Fragrance Review | Nasomatto Duro Beastmode Sexy Maniless

BEASTMODE! Nasomatto Duro is one of strongest, most manly and sexy fragrances ever created. I love this sweet leathery woody perfume extrait and I think you will too. This is for the big boys and alpha males, wimps need no apply. lol Enjoy!
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abedjaf says:

Would u prefer this over pardon?

abedjaf says:

Would u prefer this over pardon?

Alvin D says:

This fragrance is magnificent and just so LOUD!

Gabriel Garcia says:

Nice review!
No doubt on the nassomato quality. I would like to ask about if you could please transposed an outfit to match the scent. Thanks again

Rob Whiff says:

yeah this one gets some good talk ☺ I defenetly want to try this one ,,good stuff great take ..

Professor X says:

Nice review, Mr. Kevin. I hear that Duro has some striking similarities to Aoud Musk by Montale.

Chris Shannon says:

I love Silver Musk

Mourad Said says:

I loved and bought this from barneys a year ago I’ve never worn it
I just sprayed some on today to remember how it smelled like and boy it smells nasty I wonder if it went bad or is it just my nose
I bought black afgano at the same time so I revisited that too and still enjoy it

BAM81 says:

So what you’re saying is that 60% of the time, it works every time?

There you go making me want to try out another fragrance. You say it’s fit for a more mature man. I’m closing in on 36. Would it fit someone my age, or does it skew a little older?

No Way says:

Nice review.

Oscar Perez says:

One of the best from the line.Black Afgano my fav.Own them all..Pardon gets the most compliments.Have you tried the Orto Parisi line?Very similiar..shares alot of the same dna.Own most of them also with Stercus and Boccanera being my favs.


Nice vid and cool music.

harrigl1 says:

This video is awesome. Man, your dress, subtle and classy music in the background plus your professional presentation is a winner hands down! GREAT job. I could watch videos like this all day. Even your sound and lighting is on point! Beautiful job. Well done. Keep doin’ what you’re doing.

Danny Fraser says:

Nice Anchorman reference, lol

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