Musk Perfumes

This week we’re focusing on the ingredient of Musk, what is it and where does it come from. We’ll also share with you a few different musk based fragrances.
Fragrances mentioned are:
Cartier La Panthere
Etro Musk
Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc Oil

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Bee Bo says:

Hello! Thank you for the gorgeous video! I love musk fragrances like the one by Rodriguez or The Body Shop. Could you also do a video about amber perfumes, please?

Fay Moussabeck says:

Very nice video again, Cartier used to have Panther perfume, I don’t see it anymore has it been discontinued? I remember it was so gorgeous, I don’t know if I’m remembering correctly. I have Narciso Rodrigues, I find I don’t reach for it much.

Janicez M says:

I think I have landed on a diamond channel.

LeOhio817 says:

I’ve worn musk since I was in my early teens: Jovan, Skin, Coty, Alyssa Ashley, Egyptian, Nubian, African, and whatever else I could find. About 10 years ago, I discovered Kiehl’s Original Musk – it became my signature fragrance. Always on the hunt for a new find, I recently discovered Kilian Musk Oud. I absolutely love layering this with my Kiehl’s. It also made me search for other Oud fragrances, which I now also love. I purchased Narciso’s fragrance, but it didn’t work with my body chemistry. I would really like to try La Panthere and the other musk you mentioned which sounds like it would be a good one for summer. I did also get the House of Ajmal’s Misc C. It’s quite different from the ones I’ve worn and has taken me some tie to get used to. Glad I happened upon this channel and discussion. Subscribing today.

Ramy salah says:

Lucky me I have original animal musk

BobzGP says:

Musk is one of my favourite ingredients in perfumery. I love it in all its forms 🙂
My most recent infatuation is in Chergui by Serge Lutens.

Marina Yeniko says:

Oh one more thing I would like to see a review on 90s perfumes such as Gucci Envy, Givenchy Organza,Kenzo Jungle etc.

ehlesdee says:

I don’t think I can smell musk that well. Fragrances like Musc Ravageur and Muscs Koublai Khan just smell warm and incredible to me!

Allistar Anglophelia says:

Happen to have a tester of La Pantere, but never used it. Just tried it and how gorgeous! Are you familiar with Musc by Bruno Acampora? Wondering how realistic that musk is compared to the real thing.

Samuel Gustav says:

Musk can indeed have a lot of “faces”, at first I didn’t like white musk until I’ve smelled some good quality white musk attar from tradicional middle-eastern market, very natural and clean powder, very relaxing too. But my favorite is indeed the more true do it’s nature musk, La Panthere is to me one of the sexiest perfumes I’ve ever smelled, almost animalic in a good way, but the fruity notes soft it up a bit which give it a very sexy appeal

The Scentinel says:

Ladies, this series on perfume ingredients is fantastic and what sets you apart. Love your channel.

Cleopatra Kampiire says:

Hey ladies …sorry I don’t know ur names yet, I just discovered ur channel! and I absolutely love u (subscribed of course )…u even featured one of my favourite cartier perfumes yeyyy …don’t get discouraged bcoz of the low subscriptions, u’re great, u love perfumes and seem true to yourselves, u will grow I absolutely believe it! anyway just wanted to say u’re lovely and I’m learning a lot …Thank u very much

Paige Hales-Gordo says:

Mmmmmm musk. Great video, Ladies. I have the NR EdP in the pink bottle. Have you tried Kiehl’s Original Musk? It’s lovely layered with the body lotion. Like a soft, comfy blanket.

Pámela Fernández de la Reguera says:

First of, I love your videos! You two are the highlight of my Sunday mornings, along with breakfast in bed with my husband and kids. Sunday mornings because I’m in Chile, South America. Finally!!!! someone addressed the ‘musky ‘ perfumes nonsense!! I’ve come to realize that when someone says ‘musky’ they refer to wide assortment of perfumes that range from woodsy to spicy. Or as opposed to fruity or sweet or fresh. As a perfume amateur it frustrates me to watch reviews in YouTube or read them in sites like Fragrantica and have the reviewer describe the fragrance as musky because that says nothing to me. So, thank you for addressing it!!!!! And keep up the good work, I’ll be waiting for Sunday mornings to watch your thoughtful, fun and really informative videos.

Rob Whiff says:

nice take ladies, keep em coming…

Fafima El Koua says:

Could you do top comfort smels. The ones you wear to bed or just to hang around the house.

Cleopatra Kampiire says:

Hello ladies’s me again. I have a question! could u please kindly recommend spring/smmer perfumes and autumn/winter ones too? my tastes are pleasures Estee Lauder, narcisso Rodriguez, la pantiere, j’adore, kenzo jungle but I never knew that they were seasonal perfumes!! and I also love chocolate/cocoa smells, some sweet but not too sweet …so really, I need recommendations that are not too expensive …Thank u so much for ur videos and your help

music brazilian says:

When I was a teenager I fell in love with mask perfume but then I could no longer find it. Lately I found Narciso Rodrigues and I am very excited to get my first bottle. I Think your video convinced me to get the Musk oil one. Thank you I love your sophisticated vocabulary it is very informative.

Fafima El Koua says:

Ok I Will look online tnx

Sébastien MB says:

Are you purposefully quoting “Ron Burgundy” with your Panther perfume and your “double whammy” ?

Fafima El Koua says:

tnx for the informative lessons love your video’s. I had the narcisco eau de toilette can’t find the oil in stores in Belgium.

Nadir Al-Zadjali says:

that is exactly what I was looking for
I love musk so much but never tried musk based fragrances

Clarissa Martinez says:

Love your videos! I use Le Panthere as well as Narciso Rodriguez. I do get a lot of compliments when I wear especially Le Panthere. That one is good for layering. I layer it with Alien Eau Extraordinaire.

peppa pig says:

Musk has always been in, but over shadow by the trendy fruity floral candy pop perfumes also the leather tabacco craze. I was talking to friend she had many women come in for Musk related scents. Now you made review… thank you..

Fragrancy blog says:

My favorite YT channel ! Loved this review so informative! How did you start to work in the perfume industry if I may ask??

Aysha Jeetooa says:

I’m so glad I found your channel. I’ve found it hard to find videos that cater for perfumes. Do you do recommendations? I would like a new perfume for Autumn/Winter. I’ve been wearing Tokyo Milk’s Tainted Love but it’s running out and I like to change perfumes. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

Marina Yeniko says:

Hi ladies my name is Marina and I absolutely love your channel and your professional approach to perfume.I am a great perfumaniac and would like to know if you have private accounts or facebook ,instagram so I could write you directly.BTW you are great and you British English is like a melody for my ears,love you ,you are awesome.

Christina Trapletti says:

Hi Ladies! I have Cartier La Panthere Lagre and I really like it! But I am thinking of getting the original Cartier La Panthere for winter, do you think its a perfume that people smell on you and like? I am 26 but I love a strong perfume that people can smell on me. Does the Gardenia smell summery in this perfume? Thank you!!

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