Joop WOW! | Honest Men’s Fragrance Review

Watch my video review of Joop Wow. Joop Wow is the brand new fragrance by Joop. Launched on February 1, 2017, this men’s fragrance has woody notes at its heart. If you’re looking to buy a new Joop aftershave, this could be the one for you.
In my Joop fragrance review, I’ll go through the packaging; what Joop wow smells like; and the Joop Wow price.

The Joop Wow advert model is Swann de Falco and tells the story of a strong-willed, free-spirited man who has nothing to prove, to himself or to others.
If you like Joop Homme or Joop Jump, I’d recommend you try and smell Joop Wow.
See where to buy Joop Wow below.

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Read my Joop Wow review here:
– 60ml –
-100ml –
– Polka dot shirt –
Superdry Winter Flite Jacket
– My hair was cut 1 week before this video was filmed. It was a 0.5 clipper back and sides.
– The top comes down to the top of my nose.
– It’s longer in the front than the back.

– Aveda Thickening Tonic – (throughout)
– Blumaan Fifth Sample – (when I’m talking)
– Lockhart’s Matte Clay – (with roll neck)
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JmeJ83 says:

Excellent review!

Pine Rocks Fragrance says:

This looks nice, I have Wild! Which isn’t bad. Sorry to be picky but it’s pronounced Yope!!

Mr Stroopwafel says:

Thank you! 🙂

Goragod Chamgamon says:

Hey Robin, I really like your contents! Keep up the good work and could you be so kind make a review on “Sexy fragrance for male” thanks in advance!

Cristian Carano says:

yooo I have this but I never knew it was still in stores

Damien Iraheta says:

Would ever consider doing another get ready with me video? I enjoy the ones you did! Thanks!

Kevin Karnoto says:

wow amazing review, always looked clean. maybe in the future you can make top 5 your favourite perfume?



Kanyyeee says:

We need a honest review of Reuzel’s new matte clay pomade. Maybe a brand battle against Daimon Barber’s clay pomade? 🙂

Dylan says:

Looks like a decent bottle of whiskey but unfortunately what’s inside…chav juice.

floppermopper says:

Can you pls do a review on lush hair custard?

Paul Mcardney says:

Not to sound like a know it all, pretentious snob, but I think it’s actually pronounced “yope”. The J is silent…and so is the other O. I didn’t know if it’s German, French or what. I only know this because of other reviewers.

TheDoozintiger says:

Love your channel and the reviews. How about honest reviews of poundland hair and fragrance products. hahah. You never know, maybe a hidden gem somewhere.

John-David Freeman says:

Do like the scent, tried it in boots earlier

Trevor Portillos says:

Question? If I exercise daily should I still wash my hair every other day or everyday because of the sweat?

Hugo Lindemann says:

I actually don’t know if you already done it, but would like to see for la nuit de l’homme, yves saint laurent! Great video Robin!

Lanier Smith says:

Robin a solid review that I so enjoyed watching. Interesting that Joop is pushing towards a more sophisticated luxury audience. And why not? I sounds interesting and I well certainly get my nose on it and take if for a test spin. Cheers.

Steve Lewis says:

I’m becoming addicted to this channel. Damn you.

Simply Put Scents says:

Very nice review…These days you can not sleep on any fragrance from any house…A lot of great scents are being made by unexpected sources lately…Enjoyed watching…

Cassidy Sundance says:

Molecule 01 and 02.

ItsxCrow says:

Robin I don’t know if you remember me but my old YouTube channel was Sam Crowder and I want to ask you to review the fragrance Sauvage by Dior. Thank you!

Tsar Marklovski says:

You should try the 18.21 tobacco cologne

xHibachi24x says:

I’d absolutely love to see more fragrance reviews!!!!

I’ve recently got into the fragrance review community and was really excited when I saw a notification pop up that you did a fragrance review.

Great work brother.

genthom72 says:

Not to get off topic, but what jacket is that behind you?

KaneDesigns says:

What’s the best way to find an affordable version that looks very similar to a designer piece of clothing I find?

alan jackson says:

If you like joop (I don’t) then check out Mont blanc individuel, it smells like joop and some say like Creed’s original sental. There are only two maybe three fragrances that a true man needs autum/winter/spring is Tom Ford’s Oud wood and summer is Tom ford grey vetiver and Creed’s Aventus 🙂

Ben Pallack says:

Is the packaging that yours came in the standard?

Dirk Van Cauwenberg says:

well done mr. James !

Isai Perez says:

Hey good video. Could you do a review on Fatboy Perfect Putty Hair Paste?

Jennifer Harton says:

Well done as usual. I sure miss the brand battles. They are my favorite. I look forward to new videos from you. Thanks and I’ll look for you on Sunday.

viktor mitic says:

Are u gonna do moore brand battle hair products ?

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