10 Types of Fragrances To Have In Your Fragrance Collection

10 Types of Fragrances To Have In Your Fragrance Collection

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Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube’s authority in men’s beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fragrance reviews, fitness and lifestyle. In today’s video, Big Beard B of Big Beard Business discusses 10 Types of Fragrances To Have In Your Fragrance Collection.

Niche Fragrances: fragrance made by a company whose exclusive focus (or niche) is fragrances

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Citrus Fragrances: This category has distinctive, vibrant aromas from the zests of lemons, oranges, and bergamot to name a few.

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Sporty Fragrances: Sport/Sporty fragrances provide a fresh, stimulating grooming option

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Gourmand Fragrances: Gourmand fragrances tend to smell almost edible, usually featuring notes such as vanilla, caramel, almonds and so on

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Floral Fragrances: The most popular of all fragrance families, Floral fragrances range in single flower notes such as rose, jasmine, or gardenia, to a variety of mixed bouquets.

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Woody Fragrances: These fragrances are packed with lingering accords of vetiver, oakmoss, amber, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, and oud. Oftentimes, these scents are composed with a citrusy base of bittersweet notes.

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Classic Fragrances: The best classic fragrances are considered classics for a reason

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Popular Fragrances: Self-explanatory

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Oriental Fragrances: Also known as “amber” fragrances – stand out because of their unique blend of warmth and sensuality. They draw their richness from heady substances like musk, vanilla and precious woods, often associated with exotic floral and spicy scents.

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T Mac says:

Apply some Coty Aspen directly to the wood for a “treated pine” effect.

Esoteric African says:

I’m all about floral fragrances as a man! Especially Rose!

Smells Like says:


Liquid Nitrogen says:

Lol I’m stuck on Avon

kel2106 says:

Explained like a boss!

赵格初 says:


mike chavez says:

Great topic for a video ma man! I loved what you did with the side grid that showed the fragrance name and picture of it! Very neat yet creative.

christofire100 says:

I just got edition Blanche a few days ago!

Alexander Larsen says:

I have these fragrances in my collection atm, and I’ve only been collecting for 6 months.

Thierry Mugler
Pure Malt
Pure Tonka
Pure Havane

Jean Paul Gaultier
Le Male
Ultra Male
Essence de parfyme

Dylan Blue

Paco Rabanne
Pure XS
Million Lucky


Quatre Absolu De Nuit


We sadly do not get many fragrance brands into Norway and buying online will be too expensive with the import tax. 🙁

Matt McCaleb says:

What’s your personal favorite wood fragrance?

Marioses Hfdr says:

From where did you perches your L’attesa ? Which website

Blind says:

In what category do the formal/office fragrances fall in? Classics?

Elliott Pettie says:

Excellent video. another great subject touched on the BBB way. You left aquatics off of the list. I guess they can fall under classic or popular but not necessarily. I’m not even a huge fan of them but i will pull one out the stash when the situation calls for it.

MistweaverJC says:

choppin wood or givin’ wood!! that had me laughin hard!

Rodolfo Lerma says:

Great video! I like the content as well as the style/production! Keep up the amazing work!

dlip06 says:

BBB strikes again!!!!!

Aleks hodge says:

Are there any other type of fragrances in the world?
Great video

Nick S says:

BBB.. what is your fragrantica name? would love to see your reviews!

BG Fragrance says:

Great vid as always bro

steven vega says:

Great review, a true gentleman needs diversity in a fragrance collection, my friends & family wonder why I have over 50 different fragrances, and I let them know each is for a different occasion.

V.A. Rambo says:


Lee Style&Fragrance says:

chopping wood or giving wood cause thats what men dooo Im going to wright this one down!!!

Darryl Goolsby says:

What’s the deal with oud fragrances? They’ve been hyped, but to my nose, they tend to come across as old man smells. I’ve tried Versace, the original M7, and some others, but I still get that old man vibe. What’s your take?

naturebkoy60 says:

Fresh soapy was missed

Garrett Litt says:

Clubbing fragrances !! Can’t forget those

10GALLEN81 says:

That’s a hella lot of helpful info crammed into 5 minutes. New sub..Like your style

Rob Alvarez says:

Great video

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