

Creed Aventus the only fragrance you will ever need on a man or a woman! I’m hooked $400 usd it’s only money…

Lorelle Dias says:

Hi Jeremy… Would love to know your thoughts on the Kayali range of perfumes… hoping you would also do a video on the best fragrance layering combinations?

Jimmy Wals says:

Gold couture?

kristina okropiridze says:

thanks for this interesting video

Jessica Malfa says:

I loved your fragrance review Jeremy. I own Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum. I get many compliments but it is not my favorite.

Coop says:

Jeremy, can you give the you tubers here your advice?!
What separates the mentality between a man with POWER from the rest

Dhener Abade says:

Did you ever smell Fancy, by Jessica Simpson? I like it very much, what is your opinion?

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