Gucci Guilty Oud Fragrance / Cologne Review + Giveaway!


Here is my fragrance review / perfume review of Gucci Guilty Oud! This is not to be confused with Gucci Intense Oud or any other flanker from the Gucci Guilty line. Thank you for watching!

Whether you’re searching for the best mens cologne of all time or the best womens perfume of all time, this channel will help you find the perfect fragrance for you. Thank you for watching!

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ACE Fragrances says:

Nice review Steven, it is indeed a creative step from Gucci…

Kevin Norton says:

My favorite is Gucci OUD Intense! Both men and women love this fragrance on me. I love it on me! My next favorite is Gucci Pour Homme II and like you said in the video – it is increasingly hard to find. I usually pick it up online.

Tariq Binafif says:

My favourite Gucci fragrance was Gucci Pour Homme II

Why was ?

As you know – the power of Gucci in perfumes are not what they used to be – even the oud collection, theyre nice, but unfortunately if theyre not strong, theyre overly used by the public – so there really is nothing unique no more about them

Ps. Voted for you and Carlos – Hope you win

Wish you both the best

Mike Zervoulakos says:

I want to win

Marcos Vinícius Silva says:

Great vid!

Isaac Rogers says:

Gucci Pour Homme II is my favorite!

Joy Amin says:

gorgeous review 🙂

David Ball says:

I agree with you entirely that this is more rose-patchouli. Excellent review as usual.

Armando Molina says:

Have you smelled gucci guilty eau pour homme?

Francisco Lopez says:

Thankyou for the review on this fragrance I’m glad we have people like you

Karan Patel says:

And suggestions on budget oud perfumes? Not very barnyardish but has evident oud synthetic/natural in it?

Tom Sant says:

Great reviews. Do you mind sharing what glass frames you are wearing and if they are the same as in the Monte Blanc Legend review?

Miguel Reyes says:

My favorite fragrance from Gucci is Gucci Gulty. Because it doesn’t have a strong smell. That will turn people off.


Thanks for the review gonna have to smell this one…ive only owned one gucci cologne and gave it away

D Leal says:

Been watching for a while Just subscribed. Great video. You deliver a great overall background helping understand it better. Cant wait for contest winner, always wanted an oud in my lineup.

Hakan Agdaci says:

Steven. This for you. You will not be disappointed.
Swiss Arabian Shaghaf Oud Abyad EDP is twin brother of Amouage Interlude Man.
Interlude Man is more powerful but SO Abyad has also a great performance.
Interlude Man can be to loud for you and for people next to you.
USA 60 Dollars. Germany 20 €

waltherP99BG says:

I need to sample this one.Not here for the giveaway.Just voted as usual.SOTD Santal 33 by Le Labo

Steven Thompson says:

Great review Steven! Thank you for bringing us another brand new release so quickly.

Marcos Vinícius Silva says:

Nice vid, congratz!

Roberto Musitano says:

Hi Stephen
I’m trying to find the video with you and carlos sitting outside maybe your house? You put a blind fold on carlos, and he has to guess the fresh fragrances and state like or love. The review included an expensive line from botega and some other great fresh fragrances. Can you help with the link?

cejII says:

Really great informative review. I don’t have a favorite Gucci frag but Absolute is among my most hated fragrances

Adam Shaw says:

Gucci Intense OUD is great. Looking forward to seeing how it compares with Gucci Guilty OUD

Mariusz Wróbel says:

Proffesional review as always.

Elizabeth Ouimette says:

Need to smell this one

Jacob Waldman says:

Oooh, well, Gucci Pour Homme II is my favorite but very closely followed by GG Absolute.

Carlos Cruz says:

I really like Gucci’s Guilty Absolute. I am eager to try this new Guilty Our.

manny44 says:

So basically another turd dropped by Gucci. The Cleveland Browns of the designer fragrance game.

Soothsayer says:

I really like Gucci Pour Homme II 🙂

Bilal Brown says:

Another oud fragrance that smells nothing like oud! How do they get away with these misnomers?

David Taylor says:

Gucci Gucci goo

Orlando Martinez says:

Gucci Intense Oud rocks ! Is my favorite for sure.

Fai Faii says:

Really helpful video. Although his name is pronounced michelle (mi-ke-le). I would really like to try it. Not a fan of oud, but i think it’s a perfume i could wear.

Nick says:

Gucci guilty stains shirts =(

Ben kelsey says:

Sorry to hear that it didn’t live up to expectations, but it still sounds interesting. I really liked the Absolute, though it is definitely not a easy scent to wear.

Ngọc Trần says:

My favorite smell is Gucci Flora EDT Spray. I hope I will win giveaway

MrWheelchairPreacher says:

Gucci Guilty Intense

Shobhna Bhatt says:

I like gucci bamboo

Has Jav says:

Hello Steven, great review as always. My favourite from the line would be gucci by gucci pour homme and gucci guilty black. Really miss wearing those and the good old days when the pleasureable fragrances were simple and uncomplicated!

Mason Boor says:

Well my only and favorite Gucci is Guilty Black which I actually really do like. I wish it was stronger, but I don’t mind several extra sprays. Keep up the good work!

Pedro Herrero says:

I love your review man. TY

Viscardi26 says:

Redolessence, michele is pronounced like mikele, its italian for michael, not michelle, lol

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