Clive Christian X for Men REVIEW with Tiff Benson

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Tiff Benson

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Felipe Rivera says:

Would it be good for a funeral?

Michael McDonald says:

I thought it was gonna be more expensive. Those are just the new Creed prices basically. If you want really really expensive, look into Frederic Malle The Night (the plash bottle) lol. Make sure you’re sitting down.

Wet Shaving Fraghead says:

No giveaway?!?!?
Kidding of course. This one is affordable compared to No 1.
Love seeing this review of a lesser exposed fragrance. Great job to both of you as always.

Beauty Meow says:

I was hoping you guys were going to review this! Love it! <3 I recently got 2 CC and I have my eye on this one too!

John Velazquez says:

Thanks for the review. So many colognes, so many reviews. I don’t know how you do it but i appreciate what you are doing.

Garry Evangelista says:

Can i ask you Ms.Benson which perfume is your highly recommended for Men&Woman?thank you so much Carlos for sharing of this Juice

Mr Sillage says:

PS, Great seeing the great Tiff Benson on your show!

ThyKingz says:

I swear I commented on this video earlier today! weird! lol. I must be losing my mind


Good lawd Tiff’s smile is out of this world

Nick Alli says:

Got a decant from scent split a while back and I still have it so I was smelling along with you guys lol

jeppjohnboy says:

As always, Loved the review. Also, I probably couldn’t get a full sentence out either if I sat by the Beautiful Tiff Benson. Cheers and have a great evening

Pete TheHawk says:

I cringed at the prices lol. You only live once I guess! Enjoy it brother

Flackdiesel889 says:

Smells like Roja Reckless to me. Nice but not a top choice for me.

GREED G.I.L.M says:

Finally I been waiting on this one since I seen that bad boy n yo collection

Frank Chambers says:

She is smoke show!!!!! Lord

Bernie777 says:

OMG! the notes alone sound so delicious! I have got to try this. The dry down is what I really appreciate. Thanks for the review.

Gabriel Gomez says:

Hi there. Am I the first?

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Darn it Carlos, Oh well. Hi beautiful Tiffany .
Haven’t sampled anything from this house yet.
25% of is really good .
I’ll see if you can sample Clive from Osswald’s
Thank you again.

Maybe we can see it again in a bloopers real.
I thought it was hilarious .

The Scentient Man says:

Great review guys. Very sophisticated scent.

RyzFragz34 says:

Great review!! Excellent fragrance!

ginger williams says:

Great video never saw that one but great review!

Milos Novkovic says:

Seems interesting, what about a full bottle giveaway? 😀
Just kidding, nice review, Clive Christian is about to be introduced this October in a perfumery in my country, can’t wait to see what’s all the hype about.

D. DYO says:

as always, enjoyed the vid Carlos!

ejones9924 says:


Rai Rojas says:

Can you please do a review on lelabo another 13??

JoeSCENTMe says:

I have this in a triple set with No 1 and the green bottle. Nice to know your thoughts as always.

Eric Diedrichson says:

Great review guys. Miss Benson you have the most beautiful smile God bless you.

equizikal says:

I own about 5 CC’s… this one is my favorite!

BeautyofScent says:

I’m in for the giveaway thanks

Serg S says:

Beautiful presentation! Beautiful People! Beautiful Fragrance!

explosion660 says:

I love Tiff’s smile thanks for the review Carlos 🙂

Neil Amalfitano says:

What a woman

Mahmoud Charkas says:

This one is so interesting by the looks of it. but the price grr haha. Lovely review 😀

georgegeorgiou74 says:

What are your thoughts on 1872? That’s my personal favorite of the 3 originals.

Markus Uerschels says:

Use this perfume during Fall/Winter Season. It’s the best authentic cardamom perfume, the quality is astonishing. Tip: Spray on cloth for logevity & layer with Amouage Jubilation XXV to extend the nice berry note.
BFL, if you like this, you had to test Clive Christians L for men… it’s an astonishing male rose perfume! IMHO the best Clive Christian.

TheCriticalVirgo says:

Spray with caution! lol Checked this one out and it is lovely. I have my eye on a few other CC fragrances.

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