Arabian Oud Kalemat Black REVIEW with Redolessence + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

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Dread Locke says:

Ooo first of all, I love both of your shirts!! Represents two of my most loved hobbies among others! Love the Fraghead and Playstation logo! <3 Anyways, great review as always! I am loving this youtube tandem a lot! Kalemat Black sounds lovely! Has a lot of my fave notes!

James Webb says:

Great video guys! I’ve yet to try any Arabian Oud’s, but your video definitely has me intrigued. I’ll have to get my nose on some soon!

Depeche Obsessed says:

Going to NY tomorrow. I’ll be sure to check this out. Thanks. Happy New Year!

ddpanda says:

This sounds really gorgeous. I’d love to win a decant for my boyfriend. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Bernie777 says:

My notifications quit working! I had to reset it. So, sorry for being late. Do you think you would classify it as linear? I have Interlude Man and it’s amazing. I have ordered Rasasi Faqat Lil Rijal Eau De Parfum as my first Oud fragrance, so I’ll let you know what happens. I would like to try this. Thanks for the opportunity. good review, guys! Have a Happy New Year!

Abdul Thomas says:


Toronto_NDN says:

Kalemat Original vs Black?

mc ifty says:

My favourite is ehsas

Zman says:

This is a new house for me Ill have to check it out

Alandiaz Mckinnie says:

Thanks for the review. I haven’t heard of this scent. I have two of their fragrances and 1 of their attars thanks to your on location review of Arabian oud. Keep up the great work.

Cheryl Lopez says:

Great review. I only have experience with the original Kalemat. It is a gorgeous amber fragrance. Would love to try Kalemat Black as they seem to be quite different.

frag_lions _qc_ says:

I just blind bougt this one i am so excited !!!! Take a look

Matthew Arnold says:

Another fantastic review! I love your honesty and good humour!!

Lenny P says:

Carlos great video as always ! You’re my fav reviewer ,keep it up!

O B says:

I enjoy this house the store in nyc is a gem

John Michael says:

Love when you guys get together!



Jason Chee says:

Sounds like something I’d like

Gabriel Garcia says:

Nice review spotlight, I wondered if this was kalemat al sehr? Have a happy new year!

J.P. Perez says:

Great review, like when y’all get together!!!
Happy New Year gents!!!

Guinea54 says:

Thanks for the review.. I tried this and really liked it.. Its like the perfect middle ground between bold oud and something pleasant. I find it to be right on the line. this one was one of my favorite ouds.. the opening might put some people off cause its a little bold.. at least the formulation I tried, but i def like it a lot.. I remember the price was cheaper.. Seems to have went up a lot.

Steven Drabik says:

been wanting to try this one for a while, haven’t tried anything from the house yet

911RoyMan says:

Brooklny Fragrance Lover Brooklyn Fragrance Lover Brooklny Fragrance Lover Brooklyn Fragrance Lover *cheesy music stops playing*

Shania Lugo says:

nice revieww!

Gina Tabasso says:

I have Kalemat and have not tried the Black. I love Kalemat. I would like to hear how they compare. I totally do NOT associate rose with Middle Eastern frags. I have probably 100 of them and maybe one or two have rose in them. That is to appeal to westerners, I believe.

Ryan Gill says:

Heard good things about this in a Facebook group, supposedly beast mode! Great to see it reviewed by you two, but now I’m curious if folks were embellishing considering you spray 4 times Carlos…

JoeSCENTMe says:

I have this one. Love love love it.

Keith Montgomery says:

I’m going to be picking up a 250ml bottle of this fragrance tomorrow. I just learned that there is going to be an Arabian Oud store opening in my city soon. Very exciting news.

Keith Bertrand says:

Somebody needs a shave.  nice review guys.  educational and fun.  sounds like a sophisticated scent.  love to try it.

Jivan Raghoo says:

My father actually introduced me to a video of yours a couple days before Christmas, gave me some clarity on the art of fragrance selecting. Great channel guys 🙂

Dave Carrizal says:

Great video

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover says:

***The winner of this GIVEAWAY is Gabriel Garcia. Send a YouTube message with your shipping info. Congrats!***

MRah says:

Perfect timing! I’d been hunting for this gem for a while and I finally stumbled across it today at last! And I can say it is divine. Pure luxury and projects well. I’ll add it to my collection for sure. To me, it’s like Dubai in a bottle.

Dustin Gaspard says:

Most of Arabian Oud’s offerings are fantastic for the price. Long lasting and pleasing colder weather scents. Great review guys.

Eddy Torred says:

Been hearing a lot bout this house especially this fragrance my wife doesn’t really like oud(just royal oud) or any mid-eatern (Arabian )scent but I showed her this video and she really likes on both of your opinion on it so maybe this might be my chance to sample it and show her what it smells like thank u guys for another great video

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