BEST WOODY FRAGRANCES | Top 5 Oud Fragrances 2017

Agarwood, or Oud, is a dark woody note used in perfumery, which can be fairly polarizing. To some, it is a deep and rich accord that can be very rewarding, while others simply find it gross.

In my collection, I have stumbled upon several oud-based fragrances that I want to showcase. They’re both unique, yet still pleasant to a lot of people.

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Viliam Gajdos says:

No moan about these picks. Advanced oud choices. Quality and value are in a harmony. I admit that you considered how pleasant the scent must be for the crowd and didn’t let your ego pick those expensive scents just because they are luxurious (Xerjoff etc..). I would only add Leather Oud on the list for its sweet xmas lion`s fur oud vibe that is actually easily wearable when temperature drops down.

Manuel Dudau says:

Gucci Oud Intense 🙂

Seymour Shait says:

Love Oud Palao, you are so right Diptyque doesn’t get the props it deserves

marlonious76 says:

Costume Soul has the smooth Oud that sets the mood.

Mr. Shlock says:

Provincial Canadian thing I guess… There aren’t actually any real, read Eastern, ouds. I understand it’s what you own, bought to share with your fellas as well as a result of and to impress the other YouTube reviewers. They’re good scents, but pretty myopic and I’d say kind of embarrassing to do a review based on. I mean you just did a review on oud and left out the East!

1987198719871 says:

Nothing annoys me more than reformulations… if the house is going to reformulate and weaken a fragrance I would rather pay more for a discontinued fragrance but have its orginal performance than pay nearly just as much for a mere representation of its former self fragrance.

J Copeland says:

Cool list man. Those AdPs and their supposed “EDC” concentration…even Colonia Essenza, which is very much a fresh scent, last 10+ hours on me.

They lie.

tovli rami says:

Great review.
Every one a bomb

Mike Sousa says:

Awesome list bro. Oud Wood is my all time favourite <3

simpa256 says:

Started watching, saw niche, stopped watching.

JoeSCENTMe says:

Great list! A few of those are part of my collection


Great list by the way. I don’t smell oud palao yet, but rose oud by kilian is incredible.

Oscar Perez says:

Great picks man!! Love Black Afgano.Interlude man prob one of my top 5 frags.Rockin Duro tonight.

Love Incorporated says:

I enjoy Oud Wood, but I find myself wearing Creed Royal Oud more. Its my preferred Oud. Boss Bottled Oud is nice also.

rightglory BG says:

Oud Palao one of my favs as well 🙂 Great list…thank you.

ricardo soares says:

Oud Wood

Agnes Eva says:

*I’ve uploaded an OUD Favourites video today too. But the Powerhouse ones. I’ve smelled all of yours and have most of them in full bottles but I’ve decided to not mention Oud Wood in this one because it’s SO WEAK! I get almost NO projection and NO longevity from it. It’s a real shame. WHY, TOM FORD? WHY??? It’s a real beauty but with that bad performance… No. But Nasomatto… YES! Best performance and projection. Great video and great choices. :)*

Ali Almajed says:

Bro what do you think is better for winter daily use .. parfums de marley herod or tom ford noir extreme

Chris McCall says:

J-ROYL You really should check out Gucci Intense Oud and Boss Bottled Oud. Worth it!!

Great List ❤️

Alex Chu says:

I don’t like oud, I can’t wait for this frag trend to end

The Broadwalk says:

My fave oud right now is Amouroud’s Oud Du Jour and Raghba’s Lattafa (for a more Middle Eastern vibe). Polo Ralph Lauren’s Supreme Oud is not bad too. Awesome picks, James! Oud Palao is the shiz

Abdullah alhadi says:

Do top 5 on Diptyque house please i want to know your opinion.

Exotic Scents says:

Superb choices. Technically flawless video. Thumbs up bro.

Big Wolf says:

Not a fan of prominent Oud in fragrances.
Here some I like
Mancera Aoud Lemon mint
Atelier Cologne Gold Leather
Calvin Klein encounter (more boozy one)

Daniel Cadenas says:

Have you try kilian musk oud?

Julius tims says:

Ohh that precious oud stank!!! Sooo good

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