Top 5 Sexiest Women Perfumes

My Perfume Favorites for Woman
Fragrances in this Top 5 List:
#5 4:14
#4 6:13
#3 7:32 and
#2 9:35
#1 11:25

Top 5 Fragrances for Men:

Top 5 Fragrances for Women:

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Lainy says:

Is it bad that I want the Delina perfume because my name is Delaina?

Renee Knight says:

You stated five sexy scents but you only refer to number 1 as sexy and seductive. The others you like but they were strong offensive scents according to you.
And you did mention Aura Mugler as being mysterious?

Ana Beatriz Cordeiro says:

My favourite perfum is Cinema, Yves Saint Laurent.

Kristina Davidovic says:

Unglaublich aber wahr! Ich stimme zu-du bist wirklich Profi! Brav! By the way-Coco Mademoiselle Madl jederzeit!!!!!

silvi blum says:

Hi! Please whats the difference between armani code satin and cashmere? Which is more sweet? Thanks

Rachma Labyad says:

könntest du bitte Dolce und Gabbana´s the only one (for her) kommentieren? Ich habe lange Zeit the one desire verwendet, und suche jetzt, da es nicht mehr erhältlich ist, einen Ersatz. Danke

Brianna Williams says: are the epitome of seduction. As well, you exude strength, confidece, intelligence and are so charasmatic. Bravo!! You have captured our attention and heightened our senses!

All in one! says:

I know this model in other videos

cherry cherry says:

i hate Aura Mugler,,…the only perfume i had to wash my arms after a spritz test..

Bing Tan says:

I just ordered mine last night dolce and gabbana light blue intense…im excited❣️

Awaking Beauty says:

Love miss Dior

Jeremy Fragrance says:

Dear Ladies, please Subscribe.

Mihaela Danuta says:

Is there an option where I can buy you along with the perfume?

Ivanna Naranjo says:

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Marc Jacobs Daisy, Eau So Fresh and I just bought the body mist from Vince Camuto Fiori and I love it!

I tend to picky about what perfumes and scents I buy which is why I tend to stay with perfumes that I know and love. What other perfumes would you recommend?

elle_aye says:

I love how you just dove into your assessment, nicely done.

Crystal Tears says:

I always like super expensive without knowing they are. Feminine, warm, youthful and unique. These sweet perfumes nowadays make me ill. Could you teach women to spray perfume? Most of us bathe in them and cause everyone nausea.


Definitely going shopping tomo!

Amalia Pinte says:

Gucci Rush innebuneste barbatii..este afrodisiac si miroase minunat .
Sotul meu il adora ..
Am primit atat de multe complimente …este parfumul meu semnatura.
Salutari din Romania si pupici

Out of sight Out of mind says:

The headache inducing ones are funny:)

Shashi Capurr says:

What a disappointment. Apart from Marly just boring mainstream scents. There is a fantastic world of stunning niche scents out there you know. Your choices definitely for girlies who follow the crowd.

Patricia Reyes says:

Funny how so I’m so curious about his accent. I want that for myself. Haha

Ellena B says:

Jeremy please make a Replica review !!!

Animal Lovers Support Group Kenny Reddwoodd says:

Rhubarb is for me and I will wear it to the White House.

Cantetinza17 says:

I get the most compliments with the light blue intense perfume. I just purchased Armani Code Cashmere. Its pretty good. I have to be careful or it smells like tissue paper and perfume.

Katrina kaif ENTERTAINMENT says:


Awaking Beauty says:

Chanel perfumes are too alcohol like

Yossra taleb says:

Je rêve, un jour, de pouvoir acheter un de ces parfums ici ça coûte une fortune.. dommage

Sahar Alnizami says:

Where do you get that number of parfume bottles????

Amalia Pinte says:

Gucci Rush is the most beautiful and very very sexy ..apfrodisiac …unique

Fluffy says:

I finally started using Gabrielle and started liking it. In the beginning, I was very dussapointed. Dolce Gabana really really worked for me for ages!!!Mon Guerlain.. jasmine I feel a lot.

Alice in wonderland Alice in wonderland says:

Pradas a la femme
You Emporio Armani
Lancome’s treasure midnight.
Dalina pathos tamale.
Teary moogly.
Armani coats cashmere.
Miss Dior.
Channel Gabriel.
Dolce gabbana.
Angellina Jolie.

Laura D says:

Aura (the green heart one) smells like grass lol it’s gross

Dr Spaseebo says:

The header is not grammatically correct. Suggestions:
Top 5 Sexiest Perfumes for Women
Top 5 Sexiest Perfumes for Ladies
The 5 Sexiest Perfumes for Women
The 5 Sexiest Perfumes for Ladies

krs1 says:

No Issey Miyake?!?!

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