Top 5 Sexiest Women Perfumes 2017

My Perfume Favorites for Woman
Fragrances in this Top 5 List:
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#4 6:13
#3 7:32 and
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#1 11:25

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Malloryb2240 says:

Juliette Has A Gun: “Not A Perfume” & “Sunny Side Up”

Linda Miruna Ehrmann says:

Jeremy, would you still say that your absolute favourite is Ylang in Gold?

Pamela Bey says:

I’ve learned so much. Thank you Jeremy. I subscribed right away.

Christsof8thful says:

I don’t know how your video ended up in my feed, but I’m so glad I it did. It just so happens that I’m usually the one who knows what I like, but can never explain what I’m looking for in a fragrance shop. I’ll smell many different options and end up with a headache. You are so informative and I know your videos will help me very much! Thanks-new sub

Danielle Dyke says:

Hey Jeremy, I Have Been watching your channel and i would lobe to know your opinion on lancome le vie est belle.

Homira Farzayee says:

oh em gee! I just discovered this video randomly and all those in the perfumes in the back has me shook

Soggy says:

I love this Jeremy *geezer*!!

blada dupa says:

mon guerlain ? …,,,…no no n o no ! __ PRada rulez 😉 …cashmir also…great not for ev

lyseepooh1989 says:

Miss Dior got reformulated because supposedly the flower they used went extinct. The orginal smells so much better

Santokhee Megha says:

Jeremy i love all perfumes i told my mom to buy one of them meugler☺☺☺☺☺


Lol I missed jeremy! I recall watching his older videos when I was looking for perfume advise about a year ago ❤

Janice C says:

OMG! I should’ve seen this before I went on BF shopping.. oh well at least i saw this before christmas

cho1967 says:

i just subbed because i love perfume addicted to perfume i should say,and u are the perfect example to explain excellently how the perfume smells..thanks for sharing..

sharichristou says:

Sooooo handsome!!!

Live Not Die says:

He’s so likable and very handsome. Wish for a man like him. I’ll try Dolce cashmere.

Jennifer McCray says:

Dior reformulates way too often. Over it , I loved Miss Dior cherie back in the day .

Kania Dengler says:

He sounds german

Isabell2109 says:

German Accent?

Sona Bilyan says:

Absolutely agree with you related to Dior and Chanel: This year I choose them and can’t imagine how I am happy that my choice was correct!

Samira Barrillon says:

Sisley eau tropical , vuarnet 1960 pour elle , eau des merveilles hermes i love these perfumes !!!!

Goofy K says:

You could sell me your own fart and I’d buy it

Emily Knight says:

I just brought viva la juicy gold without smelling it because you sounded so passionate about it- and it is incredible!! Thank you!

Ischi2007 says:

WOW he pronuncies Prada in such a German way. Is he from Germany? He doesn’t really have such a distinct German accent though. OK now it’s becoming quite obvious he’s from Germany 😀 Great video 🙂

Egidija Danile says:

awwww.I have lancome midnght rose. sexy loved it, the first date asked ;what kind of perfume you wear? he was smitten. girls, try it!!

Neyaval Aleiram says:

Oh wow.. i just found u and trust me i am going to douglas and try all this perfumes ASAP.. i always have problems finding the perfect one.. the only one that i had buu for myself.. it was Allure from channel.. i havent find any that rocks my world.. and i do want one for every day that is not that strong. So definitely checking ur advice! 🙂

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