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hellschatt says:

I’ll go with Creeds Spice & Wood. Absolutely love that one, it’s so simple and perfect. I wish it wasn’t so expensive.

Cheryl Lopez says:

Great review. My favorite woody fragrance is TF’s Santal Blush. Love, Love, Love!!!

T.j. Bennett says:

Awesome review thanks!

sérgio Teixeira says:

Excellent one Carlos. My all time fav woody is probably Sacred Wood by Killian.

Brian Wade says:

Great presentation with this fragrance. If it smells as good as it looks. It will be a good one.

Serg S says:

Favorite Woody fragrance right now is Mancera Cedrat Boise. Have a great weekend you two!!

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Favorites , *CdG Wonderwood , Olfactive Studios Chambre Noire*
*HoM’s Black no 1* . I get dark foresty pine,
*Amouage’s Memoir Man* . I’ll stop there . It’s hard to pick just one.
You two look wonderful together. Thank you for the review.

فيديوهات واتس says:

Love arabian oud would love to try it!!

Nerdville17 says:

Nice review Carlos …. You two work well with each other …. LOVE IT ! …… Best when reviews are short, informative and sweet …..

Christhopher Smith says:

Sounds great!!!

FusionGel says:

Gorgeous bottle. My favorite oud based scents are TF’s Oud Wood and 24 Gold. I’m still on the fence with Oud. I’m waiting for the day they make an Oud version of Angel Men by TM.

Dave Carrizal says:

Such a great review!

João Lima says:

Never heard of this house, but after this review I got really interested on this juice!

Love Acqua di Parma Colonia Oud 🙂

Wilson Ho says:

i would really like to experience this perfume

Leon says:

Favourite: Tom Ford Oud Fleur

John Michael says:

Always the best reviews! Wow what a presentation! My favorite woody frag is Arquiste Nanban….

Akash Khan says:

wow great review n i would love to sniff this stuff

Jorge Reboulen says:

Great video. Oud wood

ddpanda says:

Love the bottle!! Never tried anything from this line. It sounds gorgeous!

letchas caster says:

Great review

Bernie777 says:

Very nice review. I want this! Oud Wood, really. Thanks for the review. Love you two!

AD says:

I love the bottle design, would look great on display.

Professor X says:

I am a big fan of bold and full fragrances. Your description of this has me intrigued. I would love to try this. From Columbus, OH.

Zman says:

Another great review and collab!

Bruce VanHoose says:

Straight to Heave by By Killian. Love the video and Olya’s review, she is so energetic. Thank you for the information Carlos.

art lopez says:

Love the packaging great vid

Kevin Tejalaksana says:

What a nice bottle. For now, my fav are Feminite du bois & Fille En Aiguilles.. Btw, Bowhanti from The Body Shop smells interesting too. Unfortunately the longevity and the projection sucks

condyeckerle says:

Sounds like it could be real serious winter frag….incense and wood…

Ben kelsey says:

Damn! Olya’s style is on point today!

ThyKingz says:

Rub the bottle and a genie shall appear!

bello dalhat says:

Great presentation!
…didn’t say anything about the price though. how pocket-friendly is it?

Stefanos Stefan says:

excellent presentation, impressive packaging too, my favorite is TF Oud Wood

Terry says:

That is a serious bottle.

Nathan Pyhtila says:

Great review! My favourite woody fragrance would have to be Bois Du Portugal.

pandora p says:

Hi Olya and Carlos! I don’t own them but my favourite Woody scent is TF Oud Wood and Fragrance Du Bois Oud Noir Intense. Have you tried the Oud Noir Intense, Carlos?

Btw, how was La Fin Du Monde when you wore it the other night? There is a promotion and I am thinking of grabbing it.

I’ll have to pass on the giveaway. Cheers!

Stephen Dovidas says:

Hey Carlos! Great review and what an awesome bottle! My faves are Dunhill Icon Absolute, and Banana Republic Black Walnut.

JoeSCENTMe says:

Such a big fan of Arabian Oud. I was happy to get your take on this. Olya is great!

FallingSnowify says:

Out all the Girls of BFL, She’s the most Interesting and Most knowledgeable. Also she’s very Pretty. Good Job Carlos as Always. Cheers

Frank G says:

Awesome review Carlos and Olya. Always nice to see you both do a collaboration. Presentation is amazing. My current favorite oud fragrance is shagya by Parfums De Marly.  Thanks for the giveaway.

Michael Richmond says:

I like the woody note(s) is Armani Code and Colonia. This seems really fancy, would love to try it.

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