6 Popular Men’s Fragrances That Smell Like CRAP! (STOP wearing These… NOW!)

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Alpha is not a fragrance expert, but he IS a dude with a big nose that knows what he likes. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro, and Fashion Anchor says there’s nothing better than finding a signature scent.
The issue is that not all fragrances are created equal. The other issue is that what smells good is totally subjective. That being said, there are some fragrances that are absolutely horrible!

The Biggest Fragrance Offenders

1. Any cologne that you bathe in!
2. Unisex fragrances with strong floral notes
3. Body sprays such as Axe, Old Spice, and BOD
4. Store brand colognes (ie; Abercrombie & Fitch)
5. Celebrity colognes (ie: Cam Newton)
6. Colognes that your mother or grandmother gets you

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Juan Martinez says:

My less favorite is Axe and my favorite is Eternity


1:20 this turns into a scentbird commercial!!!! It’s cool I mean I get it but once you start with the heavy sales pitch I’m going to go to the ShamWow Channel

25redinc says:

Scent bird is good for ppl who dont know any better. Who wants to smell like the same scent all the time. Rip off.

Jose Segura says:

What a waste of time. I can’t believe I sat through this commercial. How can I block this guy forever?

SKuLLz v says:

This video is useless , u r out of ideas man think about good material

Jude Mouton says:

Worst ever is Brut

Christian Carrion says:

Fuck this clickbait

Nicolas Hošek says:

Bleu de Chanel is the GOAT.

first dun says:

terrible review

Good Day Mate says:

bod man fresh guy is THE best and isn’t too overpowering

Jay Galinap says:

Creed smellls so good and it stays longer

Alan Brito says:

You are trash bother

Virgilio Herrera says:

Putting a bottle like Aventus in the front is click bait 🙂

izak1992 says:

crap: lacoste
awesome: mont blanc

Amaan Sajid says:

Alpha this was not expected of you, video is zero content

Adam Wills says:

least favourite cologne: montale chocolate greedy
favourite :laboratory perfumes gorse/ tom ford grey vetiver
todays perfume: Ralph Lauren Safari

Erik Hansen says:

Mont Blanc Legend Spirit is pretty good, and cheap aswell.

A H says:

There is a cologne called vulva, it’s actually the scent of a pussy

Jose Amaya says:

versace favorite one

Giovanni Tripodi says:

Great video dude, I just subscribed I love all your videos keep them coming!

liz jones says:

Worst ever hands down Polo! Best ever Dior Fahrenheit! I sooo love Dior Fahrenheit.

Adam Qureshi says:

Bad: Dior Farenheit. Good: Dior Sauvage

Paranoid Ketamine says:

Your a hoe for sponsers

Toddley Chaos says:

Scent bird takes forever to ship and they charge you card at beginning of month then won’t receive product til the end of month. I would not recommend it. If anything but from Sephora the cologne kits that range from $45-60 that has 10-12 different sample colognes in them with a coupon voucher for a free bottle of whatever cologne is in your kit. May range from 1.5-3.4 depending on the colognes in kit.

MaNah Jeff says:

Versace eros

DM Hunter says:

Half the video was an ad for scent bird

david guata says:

David Beckham – instinct my favorite fragrance

Retro xv0 says:

Video starts at 3:00

zapalloso says:

I’d wish this guy could speak less

Maizeena ™ says:

I love Ferrari perfumes, like Ferrari Black and Ferrari Red, they smell really good and they’re really strong. I also liked Gucci Guilty, it’s not overwhelming expensive and it smells awesome.

zapalloso says:

3 minutes until start?…. So much

Danymite hazard says:

I hate Dior Sauvage but love Aqva Amarra

phxazdude arizona says:

The best cologne is dolce and gabana intenso and azarro chrome. Simple. I really hate eternity and black polo. Smells like shit


BLEU DE CHANEL is the best

FistPunching Gamer says:

worst cologne ever is tom ford tobaco oud, best is versace dylan blue. it does what blue de chanel edp and dior sauvage does and better!

Tips Toes says:

Shower Irish spring 1st then lucky post shave lotion followed by 2 squirts of ed hardy!

Jon Vaschak says:

Versace Dylan Blue is 10/10 for a nice summer night fragrance. Great purchase

Michael McClendon says:

I usually don’t comment on these videos but this one here is so misleading it’s ridiculous. Didn’t name one popular cologne, heck I’m not sure he even named one. My first ever dislike on YouTube smh

Guilherme Alves says:

Lapidus makes me gag, and i love unconditionally 1 Million.

Jeroen Koot says:

My most favorite and already a very old smell is still Polo Ralph Lauren the green bottle with gold cap. Not a smell for every men cause it’s a pretty heavy smell

Team Shmo says:

Half this ad was a video

Oscar R Barboza says:

Is your name tattoo because I swear to God you live in a fantasy island.

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