Versace Eros Pour Femme Fragrance / Perfume Review


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Here is my fragrance review / perfume review of Versace Eros Pour Femme! Thank you for watching!

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Stefanos Stefan says:

Medusa rules!

Christine Madrazo says:

Bravo Steven, bravo!!!

Soliquinakedus_Snake says:

Hey Steven, awesome review.

Have you tried the newer Eau de Toilette concentration? My wife and I noticed that it’s a very different scent (it’s sweeter and with a heavy pear note that’s reminiscent of Ultra Male). I like it considerably more than the Eau de Parfum (which by the way, I find it odd that they made an EDT after making the EDP, but they also made the EDT significantly stronger than the EDP as well). Anyhow, thought you might want to check that version out as well. My wife owns and uses both of them.

Thanks again for the review!

gora ba says:

in my humble opinion you are the most experienced fragrance reviewer

Teamtormentor says:

Is notion really legit because i have only bought fragrances for retail

Rob Whiff says:

yeah this bottle looks super classy, very nice break down Steven, I want get my hands on the aqua for the wife ☺..cheers bro

Rajat Jain says:


T Nyce says:

My wife loves this one

Loi Custodio says:

I love this one.. I hve 2 bottles of it.. I wish i can mke my own review!! I have 200 plus perfume that sits on my sheves. But all i can do is to look n used them.. It saddens me because i dnt even know how to start my own review,,,,, btw kudoz to your review..

Ignacio Salazar says:

Thanks for the review Steven! As a male who predominantly loves masculine scents, it’s sometimes hard to buy a feminine scent for my wife. I can’t seem to buy one she loves…lol. Your reviews for feminine scents have been really helpful. Again thank you.

ScapeRazer says:

The EdT is much better in my opinion. I prefer EdP over EdT in general but here the EdT is a much better scent.

Dyan Zobrist says:

I’m going to check this one out. I’m a sucker for fruity florals

Waleedo Lover says:

I really like the way they designed this and the box

Hayuhi says:

a very nice review, thanks!

jack feifer says:

I don’t know what it is,but I enjoy your reviews more when you’re in a nice suit like you are wearing today, who agrees?

cxdrt fhgh says:

Love this Fragrance and the bottle as well! By the way: femme is pronounced famm! Greetings from Germany

Alex says:

Hei Steven.what do you think of Frank Boclet Tabacco?/.You can make a review…

Jhay Gamba says:

Got one today for my wife! BAAM

masum khan khan says:

My top 4 fragrance reviewer on Youtube (in no particular order)
Mr. Smelly
Kevin Samuals
Jeremy Fragrances

Monica says:

I own this one. It’s definitely a fruity floral. I find it synthetic and overworked yet I get compliments on it. I wear this on the weekend with jeans and a sweatshirt. It’s one of those scents I occasionally crave and I find myself sniffing my arm a lot when I wear it.

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